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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Nic Salt E-Juices 2018

Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018

For more than a century, traditional tobacco companies and conglomerates held an iron-strong monopoly in the tobacco-products market. But over the last several years, the e-cigarette and vaporizer industry overturned this hegemony, providing enthusiasts with a cleaner, more palatable platform. Further developments within the sector launched a new movement: the emergence of nicotine salt e-juices.

Nicotine salts, or commonly referred to as “nic salts,” was born out of a desire to accurately replicate the analog smoking experience. The current standard of nicotine-based e-liquids utilize a chemical composition called “freebase nicotine.” Technically speaking, freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine, while nicotine salt e-juices integrates an additive, typically benzoic acid, in their composition.

Naturally, the question comes up: why would companies market nic salts to analog enthusiasts when freebase nicotine is purer? The answer is practicality. While freebase e-liquids contain natural, unmixed nicotine, the reality is that when vaped, the compound is extremely harsh on the throat. Pure nicotine is inherently unstable, and the extreme temperatures involved in vaping (especially sub-ohm vaping) exacerbates this condition.

To get around the harshness, typical nicotine salt e-juices are mixed with benzoic acid, or similar additive, to neutralize the nicotine’s severe reaction to operating temperatures. The result is “usable” nicotine that is delivered much quicker to the bloodstream, achieving the sensation that analog enthusiasts crave. Additionally, end-users receive a robust throat hit without being overwhelming.

Another great component about nicotine salt e-juices is their overall economic value. While nicotine salts are typically more expensive than their sub-ohm e-liquid counterparts, nic-salt specific vaporizers (typically vape pod systems) operate at much lower temperatures/wattages and produce less vapor than their sub-ohm counterparts. The result is that a small 30ml bottle of a nic salt e-juice lasts markedly longer than standard e-liquids being vaped at high wattages. For almost all analog enthusiasts, this ends up being a win-win as MTL vapers eschew the tech-wizardry of sub-ohm vaping for a smooth, flavorful vaping experience.

Since the introduction of nic salts e-juices to the industry, virtually all major crafters have released their nicotine salt collections. The endless assortment of options has made selecting the best ones increasingly more difficult. To assist in this regard, the team at Vapor Authority has sifted through virtually all USA-made offerings, and have populated a list of the very best nicotine salt e-liquids of 2018.

Here is the list, in no particular order:


Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Blue Raspberry by I Love Salts

Best Nic Salt E-Juices 2018One of the greatest advantages of the vaporizer platform is its inherent ability to produce flavors and tones previously impossible in analog formats. And a consistent favorite among vape enthusiasts is candy-inspired e-liquid concoctions.

As a result, multiple e-juice manufacturers saturated the market with their own iterations. However, very few know how to get the right balance and ratios like I Love Salts. This is a company that not only produces some of the most elite e-juices, they specifically specialize in the best nicotine salt e-juices; hence, their products’ namesake.

In particular, vape enthusiasts will truly enjoy Blue Raspberry by I Love Salts. From the first hit down to the last draw, vapers are inundated with the crisp, sweet, and mouthwatering flavor of blue raspberry candy. In addition, Blue Raspberry is perfectly formulated for a robust throat hit typically found in traditional tobacco products.



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Churrios by The Milkman Salts

The Best Nic Salts of 2018Thanks in part to The Milkman’s iconic milk-carton packaging, their premium e-liquid products have garnered widespread fame and integration. Open up any vaping journal or visit any industry-related website, and you’re bound to see their branding featured prominently.

That said, it’s not just marketing prowess that has catapulted The Milkman to unprecedented heights. Their unrivaled quality control, which is a byproduct of their meticulous care and attention to fine details, has facilitated some of the world’s best e-juices. As well, their artisans painstakingly concoct tantalizing new mixes that are both relevant and delectable.

Recently, they’ve ventured into the world of nicotine salt e-juices to rave industry reviews and massive enthusiast sales. Churrios by The Milkman Salts combines the mouthwatering dichotomy of sweet and savory with the soft textures inherent in the carnival confectionary. Moreover, vape enthusiasts receive the robust tones that only nic salts can deliver.



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Maui Waui by Smoozie Salts

Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices 2018Smoozie Salts represents the latest trend in e-liquids where manufacturers are increasingly focusing on delivering the best nicotine salt e-juices. While no one is going to give up on flavored products that run on sub-ohm devices, Smoozie quickly recognized that a strong market exists for MTL enthusiasts seeking both throat hits and a flavorful experience.

Maui Waui by Smoozie Salts hits home on both counts. As any vape enthusiast is well aware, fruit-inspired concoctions are all the rage in the e-juice market. While the offerings have become saturated in recent years, the trend will not go away for one simple reason: consumers love them, and are willing to pay good money to acquire the best available options.

The benefit, then, for Maui Waui is two-fold. First, the enthusiast benefits from the delectable blast of freshly-plucked tropical fruits bursting from first hit to last draw. Second, as a nic salt platform, Maui Waui lasts longer due to the MTL device’s lower power output.

Saving money and enjoying a great vaping experience? You couldn’t ask for anything more!



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: No. 32 by Beard Salts

The Best Nic Salt Vape JuiceBeard has remained one of the foremost leaders within the e-juice industry, and their salt line in no exception. Combining vaping artistry with a zany personality, Beard has earned rave reviews across the world. Their products are featured in multiple vaping journals as a benchmark for superior performance.

With their foray into nic salts, the vaunted organization continues to imbue their proud tradition. No.32 by Beard Salts is undoubtedly one of the most decadent e-juices that you’ll come across. Integrating the rich tones of funnel cake and the freshly-baked sweetness of cinnamon rolls, No. 32 is a perfect complement to any situation.

Furthermore, this latest concoction by Beard Salts incorporates the powerful tonalities that can only be found in the nicotine salt platform. From the very first draw, you can immediately sense the flavorful concoctions as well as the rewarding throat hit that transitioning vapers crave.

For a sophisticated take on nic salts, No. 32 by Beard Salts is a must-try!



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Neon Berry by Salty Fog

Best Nic Salts 2018To anyone who has vaped over the past few years, the Cosmic Fog brand name is a well-known enterprise. Indeed, Cosmic Fog has become synonymous with quality and excellence, with an astonishing array of loyal fans around the globe. That said, even the established stalwarts can benefit from a rebrand.

Enter Neon Berry by Salty Fog. Salty Fog is the aforementioned company’s long-awaited foray into the nicotine salt arena. Although conceptualized a while back, the Cosmic Fog team took over a year with strategizing and fine-tuning to ensure unparalleled distinction and fineness. As you are undoubtedly aware, management doesn’t enter into a new market just for its own sake; instead, they seek to dominate, and Neon Berry by Salty Fog demonstrates this fact clearly.

From the moment you take your first draw of Neon Berry, you immediately sense the thousands of hours dedicated to crafting this vaping confection. Integrating mountain-fresh strawberries with a generous mixture of Florida oranges and freshly-picked raspberries, this Salty Fog e-juice hits home with every puff.

Not only that, you get the undeniable richness of the nicotine-based throat hit, giving you a satisfying experience throughout the entirety of the session.



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Pixy by Time Bomb Salts

Best Nicotine Salts 2018Time Bomb e-liquids are renown and coveted the world over for their exceptional e-juices and distinct packaging. With years of experience and expertise, this award-winning company has released some of the most delectable offerings ever released to the vaping public. Despite their longstanding history, one thing remains crystal-clear: Time Bomb continues to make some of the best vaping concoctions available in the markets today.

And similar to many of its key rivals, management recognized the immense draw that the transitioning-vaper community deployed. To that end, the company released its nic salt product portfolio, with Pixy by Time Bomb Salts being a particular highlight.

What makes Pixy so special? For starters, this nic-salt variant integrates the same quality and attention to detail that has been the company’s hallmark since its inception. Further, Pixy hits the right nostalgic tone with their choice base flavor: the classic grape pixy candy.

But unlike so many candy-inspired flavors, Time Bomb Salts went the extra mile (or five) to perfect the balance between candy-flavored sweetness and the raw, earthy emotions of a strong, nicotine-based throat hit.

Pixy is a mature concoction for enthusiasts who take their vaping seriously, but still want to have a little fun.



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Pure by Aqua Salts

Best Nicotine Salt Vape Juice 2018Most vaping enthusiasts are familiar with the iconic Aqua brand, whose products appear as if they just came out of a fashion magazine. But it’s not just their outward appearance: vape critics have near-universally praised Aqua’s distinct ability to produce soothing draws and an overall refreshing experience.

Taking the best elements of their “standard” e-juice business and transferring it into their nic-salt venture, Aqua has recently launched their nicotine-salt specific e-liquids. A notable highlight is Pure by Aqua Salts. As the name suggests, Pure sets a new benchmark for e-juices catering towards MTL devices by combining robust tones and lasting, flavorful sessions.

One draw from Pure by Aqua Salts and you’ll see why so many enthusiasts rave about the company’s new venture. Featuring a powerful blast of exotic fruits, you’ll be impressed with the consistency of your vaping experience.

For enthusiast that endure busy, on-the-go schedules, Pure is your perfect companion.



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: SubZero Salt by Halo

The Best Nicotine Salts of 2018To those who have been involved in the vaping industry in any capacity, Halo needs no introduction. Prior to Halo, e-juices, along with the devices that utilized them, were notoriously bland affairs. But as vaporizer manufacturing added sophistication to their product line, so too did elite e-juice artisans. This is how Halo’s story began.

With the advent of nicotine salts, the vaping industry has embarked on a new journey. Naturally, Halo entered the arena to establish a dominant presence. The SubZero Salt by Halo is a perfect representation of the company ethos. Featuring an astounding attention to fine details, as well as a powerful drawing experience, SubZero Salt is sure to occupy a favorite place on your vaping mantle.

Of course, it’s not just incredible quality that makes SubZero stand out from the competition. Halo is one of few e-liquid manufacturers that focus on the distinctly cool tones of menthol flavoring. Combining this distinction with robust throat hit, SubZero has won universal praise among menthol enthusiasts.



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Lychee Salt by BLVK Unicorn

2018 Best Nic Salt E-JuicesSometimes, you need to throw convention out the window, and unabashedly pursue your passion. That fits BLVK Unicorn’s corporate ethos to a T. Promoting a zany, vibrant marketing brand, BLVK Unicorn e-liquid products represent pure decadence. If you want an overwhelming blast of candy and fruit-inspired flavors, BLVK Unicorn is your go-to option.

Now, they’re bringing the same wildly delectable vaping confection to the nicotine salt platform, to much rejoicing. Lychee Salt by BLVK Unicorn is a particular standout, which features a perfect mixture between sweet and refreshing. The fresh fruit flavor springs the taste buds to life, delivering an exceptionally well-balanced and enlivening hit.

The best part, of course, is that Lychee Salt by BLVK Unicorn can now be enjoyed with the MTL platform. Prior to the nic-salt revolution, e-juice options for MTL devices were incredibly narrow. But thanks to BLVK Unicorn’s venture into the nic salt arena, traditionalist vapers can enjoy the full benefits of the vaping platform.



Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices of 2018: Watermelon Patch by SVLT

Best Nic Salts E Liquids 2018Who doesn’t love the naturally refreshing and sweet blast of watermelons, especially during the summer season’s humid heat? Watermelon Patch by SVLT was concocted by some of the world’s finest artisans to meet this universal demand.

Fruit-flavored e-liquids are nothing new. Indeed, they represent the majority of e-juice flavor options that have come out in recent years. But the difference with Watermelon Patch by SVLT is that it’s scientifically-engineered for the MTL device.

Prior to the push for nicotine-salt specific e-juices, MTL devices served one primary purpose: to offer ex-smokers an alternative to analog cigarettes. However, these traditional enthusiasts aren’t immune to the delectable draws of fruit-inspired e-juices; rather, the options were very limited.

That’s no longer the case. With companies like SVLT venturing into the nicotine salt arena, you can have your nicotine-based throat hit, all the while enjoying the best concoctions that were previously available only to direct-to-lung enthusiasts.

So if you’re a transitioning vaper, do yourself a big favor and pick up a refreshing blend of Watermelon Patch today!


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