The Innokin iTaste VTR: A Truly Exceptional Advanced Personal Vaporizer
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The Innokin iTaste VTR: A Truly Exceptional Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Since the introduction and proliferation of the electronic cigarette movement, retail manufacturers have continued to push the boundaries of technical functionalities and stylistic designs into their product offerings. These APV's, or Advanced Personal Vaporizers, successfully marry innovation with tradition, catalyzing a new paradigm for individual freedom and enjoyment. One of Innokin's most recent models, the iTaste VTR, continues the trail-blazing of its competitive predecessors with attention-grabbing aesthetics that underline its transparent clearomizer.

Innokin iTaste VTR Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Upon opening the kit, the first impression will undoubtedly center on the VTR's square frame: part Zippo lighter and part silver bullion, this vaporizer's bulletproof construction projects a rich, weighty tone. It's not illustrious conjecture either, with a manufacturer's listed weight of 12-ounces. While this characteristic may not endear itself for those seeking a mobile option, the workmanship veritably screams quality and class with the subdued tenor of assured confidence. Like a masterpiece art collection, the Innokin iTaste VTR needs no further flattery than that which has already been lavished.

Innokin’s attention to detail translates into a delivery of a smooth and satisfying vapor, one that extracts the fullness of flavor from your e-liquid of choice. Much of this is a result of the unique architecture of the iClear30S clearomizer which comes bundled with the kit. Unlike traditional top-coil clearomizers that suffer from haphazard wick placement, the iClear 30S contains its wicks in what essentially looks like a mini-cartomizer with holes punctuating the sides. Power capacity is up to 15-watts and is more than capable of handling the electrical requirements of a variety of devices. Running the iTaste VTR between 9 and 10 watts is ideal for allowing the iClear 30S to produce nice vapor clouds with rich flavor.

None of the exemplary features of the VTR come at the expense of reduced sustainability; indeed, its battery life represents one of its strongest selling points. The intuitive design, such as the ease with which voltage and wattage can be adjusted with a spinning dial, and how the adjustments translate directly onto the large LED screen, complement the highly attuned nature of the VTR.

Although not the least expensive option for an electronic cigarette device, the iTaste VTR is well-worth the investment. The end-user oriented ergonomics combined with unparalleled craftsmanship and unique aesthetics provides Innokin with a striking leverage towards the competitive e-cigarette market.

As with most high-end electronic cigarette devices, there are many knockoffs floating around. Make sure you purchase your iTaste VTR from a reputable company. For the best price on a genuine Innokin iTaste VTR, click here.

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