Introducing the MINI Kanger ProTank...
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Introducing the MINI Kanger ProTank...

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Kangertech has done it again with their latest product, the Mini ProTank Glassomizer.  Kanger is renown within the electronic cigarette and vaping community for not only their extremely high quality standards, but for also being a company that genuinely listens to their customers. The huge success of the original ProTank Glassomizer was met with some complaints about its large size and the difficulty of using the ProTank with an eGo-size battery.  The original Kanger ProTank works brilliantly with larger MODS, such as the Itaste 134, but is definitely on the larger side when trying to use it with the smaller eGo-size batteries.

 holding a mini pro tank, by kanger

As a result, Kanger introduced the Mini ProTank, which still uses glass and hard metals rather than plastics and poly-carbonate, but it works seamlessly with eGo-size batteries, such as the eGo, eGo-V, eGo-C Twist, Vision Spinner, and the iTaste VV just to name a few.  As with the original ProTank Glassomizer, the Mini ProTank is resistant to deterioration caused by the use of acidic liquids over time.  It is also built with the same high quality bottom coil replaceable system, which offers a truly superb vaping experience. The Kanger ProTank is known for very rich, dense, and flavorful hits, and the Mini ProTank is no exception. 

Unlike the original Kanger ProTank, which could hold a whopping 3ml of liquid, the Mini ProTank holds exactly half that amount, at a maximum capacity of 1.5ml of liquid. Additionally, unlike the original ProTank, which only fits on a 510 thread, the Mini ProTank comes in two different thread options—the eGo thread and the 510 thread.  The interesting aesthetic difference between the two types is that the metal parts of the 510 thread version are all the same silver/chrome color, while the eGo thread version has a darker, gunmetal-grey base.  Reviews are mixed about the two-tone look—some love it, while others would prefer a uniform look. However, irrespective of the thread, both designs perform and function pro tank

If you are a user of eGo-size electronic cigarette batteries, you will absolutely love the new Kanger Mini ProTank. 



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