The Benefits of Variable Voltage Batteries
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The Benefits of Variable Voltage Batteries

 With new electronic cigarette devices popping up virtually every day, it is often difficult to ascertain the true benefits of a given innovation, if any.One of the more recent advancements in the way of electronic cigarettes has been the creation of variable voltage batteries.  But, what are variable voltage batteries, and what benefits do they offer? 

Joyetech eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage Battery

Variable voltage batteries are electronic cigarette batteries that allow the user to alter the amount of power produced by the device.  Prior to the introduction of variable voltage batteries, nearly all electronic cigarette batteries produced a standard output of 3.7 volts of power.At the time, the limited cartomizers and atomizers available were constructed to work optimally with 3.7 volts of power.However, as electronic cigarettes grew in popularity, more and more products hit the market at a very rapid pace.  These, of course, included new cartomizers, atomizers, tanks, etc. Innovation gave rise to such new products as clearomizers and glassomizers.  To maximize the vapor production, throat hit, flavor intensity, and smoothness, manufacturers realized that different voltage levels were necessary.At first, the variable voltage batteries that were introduced to the market generally allowed for three separate voltage settings: 3.2v, 3.7v, and 4.2 volts.  Although widely popular, users and producers alike quickly realized that to obtain optimal performance, different cartomizers and atomizers required specific settings, often voltages that are between the three available settings.  The solution was variable voltage batteries that gave the user control of the specific voltage output, down to the tenth of a volt.  One of the most popular variable voltage batteries is the Joyetech eGo-C Twist, which allows the user to select any voltage output between 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts by simply turning a knob at the end of the battery.

Aspire CF VV+ Variable Voltage Battery


One of the primary benefits of having the ability to control the voltage output the electronic cigarette battery is the ability to use various cartomizers and atomizers with the same battery.  For example, one can use a Kanger T3 Clearomizer, which requires approximately 4.0 volts, then easily switch to a Boge cartomizer, which requires approximately 3.7 volts of power by simply changing the output of the battery.  This same ability allows the electronic cigarette user to alter the voltage based on the liquid that he/she is using at the time.  Depending on the flavor and the PG/VG content of the liquid, different voltages produce more flavorful hits than others.  Often, the difference is minor (e.g. 3.3v rather than 3.7v), but the experience is greatly altered.  The same holds true for the vapor production of each hit.  Getting the right voltage for the cartomizer/atomizer being used, combined with the specific liquid being used, will require a very precise voltage to maximize the vaping experience. Variable voltage batteries allow the user to find the perfect setting very easily. 

In sum, the control afforded by variable voltage batteries provides users of electronic cigarettes a customized vaping experience each time.  It allows for the use of various cartomizers, atomizers, tanks, clearomizers, and glassomizers with the same battery.  With the multitude of variable voltage batteries now on the market, the trick is finding the best ones to suit your specific needs.  Vapor Authority has painstakingly gone through the various options available, and has narrowed them down to the best of the best that is available on the website:


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