The Innokin iTaste 134: An APV Like No Other
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The Innokin iTaste 134: An APV Like No Other

Ready to add a double-serving of unadulterated grandeur to your vaping experience? Clear the clouds and feast your eyes on the iTaste 134 Advanced Personal Vaporizer, an inimitable platform from the pioneering manufacturer Innokin. Renowned for their ground-breaking technological applications and avant-garde designs, Innokin passes every litmus test for craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, yet it never loses focus on the end-user's ease of accessibility. This unique combination of form and functionality is what sets apart Innokin's latest offering.

Innokin iTaste 134 APV

Right from the start, the iTaste 134 makes a strong impression : packaged in your choice between a black-plated stainless steel flight case or a pure stainless steel variant, the James Bond-esque container is nothing short of brilliant. In fact, it may be too much so, with unwanted eyes potentially mistaking it for an item of far greater value. But for the enthusiast that requires a perennial showcase, the iTaste 134 certainly fits the bill.

The intrigue only intensifies upon opening the metallic Pandora's Box. Housed in the tightly arranged flight case is not an electronic cigarette but a full-on light saber. The chassis glistens with a silvery luster, accentuating the lines and rivets that appear to be inspired by a Gatling gun. An instrument of vaping pleasure or a weapon of mass destruction? Should the dimensions be unknown, it would be extraordinarily difficult to differentiate.

Innokin iTaste 134 Advanced Personal Vaporizer

On the technical side, Innokin iTaste 134 is microprocessor controlled variable wattage Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Adjustments to the wattage can be made via a metal ring around the unit, called the rotational wheel. As with other variable devices, "power-tuning" is achieved through 0.5-watt increments within a range from 7 to 12 watts. Each twist of the wheel is acknowledged by a sturdy click that shifts into place, helping to prevent accidental slippage in either direction.

A handy feature is the battery level indicator, which switches from green when the charge is at maximum capacity to yellow when the half-way level is breached. A red light will emit when a re-charge is required. Safety components include a battery on/off switch, a ten-second cut-off, and internal protections against short and reverse-circuitry issues. Innokin recommends 18650-variant batteries for use with the Innokin iTaste 134.

Of all the APV models that vaping enthusiasts are likely to come across, few will have the wow-factor so effortlessly permeating from the sheen chassis of the iTaste 134. Whatever the intended purpose, the 134 is a statement piece, one that commands both respect and desire.  

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