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All About Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

All About Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

Disposable devices are everywhere, and more and more vapers are trading in their more complex vaping systems for these all-in-one, user-friendly, and maintenance-free alternatives.  One of the most appealing things about a disposable device is that the battery is as low-maintenance as it gets.  But, you may have noticed that more and more disposable devices on the market feature integrated but rechargeable batteries, as opposed to batteries that don’t require any charging.

So, why do some newer disposables use rechargeable batteries, and does that change anything about your overall vaping experience?  As you’re about to find out, there’s a very good reason for that, and ultimately, it’s to ensure that you can get as much out of each disposable as possible.

Disposable Vapes and Their Batteries

Disposables are all-in-one systems that use integrated batteries, as opposed to the external lithium-ion batteries that are used to power box mod and pen mod devices.  The fact that the battery is integrated makes the entire process of vaping a lot more convenient, as you don’t need to manually remove and charge a battery in order to continue vaping.

The batteries that go into disposables can range dramatically in terms of their capacity, with the capacity determining how much power each one contains.  And, as a general rule of thumb, the more capacity the battery has, the larger the battery is, and so the larger the disposable device will be.

Also, something important to remember is how the capacity impacts your vaping experience.  For one thing, the higher the capacity, the more power the battery is capable of, and a more powerful battery means more vapor production with each pull.  Secondly, the battery determines how long the device can last.

Now, there has to be a relationship between a device’s battery and the amount of e-liquid in the disposable.  The amount of e-liquid in a disposable device’s cartridge can range a lot – from 2ml up to 15ml or more.  And, with the way that disposables work, the cartridge is not refillable and cannot be accessed. 

Because of that, traditionally at least, the battery’s capacity would need to reflect the amount of e-liquid in the cartridge.  For instance, if you have, say, a 14ml cartridge, the battery needs to have enough capacity to last until the e-liquid runs out, or else you have a dead device that still contains a lot of perfectly usable, and now wasted, vape juice.

But, with rechargeable disposables, all of that has changed, as you’re about to find out.

Why Are Some Disposables Rechargeable, While Others are Not?

A lot of companies are producing disposables that contain 10 milliliters or more of e-liquid, which is great because it can save you a lot of money in the long run.  But, like we said before, the more power the battery has to accommodate all of that e-liquid, the bigger the disposable, all while disposables use their pocket-friendly sizes as a huge selling point. 

So, the natural solution is to put a rechargeable battery inside the disposable, so that it can remain smaller.  A rechargeable battery doesn’t need as much capacity as a non-rechargeable one, because the power can be resupplied to it once it runs out.

That being said, now you can understand why some disposables use rechargeable batteries.  And, keep in mind that in most cases, the battery only needs to be recharged a couple of times max from the first to last puff of e-liquid.  Basically, a rechargeable battery allows you to get more e-liquid out of your vape, and not have to worry about the battery dying before you get through all of that delicious vape juice.

Rechargeable batteries used in disposables are still integrated like their non-rechargeable counterparts.  So, you don’t have to manually remove and maintain a battery separate from your device.  The chassis of the disposable has a type-C charge port, and you just insert your micro USB cable into the charge port to charge it.  This charging method is very fast, so you won’t suffer through a lot of downtime.

Importance of Rechargeable Batteries in Disposable Vapes

How Much Do Rechargeable Batteries Affect Your Vaping Experience?

Whether you’re using a vaping device with a rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery is going to dictate a lot about your overall vaping experience.  Let’s elaborate.

  • Size: Ultimately, a rechargeable battery will still mean a bigger device, because it exists to accommodate a much larger cartridge. While rechargeable batteries allow disposables to be more compact than they would be otherwise, keep in mind that if this is the direction you’re going in, you won’t be using the tiniest vape out there.
  • Maintenance: Of course, using a rechargeable battery means that you’re going to need to stay on top of keeping your device charged. Like we said, the charging requirements are minimal, as charging time is fast, and you’ll only need to do it a few times for the duration of using that disposable.  But, know that you will want to travel with a charger so that you never run out of your ability to vape.
  • Cloud Production: Rechargeable batteries are generally more powerful, and so they can provide bigger, fluffier clouds. If cloud-chasing is a big part of what you love about vaping, this may very well be the way to go for you.
  • Longevity: Rechargeable batteries allow you to enjoy a longer-lasting device, where you can be more certain that you’re getting every last drop of e-juice.
  • Cost: Going with a device that uses a rechargeable battery will likely save you a lot of money on vaping over time. A disposable that contains just a little e-liquid and a short-lasting battery means replacing the disposable devices more frequently, and that’s where costs of vaping can really add up.

Bottom Line: Pay Attention to the Battery Before Buying!

Ultimately, rechargeable batteries in disposables allow for a wider variety of devices to exist on the market, to appeal to different needs and priorities associated with vaping.  So, ask yourself what you want out of a disposable, and then decide whether or not a device that uses a rechargeable battery makes sense for you.

Vapor Authority is proud to carry a huge selection of disposable devices from the most trusted names in the industry.  We offer disposables of all kinds, including ones that use rechargeable batteries, and ones that use non-rechargeable ones.  We invite you to explore our collection to find exactly the disposable that suits your vaping needs

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