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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2021

The Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2021

Every year, we vapers are lucky enough to be exposed to brand new e-liquid brands and e-juice flavors that hit the market and satisfy our taste buds like never before.  All the meanwhile, brands that have been in the game for years continue to dazzle our palates with their most popular flavor offerings.  Now that we are in a new year, it is time to reexamine the selections of vape juices that are available to determine which are truly the best of the best.

If you’re ready to stock up on the finest vape juices that the market has to offer, look no further because this list covers the top brands in the business today, as well as their most exquisite flavor creations.


Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2021


Vapetasia E-Juice

Vapetasia has been an award-winning e-juice brand for years, and despite the fact that many of their flavors have been on the market for some time, they continue to sell just like they did when they were first launched.  The company is renowned for their creamy flavors, and started the custard vape craze with a stellar selection of custard-infused e-liquids made with the finest ingredients around.

Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2021

Killer Kustard

This legendary flavor started it all.  The inhale offers unbelievably rich and buttery custard with a powerful vanilla flavor that is warm, silky, and seductive.  The sweet and creamy exhale ensures that the mouth waters long after the cloud leaves the mouth.

Killer Kustard Strawberry

Killer Kustard Strawberry is an enhanced version of the original, offering velvety, rich, and creamy custard that’s flavored with warm and aromatic vanilla, which is topped off with fresh slices of juicy strawberries.

Blackberry Lemonade

For beverage lovers, there’s Blackberry Lemonade, which is just as expertly crafted as the brand’s numerous custards.  Juicy blackberries are infused into zesty and sweet lemonade, offering a dazzling new take on this iconic drink.



Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2021


Prophet E-Juice

Prophet E-Juice has been committed to raising the standards of e-liquids for some time by offering up an award-winning selection of e-juices developed by a meticulous team of mixologists and flavor experts, who utilize only the finest ingredients to ensure absolute perfection.  When vaping a Prophet e-liquid, you will never endure cloying sweetness or artificial notes, instead savoring natural-tasting flavor profiles that blossom with complexity and nuance on the palate.

Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2021


Chew is for candy lovers who crave nothing more than bold, fruity, and sugary bubblegum.  A delicate blend of luscious fruits come together to turn this bubblegum vape into something that is layered, sophisticated and whimsical, all at once.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry offers up a sweet and sour flavor profile that comes from forest-fresh berries.  The inhale is pleasantly tart, allowing the mouth to water profusely before the glorious sweetness comes to balance things out.

Strawberries & More

This decadent offering takes freshly baked vanilla cupcakes and slathers them in rich and creamy strawberry frosting that’s made with freshly picked strawberries, resulting in a fruity vape that satisfies those dessert cravings.


The Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2021


Keep It 100 E-Juice

For years, Keep It 100 has been impressing the vaping community with ample amounts of vape juices inspired by our favorite treats of all time, ranging from delectable snack squares and crunchy cereals to sophisticated fruit blends that refresh the palate.  This brand has figured out the formula for experimenting with high-end ingredients until each and every flavor profile is absolutely perfect, and the efforts have paid off as they are considered one of the top brands in the market today.

The Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors 2021

Berry Au Lait

A succulent blend of fresh, juicy strawberries and silky, rich vanilla ice cream allows us to satisfy our cravings without any of the calories.  The flavor is remarkably smooth from inhale to exhale, offering a stunning balance between the two flavor components along the way.

OG Blue

OG Blue is inspired by those classic slushy drinks that are infused with a blue raspberry syrup.  The inhale offers a bright, sharp flavor that instantly activates the pleasure sensors, while the fruitiness mellows out and offers a generous amount of sweetness on the exhale.


For something that’s a bit more decadent, as if it were your vaping birthday, there is Shake.  It starts out with a fluffy yellow birthday cake loaded with rich frosting and finishes off with a vanilla milkshake that’s thick and creamy, just the way you like it.


The Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors of 2021


Wet Liquids E-Juice

Wet Liquids E-Juice has truly excelled at crafting some of the most natural-tasting fruity vapes on the market, and their dedication to perfecting each and every flavor profile has earned them much acclaim from serious vapers.  Their fruit flavors capture the nuance that we crave when we pick them at peak ripeness, allowing us to savor what tastes like freshly squeezed nectars all day long.

The Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors of 2021


Blackberry gives us the full complexity found within these forest-fresh berries, beginning with the brightness that tingles on the tongue and wakes up the palate.  This e-juice flavor profile becomes sweeter without every taking on any cloying notes, allowing us to enjoy its fresh taste without any intrusive flavor notes of any kind.


Grape is one of the most beloved grape flavors of all time, since it offers nothing but the pure, clean, and fresh taste of purple grapes that have just been picked off of the vine.  Bright, sweet, and deeply refreshing, it’s simply a must-have for fruit lovers.

Cucumber Crush

Cucumber Crush is one of the most invigorating e-juices on the market, and the type of juice to reach for when you are feeling thirsty.  Starts off with cool, crisp cucumber that is exquisitely juicy and offers just a hint of sweetness.


The Best E-Liquids Brands and Flavors 2021


Badger Hill Reserve E-Juice

Badger Hill Reserve E-Juice has provided vapers with some of the most exquisite tobacco e-liquids available, as each one is delicately crafted with the finest, most carefully sourced domestic ingredients that have been aged to perfection and blended thoughtfully.  This artisanal brand has pushed the envelope, turning the art of juice-making into a high-end endeavor.

The Best E-Liquids Brands and Flavors 2021

American Way

For an All-American tobacco flavor, there’s American Way, which is inspired by the medium-bodied tobacco blends that so many of us cherish.  It’s rich, nutty and impeccably smooth, with subtle hints of smoke and richness in the beginning, and the gentlest hint of sweetness to finish things off.


Classic is the brand’s version of classic cigarette tobacco, with a robust, bold flavor and aroma that is exquisite in every sense of the word.  The smooth nuttiness makes way for intensely rich flavor that captivates every taste bud all the way through to the exhale.

Milk & Honey

For something just, well, a bit on the sweeter side, Milk & Honey delivers.  This luxurious offering pairs the finest premium American tobacco with a soothing blend of creamy milk and sweet honey, in a way that is beautifully balanced.


Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors of 2021


Skwezed E-Juice

Those who adore fruit-flavored e-liquids are enamored by Skwezed E-Juice, a company that has dedicated itself to creating only the finest fruity e-juice flavors that the market has to offer.  The team of mixologists works tirelessly to ensure only the most natural-tasting fruit offerings available, with each vape juice tasting just like it promises.  Each flavor is bold, with subtle undertones that add to the authenticity, while guaranteeing a truly refreshing sensation after each pull.

Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors of 2021

Green Apple

Green Apple manages to capture the subtleties of fresh granny smith apples, beginning with the brightness that we experience when we first bite into an orchard-fresh offering.  The crisp notes come to life on the tongue, invigorating the palate before the natural sweetness comes through at last.


Watermelon is an astoundingly realistic take on everyone’s favorite melon flavor, beginning with a crisp and cool flavor profile that becomes sweeter and juicier along the way, until the palate is absolutely satiated with intense watermelon nectar.


Peach has that explosively sweet and bright taste that instantly transports us to gorgeous orchards in Georgia.  The peach offers its mouth-watering flavor profile that hits the spot with cheeriness before the succulent sweetness intensifies leading up to the exhale.


Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors 2021



Award-winning e-liquid brand ORGNX E-Juice has developed a masterful formula that relies on taking single fruits and glorifying them with the finest ingredients that come from carefully selected sources.  Instead of layering flavor on top of flavor, ORGNX knows that so many vapers crave nothing more than the sensation of biting into their favorite fruit, without any of the bells and whistles associated with so many other e-juices out there.

Best E-Liquid Brands and Flavors 2021

Banana Ice

Banana Ice is a top-selling performer from ORGNX, starting out as a soothingly rich and succulent banana that’s sweet and creamy.  The flavor eventually explodes with a fresh blast of menthol just in time for the exhale.


Orange is an e-liquid that you’ll want to always have in rotation, since each puff is just like sipping on freshly squeezed orange juice.  The bright, cheery taste of this beloved citrus fruit comes to life on the tongue as its natural sugars become more and more prominent throughout each vape.

Zero Degrees

ORGNX launched their pure menthol flavor, Zero Degrees.  It offers nothing but a powerful dose of ice-cold menthol crystals which cool you down instantly and can be enjoyed by itself or blended with your favorite fruity vape juice.


Best E-Liquid Flavors and Brands 2021


Zen Haus E-Juice

Exquisitely balanced, highly refined, and refreshingly clean – these are all things that come to mind when we vape an e-liquid from Zen Haus.  Each flavor in their collection has a calming quality that comes from an artful use of the finest ingredients, which result in outstandingly smooth and soothing flavor profiles that we reach for when we want to mellow out and chase some clouds.

Best E-Juice Flavors and Brands 2021


Rich jackfruit gives this e-liquid a heavy base layered with citrusy grapefruit and cool, calming watermelon, with each fruit complementing the others beautifully as the result of exquisite blending.


This spirit-lifting trio takes us on a journey to the islands with juicy pineapple, naturally succulent mango, and velvety, creamy coconut, allowing us to savor an exotic flavor profile from the comfort of our own homes.


Yet another tropical-inspired offering from Zen Haus is Nirvana, which takes plump strawberries and carefully blends them with succulent mangoes and exotic passionfruit for a truly complex fruity vape you will never want to take out of rotation.


Best E-Liquid Flavors and Brands of 2021


Propaganda E-Juice

Propaganda E-Juice is the result of a carefully selected team of mixologists and ingredient experts who work closely with one another to craft exquisitely blended vape juice flavors.  The brand’s cutting-edge imagery matches the innovation that they have become known for, as they offer many flavors that are extremely imaginative and capable of captivating the palate in ways rarely seen throughout the vaping market.

Best E-Juice Flavors and Brands of 2021


America is an e-liquid flavor that pays tribute to those classic red, white and blue popsicles that so many of us associate with certain treasured holidays.  A blend of lemon, cherry and berry sorbets are layered on top of one another, creating a full flavor profile that keeps each taste bud in a state of excitement.

Blue Frost

For fans of fruity drinks, Blue Frost is the ultimate vape juice, offering the flavor of a blue raspberry slushy beverage that’s refreshing, sweet and uplifting all at the same time.  It has got a bold fruity taste that is certain to keep you coming back for more.

Pink & Blue

For lovers of festive carnivals and town fairs, there’s Pink & Blue, which provides the taste buds with one of the most enticing treats of all: fluffy clouds of sweet cotton candy.  The spun sugar taste is prominent throughout the inhale and exhale, as assorted fruity syrups add depth and intrigue to each and every puff.


The Best E-Liquid Flavors and Brands of 2021


Mints E-Juice

Legendary e-juice manufacturer Verdict Vapors launched Mints E-Juice; a stunning lineup of flavors all inspired by the humble mint leaf.  What’s surprising is that they’ve managed to turn this common herb into a series of e-liquids that each have their own distinctive flavor profile and are all worth sampling thanks to their instantly-gratifying flavor profiles which speak of the expert blending skills that this company has developed over the years.

The Best E-Liquid Flavors and Brands of 2021


This e-juice offers a soothing and comforting blend of freshly picked peppermint leaves and silky-smooth milk chocolate that offers just the right amounts of richness, creaminess, and sweetness to balance out the herbaceous notes of the mint.


Peppermint is the result of a painstaking effort to perfectly replicate real peppermint leaves that grow wild in our gardens, with a cool and crisp start and a pleasantly sweet finish.


For spearmint lovers, this e-liquid is hard to beat.  The unmistakable taste of real spearmint is pervasive throughout, with a crisp, cooling taste that becomes sweeter as it makes its way across the palate.



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