SMOKtech S.I.D. - Low Priced Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)
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SMOKtech S.I.D. - Low Priced Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)

Smoktech S.I.DAs with any new technology or invention, as time moves forward, the shining stars of the industry come to light.  The electronic cigarette and vaporizer arena is no different.  Over and over again, companies such as Innokin, Joyetech, Kangertech, and SMOKtech have introduced high-quality products to the vaping community.  Many are curious about Mods and APVs, but feel they are a little too pricey.  For those on a budget, looking to enter into the world of APVs, enter SMOKtech's advanced personal vaporizer (APV)—the SMOKtech S.I.D.

The S.I.D. is a hefty, yet sleek, APV capable of unleashing 6 volts of power output.  With its variable voltage capability, the user can adjust the output effortlessly.  This allows the user to alternate between various clearomizers and cartomizers, with varying resistance levels.  Moreover, the variable wattage feature means that the S.I.D. itself can detect the resistance of the atomizer and automatically adjust for optimum performance. 

Adding to the high-tech design of the SMOKtech S.I.D., the device is equipped with an integrated OLED display screen that shows the menu, function, and selection options.  The display will also report the ohms of the attached atomizer, making it easy to know what the best voltageSmoktech SID - APV output should be.  In addition, the OLED display will show the current charge level of the battery, as well as the voltage output of the device.

If you’re in the market for an APV, look no further.  The SMOKtech S.I.D. comes will all the bells and whistles, and is sure to satisfy even a veteran vaper.  The sleek and lightweight design, coupled with high-quality materials makes this APV a perfect choice.

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