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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Ruthless E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

Ruthless E-Juice: Vendor Spotlight

Synonymous with the utmost in product quality and end-user experiences, Ruthless Vapor represents the gold standard within the e-liquid industry. Featuring both an unprecedented and unparalleled commitment to leadership and excellence, Ruthless Vapor e-juices are distributed throughout the world. Yet despite their runaway success, their core ethos remains the same: convert passersby to avid loyalists, one succulent draw at a time!

Ruthless Vape JuiceIn the business world, industry experts often state that the most effective protocols are often the simplest. While Ruthless Vapor has earned its wide-ranging awards and accolades through its meticulous and uncompromising artisanal craftsmanship, it’s the connection between the executive management team and the final product that separates the organization from its competitors.

Unlike many institutions today which have a disconnect between leadership and production, Ruthless Vapor integrates a bottom-up approach. What this means is that the central emphasis begins and ends with their e-liquids. As vaping aficionados themselves, the owners of the Ruthless brand knows clearly what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

A distinction that consistently lifts the manufacturer above the e-juice muck, management’s passion for their products comes through in every tone and nuance.

More impressively, Ruthless Vapor continues to increase the vaping industry’s profile, a rising tide that lifts all boats. When you’re not settling down to an extraordinarily smooth session with one of its choice e-liquids, you’ll find Ruthless Vapor on the campaign trail, evangelizing the benefits of the “digital art.”

On surface level, doing anything that might help the competition – even inadvertently – might seem counterproductive. Yet Ruthless Vapor understands that only by growing the nominal consumer base will they achieve the next stage of their growth cycle. So their attitude is let them come: eventually, they’ll come to us.

In other words, #BeRuthless.


Ruthless Vapor Profile & History

Today, the Ruthless Vapor brand is an international phenomenon, having conquered the primary North American market and rapidly expanding outward. Walk into any vape shop in any jurisdictionally friendly region and chances are, you’ll find their unique stylized logo emblazoned on top shelf e-liquids.

But this transformation didn’t occur overnight; in fact, far from it. Instead, Ruthless Ruthless EJuicefounders Ramon Barredo and Allen Querido were living ordinary lives but suffering from an inordinate pain: the pernicious and prevalent addiction to tobacco smoking. Running through multiple packs over months, weeks, and then days, Barredo and Querido suffered the common social and personal blights associated with cigarettes.

Everything changed, though, on what was supposed to be a routine trip to the Philippines. After touching down, the duo quickly noticed that the smoking-heavy populace had transitioned to an entirely new platform. With vaporizers, end-users could still enjoy the many benefits of nicotine-based flavors, minus the harmful and toxic residuals.

Recognizing the astounding relevancy that this digital platform offered, Barredo and Querido established Ruthless Vapor in 2011. Initially, the operation was entirely built on grassroots hustle. The determined duo soaked up any retail channels available, even making them when none existed. Times were certainly rough in the early goings.

But word quickly spread. What separated Ruthless Vapor from other e-juice blends is that the owners focused on concoctions that real enthusiasts desired. Moreover, they forged from day one a reputation from implementing only the most premium-grade ingredients into their products. Although an expensive outlay, the uncompromising vision paid off handsomely as Ruthless became the connoisseur’s choice blend.

Having established their corporate identity and perfecting their meticulous production line, Ruthless Vapor made their next groundbreaking investment: raising the profile of the entire vaping industry. Through cutting-edge work in film and advertising, the Ruthless brand is not just a product channel. Rather, it represents a universal tenet that underlines the human spirit: perseverance under pressure, and the unwavering fidelity to overcome any and all challenges.


The Gold Standard in E-Juice Manufacturing

As we established earlier, the accoutrements surrounding the Ruthless Vapor brand impresses with their acumen and breadth of scope. However, none of these front-face elements would exist without the core product. It’s in the details that the best e-liquid firms find that extra space to distinguish themselves from the pack.

Ruthless ELiquidAnd if you know anything about Ruthless Vapor, you’ll recognize that they accept nothing but the very best from every cog of their supply chain. This exceptional gold standard extends from themselves as owners down to the individual materials utilized in concocting the perfect mix. If something doesn’t belong, you’ll never find it in any of their products.

Put another way, none of the progress that the company catalyzed has come by accident. A perfect example of this relentless pursuit for supremacy is Ruthless Vapor’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Featuring a massive 2,220 square-foot cleanroom, the engine of the e-liquid operation is actually divided into six separate compartments.

Before you can access any of the other rooms in the main facility, you must first enter the Gowning Room, which features an entrance-way air shower. Certified as an ISO-8 compartment, this is where all employees must suit up before engaging Ruthless Vapor’s proprietary assets.

From there, authorized individuals can access the Inside Production room, as well as three compartments dedicated to the mixology process. The former is built to ISO-7 standards, while the mixology rooms are certified as ISO-8 facilities. While the specific internal procedures that occur inside these facilities are trade secrets, Ruthless customers can be assured of one thing: no e-liquid that carries the corporate logo will ever fall short in any performance or quality metric.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the most important element of the company’s cleanroom: the ISO-8 certified laboratory. Essentially, this is where the magic happens. Employing the most talented and industrious artisans in the e-juice professional community, thousands of manhours are expended here to deliver to you the actualization of perfection.


A Remarkably Holistic Portfolio

With so much passion and production acumen dedicated to Ruthless Vapor e-liquids, it’s no wonder that they’ve skyrocketed up the charts. Integrating a precise mixture of intricate layers, Ruthless liquids are highly regarded for their primary flavors, as well as the sophisticated subtleties associated with their immensely satisfying clouds.

A fan favorite is Antidote On Ice, an immeasurably popular exotic-fruit formula. Ruthless EJuiceFeaturing freshly picked tropical mangoes layered with a tantalizing blast of blue raspberry, Antidote On Ice emits a crisp draw that heightens your taste buds, along with the rest of your sensory components.

Coming in neck-and-neck is EZ Duz It, a remarkable concoction comprised of sweet strawberries and delectably ripe watermelons. A perfect blend for the hot summer season or a platform to unwind from a taxing day at the office, EZ Duz It effortlessly merges familiar flavors with a mature aura.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Ruthless Vapor’s portfolio is that it extends beyond the primary e-juice platform. The company recently produced a documentary entitled “Thank You For Not Smoking,” a brilliant expose into the complex, deeply embedded networks between politics and big tobacco institutions.

Beyond this incredibly insightful project, Ruthless Vapor is at the forefront of vaping evangelism and advocacy. Leading in compliance and legality issues, management has also championed the personal benefits associated with the digital arts. Moreover, they deliver groundbreaking campaigns to stop the spread of underage vaping.

Such clarity and transparency is virtually unheard of in this still-nascent and burgeoning industry. Yet Ruthless Vapor meets seemingly contradictory end-goals with aplomb. Embodying their brand ethos, Ruthless continuously sets the bar higher, catalyzing not only their company but the entire vaping community.

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