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Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2019


Nearly a decade ago, when the electronic cigarette and vaping revolution first commenced, only a handful of e-juice companies existed. This made it relatively easy to distinguish between the good, the bad, and the downright awful. However, as this cleaner alternative to combustible cigarettes began rising in popularity, so too did the endless array of brands and manufacturers. Today, the vaping industry is inundated with a plethora of e-liquid crafters, and a truly staggering range of distinct flavors to choose from.

Inasmuch as this variety is beneficial and enjoyable, it has indeed made it increasingly challenging to differentiate between the good and the bad. All vape juice crafters claim to be the best, but how can you know without dishing out the money to try every product out there? This is where Vapor Authority comes in. We have sifted through virtually all reputable e-liquid brands and have selected the very finest to offer on our website. Once a year, we assemble a list of the best brands and flavors for the year, making it much easier for you to select the right options for you.

Without further delay, here is a list of our top e-juice brands and flavors of 2019.


Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2019


One Hit Wonder

When it comes to truly authentic-tasting, exclusive, and delicious concoctions, few crafters can compete with One Hit Wonder. Their expert team of artisans have mastered the art and have created a collection of mouthwatering offerings that is nothing short of magnificent. Using only the very finest USA ingredients, One Hit Wonder meticulously fine-tunes every aspect of their flavors. The result is a genuinely exceptional vaping experience unlike anything you have tried.

The key to One Hit Wonder’s tremendous success is their remarkable attention to detail. Rather than offering a ceaseless slew of flavors, hoping that a few within the bunch hit home, One Hit Wonder carefully crafts each flavor to faultlessness, ensuring exactness and precision every step of the way. As such, the assortment of creations within the esteemed collection are all exceptional, proving the age-old notion that more is not always better.


Best E-Liquids 2019

Army Man: For vapers who enjoy refreshingly-sweet dessert flavors, Army Man is an absolute must. This masterpiece very accurately delivers the familiar taste of homemade key lime pie. Army Man is complemented with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, rounding off the exhale immaculately.

Island Man: Lovers of refreshing tropical fruit flavors, this is the one for you! Island Man takes the delicious taste of juicy mangoes and marries it with sweet pineapples and creamy coconuts. Smooth and flavorful, Island Man is the perfect choice for an all-day-vape.

My Man: My Man is one of One Hit Wonder's most popular flavors, and the moment you first try it, you will understand why. This masterpiece delivers the mouthwatering combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream, for an intoxicating dessert flavor you will never want to put down.



Best E-Juices of 2019


BLVK Unicorn

BLVK Unicorn is relatively new to the vaping scene, but hit the ground running from the moment of the brand’s launch. Armed with a renowned team of artisans and mixologists, every flavor baring the BLVK Unicorn name has been meticulously crafted to unparalleled excellence. Using premium USA ingredients, this collection covers virtually all flavor categories, ensuring that vapers with all preferences can enjoy their remarkable creations.

The BLVK Unicorn mission is and has always been to deliver the richest, most robust, and flavorful e-liquids possible. Hand-selecting their flavor inclusions is one of the many features that sets this coveted brand apart from the pack. Grouping unique and complementary notes appropriately takes true skill and mastery, further indicating BLVK Unicorn’s proficiency in the art of e-juice crafting.


Best E-Juices 2019 Reviews

UniChoco: In the realm of e-juice crafting, chocolate is notoriously difficult to get right. Many have tried, but very few have succeeded to create this flavor profile accurately. Among the very best, UniChoco is our gold star winner, as it encapsulates the very essence of chocolate milk impeccably.

Frznchee: If you fancy the combination of fruit and menthol flavors, get ready for love at first vape with Frznchee. The delightfully crisp and refreshing blend of sweet lychee fruit and cool menthol makes this gem one of the most enjoyable e-juices we have ever tried!

Crmy Strawberry: Let’s face it, the strawberries and cream profile has been absolutely exhausted; however, you haven’t tried anything until you taste Crmy Strawberry. A mouthwatering blend of strawberry shortcake, graham crackers, and sweet cream will spring your taste buds to life from the very first hit.



The Best Vape Juices of 2019


Lips & Drips

From the makers of renowned brands, such as Burst and Slammin’, Lips & Drips is the company’s latest collection, and it is truly wonderful. Centered on the sweeter flavor profiles, this assortment of offerings has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from the worldwide vaping community. Painstakingly fine-tuned for perfect balance, you will appreciate how each note within the flavors works together in perfect harmony.

In line with all of their renowned products, Lips and Drips is made using only high-quality USA ingredients. With these premium ingredients in hand, their mixologists then meticulously formulate each offering to ensure unparalleled superiority. The company’s dictum is to create simple flavors impeccably and spotlessly. As such, you will appreciate the intensity of taste as well as the trueness of each note within their creations.


Best Vape Juices 2019

Gummy Kisses: Although there are multiple gummy candy concoctions available, from the moment you take your first hit of Gummy Kisses, you will immediately know where the others are lacking. Perfectly-sweet and unequivocally flavorful, this is one of those e-liquids that you can enjoy for weeks on end without tiring the tongue.

Tropical Kisses: This is a must for fruit-flavored e-liquid fans. A tantalizing blend of sweet Hawaiian pineapples, juicy blood oranges, and tropical mangoes makes Tropical Kisses one for the record books. You will love the multi-layered profile this masterpiece delivers, making you feel as though you’re on a tropical vacation.

Dreamy Kisses: We all know and love the smooth, sweet, and refreshing taste of orange creamsicles. Lips & Drips has very accurately captured this familiar flavor, and offers it in an e-liquid platform with their Dreamy Kisses concoction. From the aroma to mouthwatering taste, the moment you take your first hit of Dreamy Kisses, you’ll know you’ve found a winner!



Best E-Liquids 2019


Bantam offers a very wide assortment of masterfully-crafted e-juices, all of which have been perfected to flawlessness. Made with the highest quality USA ingredients, each offering within the series represents months of tireless crafting, ensuring every nuance of the flavors meet the company’s stringent standards.

Exactitude and fastidiousness is the motto at Bantam, which helps explain why all of their creations have enjoyed a staggering range of glowing reviews by novice vapers and expert critics alike. All around the globe, word has gotten out that Bantam represents some of the very best e-liquids money can buy!


Best ejuices of 2019

Blue Berries: Although berry flavors are among the most plentiful, Bantam has taken this simple taste to new heights with Blue Berries. A delectable blend of mountain-fresh raspberries and juicy blueberries makes this one-of-a-kind e-liquid as refreshing as it is flavorful.

Cream & Honey: Although many of the premium e-juice companies offer various cereal-inspired flavors, Bantam has delivered the taste with flying colors. With the notion that “simple is better,” they have created one of the most authentic-tasting cereal flavors available—Cream & Honey. Each hit of this gem delivers a burst of sweet honey cluster cereal and ice-cold milk, resulting is a vaping experience that will always leave you smiling.

Butterscotch: Bantam deserves a standing ovation of this remarkable e-juice, as it affords one of the most enjoyable dessert vapes you can get. By combining the taste of creamy butterscotch custard with hints of warm vanilla, you are presented with an explosion of scrumptious taste taste that you will simply not get enough of.



Best E Liquid Brands 2019



Smoozie is one of those hidden treasures that we were fortunate to come by. Although not as prevalent as some of the other brands on the list, their collection of creations is at the absolute zenith of the pack. Expertly crafted using the finest USA ingredients, you will be pleasantly shocked at the sheer robustness of flavor and accuracy of taste each offering provides.

Smoozie is aimed at accurately encompassing the natural taste of fresh fruit flavors. You will be impressed at the level of authenticity of each note, as well as how they work together harmoniously. Sweet, robust, and delightfully aromatic, we were extremely pleased with every Smoozie concoction, making it one of our favorites for the year.


Best E Juice Brands and Flavors 2019

Maui Waui: If you relish the taste of fruit-flavored e-liquids, Maui Waui is one you simply must try. An assortment of sweet Hawaiian pineapples, juicy mangoes, and mountain-fresh strawberries makes this concoction one of the best we have ever tried! The flawless balance between the various fruit flavors makes Maui Waui ideal as an all-day-vape.

Strawberries Gone Wild: Another must for fruit-flavored e-juice lovers, Strawberries Gone Wild is the lip-smacking blend of various fresh fruit flavors that complement one another brilliantly. On the inhale, you will enjoy the mouthwatering taste of farm-fresh strawberries and wild raspberries, while the exhale reveals the crisp taste of refreshing green apples. In all forms, Strawberries Gone Wild delivers a vaping experience sure to please even the choosiest of vapers.

Maui Waui Ice: This is the mentholated variation of Maui Waui, which we love so much that the inclusion of this version was a must. The sweet pineapples, juicy strawberries, and succulent mangoes are flawlessly complemented with a burst of invigorating menthol that will have you ready for your next hit before you finish your exhale.



Best Vape Liquids 2019


Glas Basix

Glas has remained among the industry’s elite e-juice crafters for several years now. They first made their mark with the release of their original collection, which featured their iconic frosted glass bottles—a unique and singular concept at the time. Since then, Glas shifted focus away from elite presentation and towards quality of the e-liquid within the packaging. The result is Glas Basix—an exquisite collection of e-juices that has earned a staggering array of awards for excellence. Every offering within the Basix Series is genuinely delicious, making the line as a whole among our top picks for the year.

Aside from enchanting flavors, robust taste, and quality ingredients, one of the features of the Glas Basix line that we enjoy is the wide variety of profiles. Whether you fancy fruit flavors, decadent desserts, candy confections, invigorating menthols, or tantalizing tobacco blends, Glas Basix has an exceptional concoction ideal for your needs.


Reviews of Best Vape Liquids 2019

Banana Cream Pie: The most recent addition and the flagship within the collection, Banana Cream Pie is unquestionably the most scrumptious banana flavor on the market. Warm, flaky pie is baked to perfection before being filled with rich vanilla custard and topped with a generous helping of caramelized bananas. The balance between the various notes is absolutely flawless, and together deliver a taste that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Blueberry Cake: One of the winners of the prestigious Vape Expo in the United Kingdom, Blueberry Cake is an all-time favorite of many dessert enthusiasts. Warm vanilla cake is stuffed with mountain-fresh blueberries, resulting in an authentic, flavorful, and downright scrumptious treat that will have your taste buds dancing with joy. Blueberry Cake is then finished with the perfect amount of sweet buttercream, rounding off the exhale immaculately. If you fancy dessert-inspired e-liquids, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Butterscotch Reserve: This is the only tobacco variation within the Basix Collection, and it is genuinely in a league of its own. In fact, this gem is so delicious that even those who don’t typically enjoy tobacco flavors rave about Butterscotch Reserve. It all starts with a selection of the finest tobacco leaves, which are air-dried and sun-cured to bring out the natural sweetness of the plant. The experts at Glas then enhance the taste with sweet butterscotch, rich caramel, and hints of warm vanilla, resulting is an e-juice profile that is as unique as it is appetizing.



Best E-Juice Flavors and Brands 2019


Fruit Monster

From the moment of its release, the Fruit Monster line was instantly propelled to the top of the charts. A creation by the same gifted artisans behind legendary brands such as Jam Monster and Tobacco Monster, this collection of fruit flavors is centered around accuracy, authenticity, and robustness of taste. Available in large 100ml bottles, it’s an incredible value as well.

Similar to their other popular brands, every ingredient used to concoct these mouthwatering treats is premium-grade and made wholly in the United States. Unlike many other e-juice manufacturers who produce very artificial fruit flavors, you will surely notice and appreciate Fruit Monster’s devotion to authenticity. These qualities make the line a necessary inclusion in our list of the Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2019.


Best Vape Juices for 2019

Mango Peach Guava: One of the shining stars within the series, Mango Peach Guava is among the most natural-tasting tropical fruit flavors on the market. The mouthwatering essence of sweet mangoes is blended with juicy peaches and succulent guava, making every hit of this award-winning e-liquid like pure vaping nirvana. Mango Peach Guava is ideal for vapers who crave the taste of real fruit and want to avoid the artificial, candy-like notes found in so many other fruit vape juices.

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate: In line with Fruit Monster’s dedication to authenticity and accuracy, Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate affords an exceptionally clean, refreshing, and natural-tasting experience. The essence of mountain-fresh strawberries is paired with juicy kiwis and succulent pomegranate, together delivering a burst of fruity deliciousness you will not soon get tired of.

Mixed Berry: The perfect companion to a warm summer day, Mixed Berry is as juicy and refreshing as it is tantalizingly tasty. An intoxicating blend of mountain-fresh berries come together to afford a genuinely pleasurable vaping experience that seems to get more delicious with every draw. Multi-layered in profile, this gem can be relished for weeks at a time without tiring the taste buds.


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