Fresh Farms E-Liquid: Vendor Spotlight
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Fresh Farms E-Liquid: Vendor Spotlight

The vaping industry certainly has no shortage of e-juice manufacturers, with a new brand sprouting up seemingly on a daily basis. However, as is the case with virtually all industries, some companies are committed to quality and excellence, while others are merely out to capitalize on a booming sector of the economy. Fresh Farms E-Liquid unquestionably falls within the former category, as the company ethos from the start has remained “quality over quantity.” This refusal to compromise has catapulted Fresh Farms to the zenith of the sector, and has earned the brand a staggering and ever-increasing fan base.

Fresh Farms E-JuiceIn line with the majority of newly-established companies, Fresh Farms began with a vision—a vision that is deeply rooted in superiority and eminence in all forms and fashions. Late one evening in 2018, long-time friends, Tony Devincentis and Jack Petti, were discussing their desire to find a truly premium e-juice that delivered the satisfying vaping experience they both craved. As the conversation progressed, a light bulb went off in both of their minds—they resolved to create their own first-rate brand of e-liquids.

The duo wasted no time in implementing their plan, and established Fresh Farms E-Liquid in 2018. Both long-time vaping enthusiasts, Devincentis and Petti knew that the key to their newly-founded company’s success would be the team behind it. As such, they found world-class artisans and mixologists to formulate the most natural-tasting, robust, and flavorful concoctions possible. Using only the choicest of USA ingredients, they painstakingly and meticulously fine-tuned every nuance of their creations before giving it their stamp of approval. Everything from the balance between the notes to the authenticity of the flavor profile to the imagery of the labels, is modified and polished until it reached unparalleled perfection.

Manufacturing, bottling, and packaging of Fresh Farms’ collection of e-liquids happens in an ISO-Certified clean room that not only meets, but exceeds industryFresh Farms E Juice standards. In line with the company philosophy, Devincentis and Petti are equally inflexible as to this phase of the manufacturing process. Every aspect of their esteemed products must be immaculate prior to releasing it to the vaping public, otherwise they will not allow it to hit store shelves. The end result of this rigid and unyielding approach is a series of high-grade e-juices that has managed to satisfy even the most selective of vapers.

Due to popular demand, the Fresh Farms team recently added the nicotine salt variation of their most coveted flavors. This was a wise and calculated decision on the part of company, as it enables those who use low-output devices and seek higher concentrations of nicotine to relish their mouthwatering creations. From the very moment of its release, the Fresh Farms Salt Collection hit the ground running, earning a staggering response from the vaping community. Worldwide and across countless platforms, this remarkable line of nicotine salt-based vape juices has received flowing reviews from novice vapers and professional critics alike.

Now that the Fresh Farms brand has a strong and secure footing within the vaping industry, Devincentis and Petti are implementing growth and expansion plans. As their products gain popularity and prevalence, the Fresh Farms team is consistently reaching new milestones and mounting their reach exponentially. They are currently in the process of establishing their own in-house ISO-Certified lab while their vast sales team continues to introduce the Fresh Farms brand to new countries and demographics.

Concurrently, the company is also planning the introduction of new delectable flavors to add to their line. One of the new releases will be available in November of 2018, while the others are still in the latter stages of the development process. Due to their stringent standards, Fresh Farms does not create new flavors monthly, as is the case with many other manufacturers. Rather, they take an exorbitant amount of time perfecting each product to ensure unequivocal excellence and quality.

Irrespective of when we can expect additions to this renowned series of e-juices, one thing is for sure, Fresh Farms is here to stay and will broaden their reach in short order. 

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