Innokin iTaste SVD - High Quality Telescopic APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer)
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Innokin iTaste SVD - High Quality Telescopic APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer)

Innokin has been on fire lately, whipping out one amazing APV/MOD after the other. The recent launch of the iTaste SVD has taken the vaping community by storm with its sleek, yet solid design, coupled with every advanced function you could possibly want out of an Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Innokin seems dead set on focusing on innovative new APVs/MODs, and at the moment, the SVD is one of their signature pieces. They have loaded it with a plethora of advanced features that is sure to please even the most demanding of Vapers.

Innokin iTaste SVD Kit

The iTaste SVD is a variable voltage and variable wattage MOD, allowing the device to detect the resistance level of your atomizer and set the power to the optimum setting. It is also equipped with and LED color power indicator, ohms meter, low voltage warning, voltage and wattage display, and atomizer voltage output. The SVD is also equipped with battery voltage detection, so that the device can operate based on the voltage of the battery being used.

The real beauty of this product is that Innokin didn’t just create a pretty device and throw in a ton of features—they also put a lot of thought in making the device as flexible and accommodating to the user as possible. The iTaste SVD has is furnished with telescoping tubes that allow the device to be used with 18350, 18500, and 18650 batteries. This not only allows for the use of various batteries, but also provides the user the ability to easily alternate between longer and shorter devices. Additionally, unlike many MODs/APVs, which come with one thread (usually 510), the iTaste SVD comes with both 510 and eGo threading, allowing the user to use a much wider range of tanks and cartomizers without the need for adapters.

To top off the beauty, functionality, and flexibility of the Innokin iTaste SVD, it is also exceptionally safe, as it comes with a host of safety features built-in. It is standard equipped with short circuit protection, reverse battery protection circuit, battery safety protection, and an overtime vaping warning system. This fantastic array of safety features lets you vape with the peace of mind in knowing that a lot of care was put into the security of the SVD.

The full Innokin iTaste SVD Kit comes with the main device, two of Innokin’s signature iClear 30 Clearomizers, and 3 rebuildable dual coils. Whether you’re seeking loaded features, immaculate design, durability, flexibility, functionality, or value, you’re sure to fall in love with the all new Innokin iTaste SVD. Most websites sell the full kit for over $100, but you can find it at the everyday low price of $79.95 right here at 

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