The 6 Different Types of Vapers
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The 6 Different Types of Vapers

by Jenny Spring

Though all of us use the same products, associate with like-minded people and share a passion for the act of vaping, many of us are still separated by the type of vaper we are.  By being categorized in a type, it becomes very visible that even though we share these same interests, that doesn’t quite necessarily mean we all have the same goals we’re looking to take from our vaping journey.  Follow along in this article as we share the 6 different types of vapers and give an explanation into each type.


Electronic cigarettes to quit smokingThe most publicly accepted type of vapers are those who quit using traditional cigarettes, then switched to electronic cigarettes, and are now reducing their nicotine among others steps to quit all together.  These type of vapers are into it for only one reason, and that is to use vaping as a means to wean themselves from the addiction of nicotine.

What’s interesting about this is that most of the public believes to use electronic cigarettes, you’re using nicotine, but that isn’t always the case.  In fact, there are plenty of people that have reduced their nicotine strength all the way down to zero, and now they continue to vape nicotine-free.  


Vaping AllowedThe type of vaper who is fadding is likely the type of vaper who will begin vaping even if they never smoked traditional cigarettes.  For this reason, those who are fadding give vaping a bad name, because it gives an appearance that electronic cigarettes attract even those who aren’t already addicted to nicotine.  The fadding type of vaper will pick up vaping just because it is popular, but only do it for a short period of time.  Once something new peaks their interest, they’ll move onto the next thing that occupies their time.  There isn’t anything wrong with vaping even if you didn’t smoke before, but those of who do vape will highly encourage them to vape without nicotine.


E-Liquid FlavorThough vaping used to be primarily about flavor, it has progressed severely, where there are multiple goals vapers are trying to achieve.  The type of vaper whose goal is flavor, they go beyond the limits of normal vaping and have e-liquid bottles stacked to their nose, all to find that perfect flavor.

Often these “flavor chasers” as most call them, use rebuildable atomizers with elaborate coil designs and the right amount of airflow to achieve a large increase in flavor, which makes vaping deliciously more enjoyable.

Cloud Chaser

Vapor CloudsThose who are most fascinated by clouds and also the ones who also aim for the largest vapor production, are commonly referred to as “cloud chasers”.  This type of vaper quickly learns the meaning of patience as they spend countless hours throughout their vaping journey trying to perfect the most intricate coil build that produces the most vapor.

When a new product is released within the vaping market, such as the SMOK G-Priv Kit, these are the type of people who will snatch it up quickly to see how well it’s going to perform on their next build.  Unfortunately for them, these are also the type of vapers who sacrifice delicious flavors for their fascination with big vapor clouds.  For some it’s paying off because they’re entering “cloud competitions”, where vapers go head to head to see who can blow the largest clouds.  What’s cool about this is that the ones who win these competitions often get sponsored by companies, win free vape gear and sometimes money.


Vaping TricksBelieve it or not, but there are also the type of vapers out there that aren’t just into vaping for the clouds or flavors, but are more into it for the tricks they can do while vaping.  It may sound a bit silly to most, but these vapor tricks are quite hard to do, and it has even become so popular that people are making trick teams, where the tricksters compete against each other in a battle to see who can entertain with the best vapor tricks.  Silly? maybe, but definitely amusing in the least.


Vaping CollectionThe hobbyist type of vaper is typically the one who has an extensive collection of vape gear.  Much more than an average vaper, a hobbyist vaper will spend massive amounts of time with everything that relates to the world of vaping, and will even spend massive amounts of money growing a collection that is never tpuched, but only looked at.

Even though we can say that the hobbyist side stems from a built passion, a lot of it also comes as merely something that will occupy their time.  Some may think “why not take on football or cars as a hobby”, and that all comes back to that initial passion that was built from the earlier days of their vaping journey.

Those are the 6 different types of vapers.  Now the question is, what type of vaper are you?


  • Posted by Barbara Anderson on Oct 08, 2016

    I want to stop smoking and don’t know which vape I should. Choose. I want some type of flavor with the nicotine. Thank you. Barbara Anderson

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