Kanger Aerotank V2 Glassomizer
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Kanger Aerotank V2 Glassomizer

by Jenny Spring


Kangertech, or Kanger for short, has specialized in producing deliberately understated Clearomizers and Glassomizers that emphasize their product line's functionality and performance. Since establishing their corporate presence in 2007, Kanger has advanced several innovations in the ever-competitive e-cigarette industry. Their latest offering, the Kanger Aerotank v2, continues the legacy of exceptional performance in a tight-knit package.

Kanger Aerotank v2 Clearomizer

As clearly denoted from the name, the v2 is the second iteration of the original Aerotank, with the primary difference being the redesigned airflow valve. Air control is vastly improved from the first version, making the discovery of the sweet spot in the draw much easier to find. Modulation to airflow strength is achieved via a turning dial base, which requires minimal familiarization to achieve full functionality. Rich, flavorful and problem-free vaping is the end result, winning over several preliminary critics from the e-cigarette blogosphere.

The other notable advancement is in the aesthetics, with the body of the Aerotank v2 ensconced with food-grade stainless steel, emitting a sharp and structurally utilitarian aura. Both the Pyrex tank and stainless tube are replaceable, as are virtually all of the components of this atomizer. Naturally, this configuration allows for bountiful tinkering, a feature that is becoming the standard de rigueur amongst the vastly expansive vaping community which values the ability of personal customization. The Aerotank v2's eGo threading can then be considered simply as another sign of Kanger's meticulous eye for the end-user experience. Best of all, the thread will accommodate identically configured batteries, APV’s, and MODS without the need for an adapter. The Aerotank v2 can also be fitted with a 510 drip tip, should the enthusiast so desire.

Kanger Aerotank Glassomizer

It would be remiss to not acknowledge the newly designed bottom dual coil atomizer heads, which is responsible for the strength and consistency of performance that is rapidly winning over fans. Typically, atomizer heads have an average lifespan between 10 to 14 days, which when exceeded, may lead to a “burnt” taste, limited vapor production, and leakage. The Aerotank v2, while not immune to the laws of physics, has performed outstandingly in this regard—no doubt raising a few eyebrows amongst Kanger's competitors. The dual-coil architecture is also easier to catalyze at higher ohms, and the combination of airflow variability produces unmatched control over the density and heat of the vape.

The workmanship is typical of Kanger's high standards, which should produce years of vaping pleasure without the hassles common with lesser brands. The added aesthetic quality of the stainless steel sheen, along with the advancements in airflow modulation and dual-coil technology, means that the Kanger Aerotank v2 is a must-have piece to include to your vaping collection!

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