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Best Fruit E-Juices of 2021

Best Fruit E-Juices of 2021

Many of us vapers look forward to tasting juicy, refreshing fruits when we put our mouthpieces up to our lips and pull in a cloud of vapor.  Fruity e-liquids continue to satisfy even the most finicky vapers with a massive array of freshly picked, perfectly ripe flavor profiles that soothe the palate while entrancing the taste buds with complex yet natural-tasting offerings.

There is no doubt that today’s e-liquid market is bursting at the seams with fruit-flavored vapes, and the novice vaper can easily feel overwhelmed by the huge selection from which they must choose.  But never fear.  At Vapor Authority, we have managed to create a definitive list of the top fruit-inspired vape juices that exist on the market today.

So, any vaper who is ready to start stocking up on fruity e-liquids, you will undoubtedly find some flavors that pique your interest today.



 The Best Fruit E-Juices of 2021

Kiwi Berry by Bantam

Devoted to crafting the highest quality and most authentic flavors, Bantam has managed to turn juicy berries into absolutely outstanding flavor profiles that make us feel like we are laying on the beach on a tropical island.  All of their e-juices taste exquisitely natural-tasting, and you will swear that you can taste the sun that ripened the delicious fruity flavors that go into each e-liquid they offer.

The Best Fruit E-Juices 2021

Our Pick: Kiwi Berry

Kiwi Berry is one of the top-selling flavor from the brand for a reason.  It’s one of the most well-blended e-liquids on the market, with notes that are rarely seen together in one vape. A blend of juicy berries hit the spot at first, followed by a generous portion of sweet kiwi.  Finally, a refreshing squeeze of fresh citrus rounds out the flavor profile.


 Best Fruit E-Juices of 2021


Milk of the Poppy by Vapetasia E-Juice

The vaping community at large has been enamored with Vapetasia for years, as this award-winning brand raised the bar for e-liquid manufacturing some time ago with a series of absolutely mind-blowing vapes.  Their signature blends of lush fruits and silky creams continues to gratify the most discerning palates.

Best Fruit E-Juices of 2021

Our Pick: Milk of the Poppy

Milk of the Poppy is one of the most imaginative e-liquids to come from Vapetasia, and despite the fact that it has been on the market for a while, it is a tough one to rival on the vaping scene even now.  Outstandingly ripe and juicy strawberries hit the spot as soon as you take in some vapor, followed by crisp and exotic dragon fruit with its ultra-refreshing flavor.  This e-juice profile finishes off with a trickle of velvety cream that keeps you coming back for more.



 Best Fruit E-Juices 2021

Jungle Fever by Ruthless

Ruthless Vapor has developed some of the most satiating fruity vapes on the market, coming up with unique concoctions that offer a majestic cocktail of freshly squeezed nectars.  The brand is lauded for their refreshing flavor profiles that are never cloyingly sweet or artificial-tasting, and they have shown themselves to be dedicated to using only the finest ingredients in each and every batch.

Best Fruit E-Juices 2021

Our Pick: Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever is a downright mouthwatering e-liquid flavor that instantly reminds us of sipping on freshly prepared fruit punch.  The orange and pineapple notes have a refreshing quality on the inhale, and that exotic twist gives us something to smile about.  Notes of juicy mango emerge right before the exhale, adding sensational complexity to the overall taste experience.


The Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2021


Blackberry by Wet Liquids E-Juice

When we think of what makes for a stellar fruity e-liquid, one priority is how natural it vapes.  Wet Liquids E-Juice has simply gone above and beyond to ensure that each pull of their e-liquids does just and more.  With the use of carefully sourced ingredients, they manage to almost replicate these fruity flavors on a superb level.

The Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2021

Our Pick: Blackberry

If you’re all about those single-fruit vapes, look no further than Blackberry, which is one of the finest single-fruit offerings that you’ll find on the vaping market today.  Starts out with the bold tang of beautifully ripe, plump, and glistening blackberries, with juiciness that keeps the palate deeply satisfied.  The exhale offers that natural sweetness as the succulent nectar continues to tingle on the tongue.



 Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2021

Mango Peach Watermelon by Qurious

Qurious E-Juice is a celebrated brand among vapers who seek out only the smoothest vape juices that are made with high-end ingredients.  This company has worked hard to develop expert blending techniques, having hired serious flavor masters who understand how to create nuance that is rarely seen outside of the real fruits that grow in nature.  

Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2021

Our Pick: Mango Peach Watermelon

If you’re looking for a fruity duo that packs a rejuvenating punch, Mango Peach Watermelon is the e-liquid to grab.  It starts out with crisp, cool, and refreshing watermelon that tingles on every taste bud.  Then comes a rush of succulent mango nectar in all of its golden glory, with sweetness that has that exotic twist.  The exhale keeps you entranced with the perfect amount of orchard-fresh peach, for a fruity sweetness like no other.



 Best Fruit E-Liquids 2021

Mega Melons by Cuttwood

Cuttwood E-Juice is one of those brands that lives to expand our concepts of vaping with truly exceptional and innovative flavor profiles that get the palate excited before we even take that first pull of vapor.  Cuttwood’s flavors are never ordinary, and as a result, their e-juices are among some of the most sought-after on the market.

Best Fruit E-Liquids 2021

Our Pick: Mega Melons

Mega Melons is a trio of fresh fruits that are rarely paired together, making this one a must-have if you are ready to try something new.  It starts out with creamy, smooth cantaloupe that soothes the tongue with its luscious, refreshing taste.  Then comes a trickle of rich mango juice that has the right amount of tropical tang to lift your spirits and get your mouth watering.  Finally, the sweetness of juicy tropical papaya shines through to round off the exhale, for a truly flawless vaping experience.



The Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2021 

Mango Rush by Mega E-Liquids

Mega E-Liquids' reputation speaks for itself these days.  This company has risen to the top in a short period of time by dazzling vapers with some of the most enticing and imaginative flavor profiles, and the quality of their vapes are nothing short of astonishing, with masterfully blended ingredients that come from superior sources.  

The Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2021

Our Pick: Mango Rush

Easily, one of Mega’s best sellers is Mango Rush, a surprisingly simple blend of juicy peaches and exotic mangoes which offers a complexity of flavor rarely seen in the vaping world.  The peaches hit you first, with their tangy juices that get the mouthwatering, followed by a powerful rush of glorious mango that adds exotic intrigue to the vaping experience.  The sweetness level becomes prominent before you exhale, without ever overwhelming the gentler fruity notes.



 Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2021

Nana Banana by Orchard Blends

Orchard Blends E-Juice has proven that you do not need to load vapes with tons of individual flavor elements to make something that’s satisfying, nuanced, and absolutely irresistible.  Most of their flavor profiles consist of only one or two individual flavor components, and yet this company has amassed a truly enormous following thanks to their ability to satisfy our cravings time and time again.

Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2021

Our Pick: Nana Banana

There are banana-flavored e-liquids, and then there’s Nana Banana by Orchard Blends.  This e-juice captures the authentic taste of bananas in a way rarely done in the vaping world, and the quality of the ingredients is apparent once you take that initial pull.  The banana starts out sweet and tropical, intriguing the palate as it gets more and more seductively creamy. Then comes a blast of mountain-fresh strawberries, rounding off the exhale masterfully.


Best Fruit Vape Juices 2021


Green Apple by Skwezed E-Juice

You really can’t make a list of the best fruity vapes on the market and not include Skwezed.  These guys have become one of the most trusted brands for fruit flavors, and their catalog is simply massive.  They remain one of the best-selling vape companies of all time, and once you get your hands on one of their succulent creations, you’ll have an easy time understanding why.

Best Fruit Vape Juices 2021

Our Pick: Green Apple

Green Apple is a magnificent offering from this legendary brand, offering nothing but the true, exquisite taste of beautifully ripe green apples found in the most beautiful orchards in the world.  Starts out crisp and ever-so- enchanting, as it gets sweeter all the way through the exhale.


Best Fruit E-Juices 2021


Purple Grape by Twist E-Liquids

Twist E-Liquids is one of the most renowned makers of fruit-flavored vape juices, with an artisanal approach to juice-making that has more than paid off over the years.  Simply put, their e-juices offer some of the most realistic flavor experiences you’ll find on the vaping market, and their gratifying flavor profiles keep the pickiest vapers coming back for more.

Best Fruit E-Juices 2021

Our Pick: Purple Grape

Purple Grape offers nothing but the pure, clean taste of those beautifully ripe orchard gems, and the juice explodes on the tongue as soon as you inhale.  This flavor offers the perfect balance between tang and sweetness that persists throughout the vaping experience, while refreshing the senses in ways that few vapes can.




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