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Best Dessert E-Juices of 2021

Best Dessert E-Juices of 2021

Of all of the different kinds of flavors on the vape juice market, dessert flavors are particularly special.  Thanks to vaping, we can treat ourselves to luxurious, decadent treats without the feelings of shame that come from over-indulging.  And, it can’t be denied that the e-liquid industry at large has risen to the challenge of delivering as many enticing dessert flavors as possible to keep our palates satisfied.

If you’re wild about dessert flavors, but don’t know where to start because of the huge selection that’s available, allow us to help by providing you the absolute best dessert-flavored vapes for 2021.


The Best Dessert E-Juices of 2021


PB & Banana Jam by Jam Monster E-Juice

Jam Monster is nothing short of a legendary brand that has managed to captivate vapers’ palates with some of the most satisfying and comforting flavor profiles that have ever been seen on the market.  Their formula is simple: take a piece of buttered toast and shamelessly slather it in gooey, sticky fruit jam.  All of their flavor profiles have that cozy, homemade taste that keeps us coming back for more.

Best Dessert E-Juices 2021

Our Pick: PB & Banana Jam

PB & Banana Jam is their simply intoxicating tribute to one of the most decadent flavor profiles of all time: creamy bananas and rich peanut butter.  At first, you will taste the sweet banana jam that has a caramelized taste from the stewed sugar, followed by the luxuriously rich peanut butter that oozes along the palate.  The exhale hits the spot with freshly toasted bread that has been buttered to perfection.


Best Dessert E-Juices of 2021


Strawberry Parfait by Vapetasia E-Juice

It is hard to make a “best of” list without including Vapetasia, who has earned icon status with a generous variety of award-winning e-liquid flavors.  This brand is renowned for their creamy vapes, which have a silky-smooth finish that is simply flawless.  

Best Dessert E-Juices of 2021

Our Pick: Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry Parfait is one of those vape juices that hits the spot at all hours of the day.  It starts with succulent strawberry yogurt that has the perfect balance between tang and richness and feels velvety as it glides along the palate.  Next comes crunchy granola that’s glistening with honey, followed by freshly picked strawberries that are as juicy as can be.


Best Dessert E-Juices 2021


Pound Cake by Glas Basix E-Juice

Glas Basix E-Juice is known for their high-end flavors that taste like a million bucks.  The brand is famously obsessed with blending their flavors to perfection, and they use the highest-quality ingredients in a way that truly makes them stand out on the vaping market.

Best Dessert E-Juices 2021

Our Pick: Pound Cake

What hits the spot more than a slice of pound cake that’s still warm out of the oven?  This pound cake flavor has that warm vanilla that hits you as soon as the vapor touches the tongue, with a touch of lemon zest that keeps things bright and exciting for the palate.  If that was not enough, the finish slathers your taste buds in the richest and creamiest vanilla frosting you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.


The Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2021


Strawberry Custard by the Finest E-Juice

The Finest E-Juice has become one of the most sought-after e-juice manufacturers in the industry thanks to their innovative, one-of-a-kind flavor profiles that really capture what it is that our palates dream of the most.  With a rich array of offerings, they have something for everyone, and their flavors always taste of superb quality, with unmatched smoothness.

The Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2021

Our Pick: Strawberry Custard

Custard vapes are among the most decadent e-liquids in the dessert category, and this custard flavor really takes the cake, no pun intended.  It drenches the palate in some of the most velvety, creamy, and rich vanilla custard around, and finishes off with a handful of orchard-fresh strawberries that are simply bursting at the seams with sweet, fruity juice.


Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2021


Vanilla Almond Custard by The Finest

The Finest E-Juice has made a name for themselves by developing extremely unique blends of flavors that keep the palate entranced from beginning to end.  They seek out ingredients from the finest sources in the world in order to ensure that each e-liquid has an authentic and complex taste that keeps our most intense cravings at bay.

Best Dessert E-Liquids of 2021

Our Pick: Vanilla Almond Custard

For a firsthand taste of why The Finest remains at the forefront of e-juice crafting, look no further than Vanilla Almond Custard. A recent addition to their impressive lineup of creations, this delectable blend has quickly risen to prominence within the global vaping community, earning instant favor. From its velvety smoothness to its rich flavor profile, Vanilla Almond Custard is poised to claim a top spot among your favorite e-liquids. This masterpiece from The Finest tantalizes the palate with a symphony of flavors, starting with creamy custard infused with warm vanilla beans and accented by toasted almonds, resulting in a multi-layered taste experience that only improves with each hit. If you're a fan of dessert-inspired e-liquids, Vanilla Almond Custard by The Finest is an absolute must-try!



Best Dessert E-Liquids 2021


No. 5 by Beard

Beard Vape Co. offers a number of award-winning e-liquid profiles, from candy and menthol to fruit and dessert. Over the years, this brand has proven time and again that there is nothing they can’t do, as they’ve managed to develop a diverse array of e-liquid flavors that each satisfy the palate in their own special way.

Best Dessert E-Liquids 2021

Our Pick: No. 5

Are you a cheesecake fanatic?  If so, No. 5 is an e-juice that needs to be added to your collection.  As soon as you pull in a cloud of vapor, you’ll get that rich, creamy and slightly tangy cheesecake flavor, and you’ll feel like you’ve hit the dessert jackpot.  Next comes the juicy strawberries which balance out the richness, followed by a sweet and buttery graham cracker crust that will have you salivating.


The Best Dessert E-Liquids 2021


Smores by Loaded E-Juice

Loaded E-Juice is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved e-liquid brands in the history of vaping, and no one can call themselves a serious vaper unless they have sampled this brand’s stunning lineup of flavor profiles.  The company has a flavor for every kind of vaper, and they have yet to disappoint over the course of their impressively long career in the industry.

The Best Dessert E-Liquids 2021

Our Pick: Smores

Smores is the ultimate vape for fans of campfire treats, and it tastes astonishingly like the real thing, thanks to the use of exceptional ingredients.  The creamy, gooey and slightly smoky marshmallows are what hit you first, followed by the absolutely luxurious milk chocolate which drenches the tongue.  Then, the buttery and sweet graham crackers hit the spot, giving your palate feelings of intense bliss.


The Best Dessert Vape Juices of 2021


Blueberry Cheesecake by Vape Crusaders E-Juice

Vape Crusaders has impressed even the most demanding vapers with a lineup of high-end juices that offer unique flavor experiences that are rarely found on the market.  The brand really knows how to blend together individual flavoring components to create hugely complex and natural-tasting flavor profiles.  All of their e-liquids are made with top-quality ingredients, and the smoothness for which their known is apparent after the first puff.

Blueberry Cheesecake Vape Crusaders E-Juice

Our Pick: Blueberry Cheesecake 

Who can turn down blueberry cheesecake?  This glorious vape begins with a rich and creamy cheesecake base that is perfumed with warm and velvety vanilla.  The fresh blueberries balance out the richness of the cake beautifully, followed by a cookie crumble crust that captivates the sweet tooth while offering gorgeous buttery notes.


Best Dessert Vape Juices 2021


Cinnamon Bun by Gost Vapor

Gost Vapor is a top-selling e-liquid brand, and that’s not surprising to anyone who has had the pleasure of sampling their exquisite creations.  This brand understands the importance of sourcing only the finest ingredients and blending them together in a way that allows for remarkable smoothness with each puff of vapor.  Their flavors are often beyond the ordinary lineup that we see on the market, and their knack for creativity has earned them an excellent reputation.

Best Dessert Vape Juices 2021

Our Pick: Cinnamon Bun

Gost Vapor has mastered the art of crafting indulgent decadence in e-liquid form, exemplified by their best-selling offering, Cinnamon Bun. With Cinnamon Bun, Gost Vapor has raised the bar even higher, presenting vapers with a concoction that embodies the essence of freshly baked cinnamon buns. Each puff delivers the fluffy and buttery essence of cinnamon buns intertwined with waves of gooey cinnamon, butter, and melted brown sugar. To elevate the experience further, these delectable buns are lovingly slathered in thick, creamy vanilla icing, offering a tantalizing treat for the sweet tooth and ensuring that Cinnamon Bun becomes an indispensable part of any vaper's flavor rotation.


Best Dessert Vape Juices of 2021


Cookie Butter by Vape Pink E-Juice

Vape Pink E-Juice is an offshoot of beloved juice company Propaganda E-Liquids, with an emphasis on sweet and smooth flavors that have artisanal touch.  Propaganda is one of those e-liquid brands that quickly rose to the top thanks to their flavor profiles that captivate even vapers that are hard to please, and the Vape Pink line offers sweet treats that instantly put smiles on our faces.

Best Dessert Vape Juices of 2021

Pick: Cookie Butter

Cookie fans take note: Cookie Butter is one of the most complex, realistic, and entrancing cookie-flavored vapes that the market has ever seen.  It is the taste of oatmeal cookie, fresh out of the oven, that has been dipped in smooth, creamy milk and topped with warm brown sugar.



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