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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The Best Vape Juice Brands and Flavors of 2020

The Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2020

Over the past decade and a half, the vaping industry has witnessed tremendous growth and innovation. Most notably, this dynamic has catapulted the e-juice market toward previously unimaginable heights. With increased vape platform technologies came a dramatic rise in expectations for what connoisseurs demand out of their liquid concoctions. To that end, premium-level competitors have stepped up to the plate, producing the best e-juice brands and flavors that the enthusiast market has ever seen.

In the initial phase of the vaping industry, most enthusiasts – having no frame of reference – were largely pleased that an alternative to analog cigarettes existed. At that time, manufacturers merely strung together the appropriate mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and threw in a dash of artificial flavoring. Back then, the proof of concept of the platform and not necessarily the experience mattered most.

Today, the vaping market has done a 180 – and thank goodness it did! Due to the increased lucrativeness of this burgeoning sector, an unprecedented ramp in e-liquid players dramatically spiked competition. As a result, end-users had no shortage of options from which to experiment. And with the arena still a viable one, the best e-juice brands and flavors must evolve with the industry to continue capturing interest and demand.

That being said, finding the perfect e-liquid concoction is an incredibly difficult endeavor. Not only must you research the issuing company and its quality standards, not all flavors will resonate with every vape enthusiast.

To that end, we sat down and created a comprehensive analysis of the best e-juice brands and flavors of 2020, saving you the time and energy so that you can enjoy what’s most important: soothing, satisfying e-liquids that cater to your palate and personality.


Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2020


Burst E-Juice

True to its name, Burst E-Juice exploded into the vaping market scene with their absurdly compelling culinary spectrums and unrivaled attention to fine details. The end result is an e-liquid manufacturer that consistently ranks tops among editorial reviews – and the resounding number of requests that we field for Burst e-juices confirms this sentiment.


2020 Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors



Easily the most popular flavor that we field, Apple Watermelon by Burst sets the gold standard for premium-quality liquids. Why exactly is this the king of all concoctions? In the words of our customer service supervisor, the stimuli replication inherent to the Apple Watermelon is simply out of this world. Take one hit of its succulent tones and we’re sure that you’ll come to the same conclusion!



A decadent yet well-balanced e-juice, Kiwi Strawberry by Burst is another vanguard from the revered brand. Utilizing an ideal VG/PG blend, the Kiwi Strawberry is a scrumptious delight without being overly saccharine. Better yet, the exotic mixtures inherent in this e-liquid will have burning your coils all through the day and night.



An ideal platform to start your day, Straw-Burst by Burst E-Juice is exactly what enthusiasts are looking for in a top-shelf vaping concoction. Effortlessly replicating the tangy profile and texture of freshly ripened strawberries, Straw-Burst has an authenticity that is impossible to duplicate. And for an additional kick, Straw-Burst has subtle candy tones that will send your taste buds into overdrive.

The Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2020


LYF E-Liquid

Employing some of the best liquid artisans in the vaping business, LYF E-Juice has consistently wowed the community, ranging from casual users to culinary connoisseurs. Utilizing only premium-grade ingredients and investing several hours blueprinting their formulations before it hits the production floor, LYF has consistently set the benchmark for value and performance.


2020 Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors



A tantalizing blend of crisp fruit flavors, Alpine Melon is largely considered the flagship e-liquid of the LYF brand. Optimized for smoothness, hobbyists will enjoy taking deep, direct-to-lung hits with this perfect formulation. Additionally, LYF artisans have captured the full essence of the watermelon tones and freshly ripened strawberry tanginess.



Sometimes, you just need a mental vacation from the stresses of the daily grind. For that, LYF introduced Aloha Fusion. Incorporating a rich blend of various exotic fruits, the Aloha Fusion hits from the first intake with its kaleidoscope of textures and nuances, while maintain a mature “weight” to its profile. If you need to get away – even for a quick session – this is the e-liquid of choice!



If you find yourself needing a pick-me-up on a Monday morning or a quick jolt to awaken yourself from the afternoon slog, don’t hesitate any longer: take a generous hit of Berry Bliss by LYF E-Juice. Accurately replicating the tarty, sweet-and-sour profile of wild berries, Berry Bliss instantly sends your neural synapses into overdrive. At the same time, it’s also one of the smoothest concoctions available.


The Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2020


Coastal Clouds E-Juice

Inspired by the dynamic fusions inherent in the southern California culinary scene, Coastal Clouds first set out to establish eclectic flavored e-liquids that both heightened the senses and imparted satisfying sessions. Today, Coastal Clouds is revered for consistently setting the standard for compelling blends that have people coming back for more.


2020 Best E-Liquids Brands and Flavors



Undeniably one of the most highly desired concoctions from the Coastal Clouds lineup, Apple Peach Strawberry is a universally appealing e-juice. Featuring a rich but balanced base of peach and strawberries, this delectable blend is later scattered generously with freshly plucked apple tones. Apple Peach Strawberry is the perfect pick-me-up for your mornings or a great platform to unwind a hectic afternoon.



A perfect catalyst for a day that you know is going to be a rough one, Coastal Clouds Blueberry Limeade has inspired tens of thousands of vape enthusiasts to tackle their challenges head on. Imbued with the tarty tones of skillfully matured lime and layered atop a base of sweetened blueberries, the contrast between the two flavors will leave you with an incredibly rewarding experience.



Optimized for an easy Sunday breakfast setting, the Blueberry Banana Muffin e-juice by Coastal Clouds incorporates everyone’s favorite classic flavors. With the zesty tones of blueberry mixed in with the granular textures of banana-infused muffins, Blueberry Banana Muffin compels you to seize its essence at any moment you’re able.


The Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors of 2020


Crisp E-Juice

If you could describe Crisp E-Juice in one word, we’re sure the overwhelming consensus would be authentic. With Crisp, you’re not going to find over-the-top formulations that may appeal for a moment but not stand the test of time. Rather, this revered e-liquid manufacturer has spent countless manhours perfecting the tones and textures of natural fruit blends. For those that prefer a refined platform, Crisp E-Juice is your calling!


2020 Best E-Liquids Brands and Flavors



An artisanal favorite that has captivated the most discerning vape enthusiasts and professionals, Honey Suckle by Crisp E-Juice is a sophisticated take on the breakfast-themed e-liquid trend. Sweet to the draw, Honey Suckle is elegantly balanced between conspicuous palate-indulgent profiles and smoothness. Dial up your vape device for an incredibly satisfying outtake with an accompanying cloud density to boot.



An expertly crafted e-liquid that is optimized for unwinding a rough day at the office, Rango by Crisp is emblematic of the high quality that the manufacturer integrates into every e-liquid bottle. Featuring a rich base of wild, exotic mangoes and layered with mountain-grown raspberries, Rango catapults your senses with an unprecedented mixture of natural sweetness and tarty accoutrements.



Some mornings are just not meant to be woken into with a sense of enthusiasm or purpose. For those groggy moments, Crisp E-Juice’s remarkable Strawberine is the spark that you need that your body won’t give you. Highlighting a tantalizing combination of sweet and tarty tangerines and the granular textures of ripened strawberries, if Strawberine won’t get you up and running, nothing will!


Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors of 2020


Five Pawns E-Liquid

One of the leading brands in premium e-liquids, Five Pawns has riveted vaping connoisseurs throughout the world with its authentic tobacco-based blends. In fact, the Five Pawns’ production team includes several tobacco artisans who have converted to the digital format. Their mission is simple: deliver genuine tobacco-inspired spectrums and experiences for the transitioning enthusiast. We think you’ll agree that Five Pawns hit the nail on the head.


2020 Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors



Voted as the best-selling e-liquid by respected industry journal Ecigarette Reviewed, Castle Long by Five Pawns has captured the essence of true premium-grade tobacco e-juices. Included in the ingredients list are elements that read like a who’s who of exquisite culinary accoutrements: roasted almonds, Madagascar vanilla, toasted coconut, all topped with sundried tobacco leaves and a dash of Kentucky bourbon for good measure.



A flavor that pays tribute to classic American desserts, Gambit by Five Pawns represents the vaunted organization’s dive into the ever-popular saccharine-toned subsegment of the e-liquid space. Incorporating a rewarding blend of tundra-chilled vanilla ice cream topped with an indulgent serving of freshly baked apple pie infused with whipped cream, Gambit plays off the contrast of tones with aplomb and class.



A classic breakfast-themed e-liquid bottle that caters specifically to transitioning analog enthusiasts, Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns provides a hearty catalyst to your morning routine. Starting with a baseline cappuccino-inspired aromatic platform, Black Flag Risen then incorporates decadent truffle cream and a strong serving of oven-baked walnuts. Imbued with smoky Virginia tobacco leaves, this impeccably crafted e-liquid has riveted traditionalists for years. And it’s sure to serve the needs of an emerging generation of adult enthusiasts turned vaping advocates.


Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors 2020


Shijin Vapor E-Juice

For vape aficionados seeking naturally inspired formulations ramped up into overdrive, take a long look at Shijin Vapor. Originating in one of the culinary heartlands of southern California, Shijin is a mixture of time-honed heritage and the fusion of the modern generation. Merge that ethos with an unparalleled commitment to quality and you have one of the most awe-striking players in the competitive e-liquid market.


2020 Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors



Considered by several leading vape professionals as one of Shijin’s flagship e-juices, Tiger's Milk has everything that you want in an all-natural blend. Utilizing a healthy mixture of exotic fruits, Tiger's Milk is without exaggeration a dynamic experience. Embodying succulent tones of juicy peaches on the intake, the outtake of sweet mango is just as memorizing thanks to its well-balanced textures.



Some of the best e-juice brands and flavors of 2020 share a recurring theme: leveraging the culinary power of contrast. Dragon Cloud delivers the mouthwatering taste if freshly-baked cinnamon rolls, complete with sweet icing and a side of vanilla ice cream. If you need a morning stimulant, make sure to dial up some Dragon Cloud to get an extra boost to your steps.



A “sugar rush” of refreshing candy profile but without the crash of extreme saccharine intake, Bluerazz Rings is one of Shijin Vapor’s most popular blends. Taking the tantalizing taste of sweet blue raspberry gummy candy, the e-liquid manufacturer’s artisans expertly incorporates a lush serving of raspberry gummies. As you might expect, the end result is nothing but impeccably delectable.


The Best Vape Juice Brands and Flavors of 2020


Air Factory E-Juice

Inspired by the urban Millennial subculture and the emerging generation of vape enthusiasts, Air Factory separates itself from the competition thanks to its intangible swagger. But that doesn’t mean they don’t take their e-liquids seriously. With an exceptional drive for success that translates to world-class products, Tailored Vapors has consistently set the benchmark for vape blends that satisfy even the most discriminating vape aficionados.


2020 Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors



Without fail, our customer service team at Vapor Authority fields requests for Air Factory’ Custard at a remarkably rapid clip and for good reason: this e-liquid concoction is absolutely heavenly! This truly mouthwatering blend delivers the velvety taste of rich and creamy vanilla custard, which solidifies the benchmark for satisfying vape-liquid concoctions.



A picture-perfect e-liquid optimized for necessary intervals from rough outings in the cubicles, Blue Razz by Air Factory whisks you to a much simpler time. Though your physical presence may remain tethered to the floor, Blue Razz gives your brain (and taste buds) a soothing respite, thanks to this e-juice’s remarkable mixture of sweet blue raspberry taffy candy flavor. Definitely order plenty of Blue Razz e-liquid bottles for the next time you’re having “one of those days.”



You work hard for your money. And if you’re like many American families, you probably work a little too hard. Why not give yourself a rewarding reprieve from the day’s troubles with Strawberry Kiwi from Air Factory? A mesmerizing and decadent blend, Strawberry Kiwi features a rich combo of ultra-smooth strawberry taffy candy and the unmistakably delectable taste of kiwi taffy candy. It might not solve all your challenges but it will give you the mental clarity and resoluteness to address them with confidence!


Best Vape Juice Brands and Flavors 2020


Vape Crusaders E-Juice

Some organizations take themselves too seriously. As a welcome juxtaposition, though, Vape Crusaders is one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers that is putting the fun back into the vaping scene. A crowd favorite, Vape Crusaders emphasizes in its corporate ethos that the customer comes first. And if the customer wants the most eclectic blend of various e-juice profiles, that’s what they’ll get. Unapologetic about its approach, Vape Crusaders has been satisfying vape enthusiasts across the globe for years. And by our constantly ringing phone lines, they’ll lead this business for many more to come!


2020 Best Vape Juice Brands and Flavors



If you ever find yourself needing to shake the cobwebs out of your head, Blue Razz by Vape Crusaders is your ticket to a rejuvenated and cogent self. Forwarding a robust blend of blue raspberry candy, the draws of this tantalizing sweet concoction is exceptionally satisfying. Furthermore, the outtakes are just as impeccable, creating a well-balanced texture that is unprecedented in the e-liquid market.



After grinding through the workday, sometimes we need an intrinsically elemental incentive that a paycheck – no matter how great – can’t provide. To satisfy this human need comes Found Art by Vape Crusaders. This truly mouthwatering blend very accurately delivers the sweet taste of those famous mixed fruit "rainbow" candies we all adore. The end result is an exclusive, indulgent experience you will never forget.



A crowd favorite from Vape Crusaders, Strawberry Cheesecake is everything you could want in a dessert blend: outrageously rewarding flavors, soothingly rich tones and a balanced texture that is both effortless in the intake and satisfying on the outtake. Featuring a culinary masterpiece of fresh-out-of-the-oven strawberry cheesecake layered with golden graham cracker crust and freshly plucked strawberries, Strawberry Cheesecake is an ideal accoutrement during a break away from the daily grind.


The Best Vape Juice Brands and Flavors 2020


The Ripe Collection E-Juice

Specializing in fruit-inspired e-liquid formulations, The Ripe Collection made its name due to its unmistakable and inimitable authenticity. From the earthy, granular textures of wild strawberries to the soothing succulence of organically grown peaches, The Ripe Collection hits the entire spectrum of fruit flavors. Combine that with immaculate tonal balance and satisfying VG/PG ratios and you can easily see why this company ranks among the best e-juice brands of 2020.


2020 Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors



A favorite among discerning vape aficionados, Straw Nanners by The Ripe Collection has riveted enthusiasts of all walks of life. Rising above the fruit-flavored muck in the vaping scene, Straw Nanners distinguishes itself with its impeccable accuracy and incorporation of only premium-grade ingredients. This isn’t so much vaping as it is a refreshing sundae treat for your lungs.



A distinct culinary profile that showcases the astounding acumen of the artisanal engineers at The Ripe Collection, Apple Berries truly separates the contenders from the pretenders. The juxtaposition between the crisp textures of apple-toned nuances against the tarty blend of wild berries is a profile that no other company has been able to replicate. It’s the core reason why our customers consistently request Apple Berries – and why we have to keep a healthy on-hand inventory!



A truly international blend, Fiji Melons by The Ripe Collection is easily one of their flagship e-liquid bottles. One draw of this remarkable concoction harkens you to a carefree environment, with your mind enjoying a well-needed respite from the day’s hectic rumblings. Incorporating an indulgent mixture of naturally sweetened guava and freshly picked watermelons and apples, Fiji Melons is a perfect platform to soothe your senses.


The Best Vape Juice Brands and Flavors of 2020


The Finest E-Liquid

Often recognized among the vape connoisseur community as a lifestyle brand, The Finest has captivated audiences internationally with its aroma of brilliance and success. At the same time, the company’s revered status didn’t happen merely through marketing tricks. True to its namesake, The Finest integrates only the most exclusive high quality-grade ingredients into its delectable e-juice portfolio. Anything less wouldn’t be The Finest!


2020 The Best Vape Juice Brands and Flavors



A hallmark e-liquid bottle within The Finest’s premium Signature Edition, Gold Reserve doesn’t hold back one bit. Imbued with a generous scooping of creamy milk and sweet honey baseline, the company’s expert culinary artisans incorporate a mouthwatering blend of roasted almonds and emulsified banana nuts. As well, The Finest invested countless manhours perfecting the VG/PG ratio – what you get is an unparalleled vaping experience that will leave you aching for more.



Have you ever dined at a choice restaurant and were self-conscious about the menu items because you couldn’t pronounce the words properly? With Tiramisu Custard by The Finest, you don’t have to worry about brushing up on your foreign language skills. Instead, the revered e-liquid manufacturer brings the world to you, and without judgment. Featuring a healthy serving of authentic tiramisu straight from the motherland and layered with a decadent blend of fragrant espresso beans, warm vanilla, and brittle graham crackers, Tiramisu Custard will have you enjoying the good life in no time.



Replicating the dichotomous contrasts of sour belt candies, the Strawmelon Sour by The Finest is certainly one of the most oft-requested flavors from our warehouse inventory. Perhaps the fundamental reason is that Strawmelon Sour harkens back to our favorite culinary memories. Featuring a tantalizing mixture of fresh strawberries and watermelon, this flawless e-juice will have you making new moments while infusing your mind and body with a soothing environment.


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