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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Naked 100 E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

Naked 100 E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

Naked 100. Grimm Creations. Snozz. Chances are, you’ve not only heard of these e-juice brands, they likely occupy a favored spot on your shelf! Such enthusiasm is no surprise, given these brand names’ outstanding reputation for delivering remarkable tasting vapors. What may be surprising to vape enthusiasts, though, is that these remarkable offerings are all under one umbrella: USA Vape Lab.

Officially established in Torrance, California in 2013, but setting up the foundations in 2012, USA Vape Lab has what so many e-juice manufacturers ruefully long for: early-to-market advantage. At the end of 2012, the vaporizer industry as a whole brought in $500 million, an unprecedented bounty. This was a year before industry revenues raked in the psychologically important $1 billion mark, and subsequently, prior to the mass influx of competition.

Today, it’s not uncommon to see fruit-flavored and dessert-inspired e-liquid brands; indeed, whatever the imagination conjures up, you can likely find its representation in the vaporizer format. However, USA Vape Lab, and in particular, their Naked 100 brand, was among the first to break through the creative barrier that e-liquids necessarily had to be bland, boring affairs.

It’s not unfair at all to give substantial credit to Naked 100 for proving that vaping isn’t strictly limited to just a smoking alternative. Vaping could actually be enjoyable in its own right, and that’s the ultimate message that USA Vape Lab engenders throughout their product line, and the way in which they run their business.


Naked 100 Profile and History:

Naked 100 E-LiquidTypically, a great story has a seemingly incongruent origin. For instance, the iconic Apple Inc. essentially started in a garage by two crazy cats with an idea. Of course, they are anything but a start-up in contemporary times: single-handedly, Apple transformed the consumer electronics industry and ushered in the era of smart devices.

Naked 100 by USA Vape Lab is on a similar trajectory. You can’t go into any local vape shop, or visit any online retailer without seeing Naked 100, along with rising stars like Grimm Creations and Snozz, on prominent display. But as prevalent as these brands are, you wouldn’t suspect USA Vape Labs’ success based on their initial foray into the vaping industry.

Starting with Pure Vapor, a local shop in Los Angeles’ South Bay region, the founders recognized that certain flavors were not represented in the e-liquid manufacturing community. Sensing an opportunity, the Pure Vapor owners crafted a solution to their own problem. Their first concoction was The Schwartz E-Liquid, which happened to also be the first yogurt-inspired e-juice introduced to the enthusiast market.

As you might expect, the flurry surrounding The Schwartz was extraordinarily intense. Consumers kept ringing up the cash registers to the point where it was nearly impossible to have the e-juice stocked adequately. To meet demand, the Pure Vapor founders realized that they had no choice but to start up a separate operation dedicated purely to e-liquid development.

Thus was born Naked 100! The rest, you might say, is vaping history!


What Distinguishes Naked 100 from the Competition:

Ask any random vaper what their favorite e-juice is, and more often than not, they’ll reply back (passionately) with Naked 100. Fandom is understandable, but even in the sometimes emotional world of vaping, Naked 100, and all USA Vape Lab products, have a vice grip on the enthusiast community. What is their secret sauce?

For starters, everything that Naked 100 sets out to do is done with utmost attentionNaked 100 E-Juice to quality and expert craftsmanship. While every manufacturer advertises these attributes, few actually hit the mark. In Naked 100’s case, they walk the walk much more than they talk the talk.

Before any work is done, USA Vape Lab’s seasoned artisans get together with the company’s mixologists to craft the next delectable blend to hit the markets. After years of successful collaborative efforts, the USA Vape Lab’s team has this process down to an exact science, creating expressive synergies that their loyal followers love…and that their competition hates!

With the blueprinting accomplished, Naked 100 next proceeds to their ISO-7 certified clean room to bring conceptualization to reality. Given the enormous complexities involved in the formulation, USA Vape Lab only entrusts their equipment with USA-made parts. This ensures not only a quality piece, but also that the end result meets all stringent U.S. regulations.

Finally, the marketing and production team apply the hallmark Naked 100 logo and designations on each of their choice bottles. Renowned for its simplicity and elegance, Naked 100 products don’t scream at you like many other competitor offerings do. Instead, the artisans and the entire USA Vape Lab team lets the delectable flavor profiles and smooth, succulent draws speak for themselves!

But what really sets apart Naked 100 from the competition is a surprisingly simple factor – they listen to the customer. While you might think this is a common attribute, it’s actually rare. Many companies today make products that they want to use, not necessarily what the customer desires. Perhaps this “me-centric” ethos is popular, but USA Vape Lab refuses to cave.

Instead, they rely upon tried-and-true fundamentals: give the customer what they want, and you will have a revenue stream for life! But Naked 100 goes one step further. Management has a purpose-driven objective as opposed to purely seeking profits.

While no one begrudges a business for making money – after all, that’s the point of starting a business! – Naked 100 instead focuses on serving both a product and value for their customers. They are one of the very few companies, if only, that understands that nothing occurs in a vacuum.

When a customer is better off having used your product, everybody benefits – the company, its employees, and most importantly, the customer. To sustain this relationship requires cultivation, which is why USA Vape Lab never lets off the gas. It’s not about chasing yesterday’s glory but fulfilling a firm commitment to continuous excellence!


Unparalleled Product Portfolio from Naked 100:

A great many companies, once they have achieved all their earlier goals, tend to coast on auto-pilot. USA Vape Lab, with their outperforming brands and a rabid following, could easily do just that and still achieve reasonable success. However, they know all too well how competitive the e-juice field is: one misstep and it could all be over.

Naked 100 SaltsBoth from their gold standard work ethic and the harsh competitive reality, USA Vape Lab and Naked 100 are just as committed to delivering the best e-liquids in the market as they were on the day they began their journey. From their now iconic Schwartz yogurt-inspired blend to their latest concoctions, everything they produce has an unparalleled attention to quality and detail.

As prime examples of their signature craft, check out Naked 100’s award-winning fruit-inspired blends, “All Melon” and “Amazing Mango.” Both prominently feature the sweet, mouthwatering flavors of their respective base fruits with a degree of culinary accuracy that is almost unreal. As well, they are topped with the succulent creamy texture that has made Naked 100 a favorite among enthusiasts throughout the world.

For a more refined and traditional mix, vapers – especially those transitioning from analog platforms – will really enjoy “Cuban Blend” and “Euro Gold.” The former rings out the unmistakable earthiness of Caribbean choice tobacco leaves, while the latter features a smoother tobacco blend that’s commonly found in premium analog products.

Finally, Naked 100 is firmly in the nicotine salt business, considering the number of traditional smokers moving over to the vaporizer platform. These e-juices, such as “American Patriots,” “Brain Freeze,” and “Really Berry,” offer the full-bodied flavors that “traditionalists” crave, as well as fruit-inspired mixes, that are all configured towards tight draws -- the hallmark of mouth-to-lung vaping. Designed to operate with low-output and open-pod systems, the nicotine salt variations of their popular blends enable vapers to relish the decadent flavors Naked 100 offers, but with higher concentrations of nicotine.

As with any nicotine salt e-juices, please make absolutely sure that you do not use these blends with sub-ohm coils or rebuildable atomizers. These specialty e-juices must be used with high-resistance, low-output devices!

In all honesty, it would be criminal to describe Naked 100 with one or even a handful of its product portfolio. You can literally pick up any Naked 100 branded e-liquid and you’ll quickly see why they have been so successful for so long!

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