Troubleshooting Tips: When Your Atomizer Doesn’t Work With Your Mod/APV or Battery

Posted on Mar 21, 2015. 5 comments

One of the most common issues found with vaping is that atomizers and clearomizers tend to seem as if they’ve completely stopped working with a mod/device.  There are many vapers out there that believe that there’s a problem with their attachment, while others will completely write off their device out of frustration.  If you’re too that point, stop what you’re doing and let us sharing some of our troubleshooting tips for when your atomizer doesn’t work with your mod/device.

Tip 1:  Use Proper Maintenance

You can run through all the troubleshooting you want, but if you do not properly maintain your atomizer, clearomizer or device, then all the problem solving you do may not ever matter.  The first thing you should attend to is proper maintenance.  To use proper maintenance, thoroughly wipe down your gear with a damp cloth.  Ensure that you properly clean areas that have small crevices.  These small hard-to-get-to areas absorb junk and debris, especially since e-liquid tends to attract to the rest of our gear.

Tip 2:  90% of The Time It’s A Connection Issue

90% of the time it’s a connection issue… we say this because it’s true.  Before following along with the rest of the tips we provide today, you must first know that if you’re experiencing issues with your atomizer not working properly with your mod/device, then it’s most likely a connection issue between the two.

To solve this, you’ll want to begin touching base with each part of your atomizer or clearomizer, and your device.  Anywhere that a connection is being made, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect and ensure that those areas aren’t covered in debris, and that they are actually making a proper connection.  Most times, a coil in an atomizer isn’t screwed in all the way, a center pin on a device is lower than it should be or the pin on an atomizer or clearomizer needs to be pulled down just a hair.  There are many reasons why your atomizer may not work with your mod/device, and typically it comes down to a connection issue that you’ll have to fix.

Tip 3:  Adjust The Center Pin

Though above we’ve stated that adjusting your center pin can solve a connection issue, we would like to say it again because we can’t stress enough how common it is to have a center pin issue.  The center pin is the small connection tip that sits inside of a 510 connector.  When your atomizer is screw into your device’s connector, the atomizers pin and your device’s center pin will meet and make contact for power.  Most times when an atomizer doesn’t work with a device, it stems from the center pin being too low or an atomizers pin being too high.  Manufacturers have began solving this issue recently, by making that center pin adjustable or spring-loaded to reduce this issue in the future.  If your device doesn’t come with an adjustable or spring-loaded center pin, you can pull you pin up a bit by prying the pin just a bit with something small, such as a precision flathead screwdriver.  However, we recommend that doing this, you take a risk of damaging the o-ring seal that rests between your connector and center, so be sure you’re careful and precise.

Tip 4:  Check For Shorts

If you’re using an rebuildable atomizer, then your issue will more than likely come from your current coil build.  Inspect your build and check for shorts.  Ensure that your posts are screwed down to a snug fit and your end-leads are cut short so that they do not touch the deck or the atomizers housing.

Tip 5:  It’s The Coils Fault

A lot of times, when using a clearomizer, it’s honestly the coils fault.  Though manufacturers to a stand up job on manufacturing pre-made coils, we know that everyone is not perfect, and even an inspection crew at the facility will catch every bad coil.  With this being said, it’s very possible that sometimes you’ll come across a coil that is dead on arrival, but more likely just a simply connection issue.  Though we would like to automatically blame it on the coil… it’s the coils fault, there may just be more to it than a DOA product.  If all else fails, and being that manufacturers do sometimes make mistakes, we highly recommend when buying any atomizer or clearomizer that you purchase extra coils for these exact moments.


  • Posted by Toby on Nov 15, 2016

    Lmao! Thanks for a guide that even a n00b could follow.

    And yes, it took you saying CHECK THE CENTER COIL three times before it clicked. And 30 seconds later, so did my pen!

  • Posted by Gabrielle on Apr 01, 2016

    Thank you so much I was so upset about my vape not working was about to walk a few miles to a store in Hollywood to figure it out your the best want to give you hugs and kisses right now for real!???

  • Posted by Jerry on Mar 05, 2016

    My wismac RX 200 shows a fault with a dual build on my rda take one side out works fine with one coil but not two

  • Posted by Danny on Feb 29, 2016

    I recently made and installed an rba coil in my atomizer, never had a problem with it so I took it out to rebuild it again and put it back together. Now it works fine, until I screw the glass canister on all the way. It works when the canister that holds the liquid is off, but with the canister on Titan it doesn’t work at all if it’s on there they lose it works for 10 seconds and then shuts off. Any help would be appreciated, has me baffled. Tia come with Danny

  • Posted by Sarah on Dec 16, 2015

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I can’t even tell you the hours I spent crying over my device not working and looking at websites on how to fix it. Then I read the 90% rule, went back and cleaned for the 100’th time but it worked again!!! Super happy with this website

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