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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Lost Art Liquids: Vendor Spotlight

Lost Art Liquids: Vendor Spotlight

Of all the major consumer innovations in the world today, vaping has become one of the most competitive. Every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of new vaporizers and concepts are forwarded, constantly pushing the boundaries of both science and the arts. To become the best in this field requires unparalleled talent and discipline.

Even more demanding than the actual vaporizer and e-cigarette category is the e-juice, or e-liquid sector. Quite simply, so many options exist that it is extraordinarily difficult to track them all. Even more challenging, new blends and flavors are seemingly introduced to market on a daily basis. To standout in this vaping subsector is a remarkable accomplishment, and Lost Art Liquids has done just that


Lost Art Profile and History:

Located in the business mecca of Downtown, Los Angeles, Lost Art Liquids combines classic flavors and well-loved trends with a fusion of eclectic accoutrements. Developed by a team of dedicated professionals and vapers, Lost Art Liquids first and foremost understands the vaping art form, and the audience they engage. Such attention to consumer trends and demands have pushed Lost Art to the top of the e-juice market.

Lost Art LiquidsIn popular vaping forums and conventions, you won’t go very far until you see or hear the Lost Art Liquids brand mentioned. The company quickly emerged from a small, niche following to one that dominated the social media landscape. Even more remarkable is the fact that Lost Art was officially established in May 2014. E-liquid competitors have operated for longer without Lost Art’s extraordinary magnitude of success.

A substantial catalyst for that success was sparked through first-hand consumer experiences. Without experiencing the unique attributes of vaping, it’s next to impossible to convey expertise to enthusiasts and aficionados, let alone market a product designed specifically for their exacting needs.

Prior to establishing Lost Art Liquids, the proprietors were heavily involved in the vaping subculture. Through extensive analysis, as well as casual conversations with long-time vapers, the organization experimented with distinctly colorful blends that pleased the palette while simultaneously providing the punch vapers have come to expect.

The extra effort wasn’t lost on the vaping community. Lost Art Liquids initially distributed their e-juice samples to select social media influencers. They were immediately hooked on the samples and began, through their own volition, a concerted media campaign promoting the Lost Art brand of e-liquids.

Results were nothing short of phenomenal. In their first month of operations, Lost Art vaping e-juices were carried in only four stores. By the end of 2014, 500 retail locations distributed the brand, or a 12,400% spike in exposure! That momentum remains robust to this day, adding more distribution channels and partnerships. Additionally, the Lost Art brand hit the international vaping market.


A Diverse Product Portfolio:

Of course, marketing can only take an organization so far. For something as specific, demanding, and personal as e-liquids, the products either resonate, or they do not. Rather than aim for esoteric blends, Lost Art Liquids focused on flavors that were sure to resonate with everyone. These include classic fruit and cereal flavors, as well as well-known, popular candy flavors.

One of the recurring crowd favorites is Lost Art’s The Grape White. Integrating ripened white grapes with a touch of candied apples and citrus, The Grape White provides a delectable experience with a perfect kick to jumpstart your day.

Another crowd pleaser is the Beez Kneez. Concocted to emulate your favorite Honey O’s cereal brand, the Beez Kneez has a rich, powerful aura that is an immediate favorite for any vaper that tries it out for the first time. More importantly, this is a seasonal blend. As a result, thousands of vapers stock up on the Beez Kneez to ensure their own supply. Whenever Lost Art Liquids make these e-juices available, you don’t want to miss out!

While all Lost Art products are met to exacting standards, the company is most popular forLost Art Liquids its candy and dessert flavors. Several vapers gravitate towards the humorously-named Unicorn Puke, which is inspired from rainbow sherbet ice creams. Another crowd pleasure is Space Rockz, a “pop rockz” candy blend that fuses rich textures with nostalgic flavors. And then there is Slotter Pop, a delightful burst of childhood bliss, based on the classic red, white, and blue popsicle.

The aforementioned e-juices quickly blew up in user integration because they added a new twist to tried-and-trued classics that everyone enjoys. Not surprisingly, the candy flavors have quickly become Lost Art’s flagship products. Recently, the company has branched out to premium artisanal blends under the “Lost Leche” series.

A great example is Monkey Milk, a unique combination of fresh bananas and creamy, coconut milk. This natural concoction is as delicious as it sounds, bursting your palettes with rich flavors and a smooth aftertaste. Monkey Milk is perfect for those seeking an organic experience.

Another product under the Lost Leche brand is Strawberry Shake. Formulated by the expert mixologists at Lost Art Liquids, Strawberry Shake integrates creamy, strawberry shortcakes, cold milk, and a dash of sugar cookies. The end result is a rich, invigorating flavor that tantalizes the palette and the other senses.

Finally, former smokers and nicotine-based e-juice fans should check out Strawberry Strike, distributed under the original Lost Art brand. Strawberry Strike incorporates in its e-liquid mix TFN Nicotine®, an independently-tested, non-tobacco based synthetic nicotine that was specifically engineered for the vaping industry.

Forwarded by Next Generation Labs, TFN benefits vaporizer users through virtually odorless and tasteless nicotine. This attribute facilitates a richer, more powerful flavor for vape enthusiasts that delivers nicotine-unique experiences without many of nicotine’s drawbacks.

On top of the scientific innovation, the Strawberry Strike offers a mouthwatering, strawberry bubblegum flavor specifically concocted to pop your taste buds. With a distinct blend of nostalgic Americana and mature flavors, this e-liquid – which Vapor Authority distributes in 120 ml size bottles -- is pound-for-pound one of the best acquisitions you can make.

If you haven’t tried Lost Art Liquids, stop whatever it is that you’re doing and order their e-juices right here at Vapor Authority! Leveraging years of expert mixology and consumer analysis, Lost Art and Lost Leche brand e-liquids are engineered for vaping excellence. One draw is all it takes to make you a fan for life!

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