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The Best Fruit E-Juices of 2020

Ask any vape connoisseur what they love about the digital platform and you’ll likely come across a consistent theme: eclectic flavor options. With the analog counterpart, you’re essentially limited to either tobacco or menthol. That constraint pales in comparison to vaping liquids, which offer myriad culinary profiles. And easily one of the most popular is fruit-inspired concoctions. Like anything though, not all players rise to the occasion. Here, we rank only the best fruit e-juices of 2020.

To make it on our list, each forwarded concoction must meet quality benchmarks for flavor replication. Few things in the vaping industry are worse than shelling out big bucks for a much-hyped e-liquid, only to find out that they incorporated artificial flavoring that barely aligns with the advertised fruit profile. With our categorizations of the best fruit e-juices of 2020, you’ll experience nothing but the most authentic flavors and accurate texturing to ever hit the retail market.

Further, the best fruit e-juices of 2020 didn’t sprout accidentally. Rather, this is a collective opinion shared by the majority of loyal Vapor Authority customers. When our phone lines keep ringing off the hook for the same vape liquid concoctions, we know that we’re delivering something special. Of course, we ourselves have partaken in these choice flavors, ensuring that we’re not advertising bottles that only appeal on paper.

Finally, because of the overwhelming options available, it’s difficult for many, if not most professionals to keep tabs on the best fruit e-juices of 2020. And that’s why you have us in your back pocket. Thanks to several years in the business, we instinctively know what works and what doesn’t.

So, feel free to advantage our research and narrow down your favorite picks among the best fruit e-juices of 2020!




The Best Fruit E-Liquids 2020



When it comes to the highest quality and most exclusive e-liquid blends available, few can compete with Bantam. For years, this company has perfected some of the most exclusive and flavorful blends the vaping community has ever experienced. From fruits and desserts to drink and menthol concoctions, there is a Bantam e-liquid perfect for all fancies. However, Bantam’s extensive assortment of artisanal flavors is not only incredibly delicious, but superior in quality as well.



 When the taste buds call for a smooth, fresh, blast of fruity deliciousness, nothing hits the spot quite like Bantam’s Blue Berries. This exquisite flavor begins with a taste mirroring plump and juicy blueberries, picked at the peak of ripeness balanced with a handful of mountain-fresh raspberries, for a truly intoxicating finish. We were quite impressed with how natural tasting Blue Berries is, making it an absolute joy to vape for extended periods of time without tiring the palate.

The Best Fruit E-Juices of 2020


The Ripe Collection

One of the market leaders in the fruit-inspired e-liquid category, The Ripe Collection has forged a reputation for introducing some of the greatest sector concoctions in memory. Employing the top artisans in the vaping industry, The Ripe Collection first and foremost emphasizes authenticity throughout their product portfolio. If you’re looking for a refreshing and soothing experience, you’ve come to the right place.



Whether you’re looking to sneak in a quick session to escape from the daily grind, or are just beginning that tough Monday road, Apple Berries by The Ripe Collection is your go-to platform. Imbued with the textural fragrance of crisp, fresh apples and layered with a rich serving of wild and tarty berries, this e-juice will have your senses kicked into overdrive.

Best Fruit E-Juices of 2020

BLVK Unicorn

A premium lifestyle brand, BLVK Unicorn doubles not only as one of the top fruit e-juice brands of 2020, but also as an advocate for vaping rights. Consistently supporting the industry through various trials and tribulations, BLVK Unicorn has earned the respect of legions of enthusiasts. Of course, much of that stems from the dedication and professionalism that the vaunted organization puts into every e-liquid bottle that bears their name.



Easily one of the fan favorite concoctions that we carry in our inventory, PRPL Grape by BLVK Unicorn perfectly sums up the manufacturer’s ethos. After investing several manhours perfecting this e-juice’s balance, the artisans at BLVK later integrated the succulent tones of expertly ripened grapes, along with the satisfying aftertaste that sticks to the roof of your mouth. One draw of PRPL Grape and you won’t want to let up on your vaporizer.

The Best Fruit E-Juices 2020


USA Vape Lab

A vanguard of the e-liquid industry, USA Vape Lab has forwarded some of the most iconic brands, such as the revered Naked 100. It’s not hard to see why. Rising above the competition, USA Vape Lab puts hard science into every concoction they introduce. From rigorous blueprinting to the processing under certified cleanroom conditions, this company takes no chances in delivering to you the greatest fruit-inspired blends that you’ve ever experienced.



Simply regarded as the most rewarding culinary tone among vaping connoisseurs, Blueberry Pomegranate by USA Vape Lab is a bottle that we are always challenged with due to its astounding demand. One hit of this remarkable formulation and you’ll immediately understand why. Featuring a tarty, alluring blend of fresh blueberries and the deeply invigorating core spectrum of pomegranate, exquisite doesn’t do this e-juice justice.


Best Fruit E-Juices 2020


Presse E-Juice

Heavily influenced by the robust California agricultural scene, Pressed E-Juice is unique among the best fruit e-juice brands of 2020 in that it directly focuses on providing a local farmer’s market vibe. Given its emphasis on natural, organic flavors and tones, Pressed E-Juice has hit it out of the park. Though a relatively new name in the industry, the e-liquid manufacturer has become a hot commodity – and we expect this trend to continue growing.



Quickly rising to the ranks of best fruit e-juices of 2020, Melonation by Pressed E-Juice is what we would term a holistic e-liquid. Imbued with a hearty mixture of fresh watermelon, honeydew melon, and a topping of cantaloupe, the rich tones are immediately captivating to the palate. However, the outtake drawing experience is just as meticulously crafted, highlighting a cool and refreshing texture that compels and satisfies.

The Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2020


Juice Head

A benchmark-setting e-liquid manufacturer, Juice Head articulates an organic theme throughout its delectably viable product portfolio. Encompassing traditional and exotic fruit blends from around the world, Juice Head has established a reputation for uncompromising commitment to quality. For discerning connoisseurs with a refined taste, the smooth transitions and subtle textural undertones of Juice Head bottles is second to none.




Let’s face it: early morning wake-up calls and the specter of a long wait in traffic are not catalysts for starting the workday. But the next time you find yourself in a funk, reach out for a bottle of Peach Pear by Juice Head. Integrating the sweet, succulent tones of freshly ripened peaches and the exotic lusciousness of carefully matured peaches, Peach Pear is the vape liquid dynamo you’ve been waiting for!

Best Fruit E-Liquids of 2020


DNA E-Juice

Characterized by a consistent focus on the customer and vape marketing trends, DNA E-Juice has quickly garnered tremendous respect from the enthusiast community. As well, the e-liquid manufacturer has a keen interest in developing some of the most exotic and creative blends available. Perusing through the company’s product portfolio, you’ll find concoctions that you won’t see anywhere else.



Not a day goes by without several customers demanding Pompaya by DNA E-Juice, and for good reason: this is easily among the most profoundly delectable e-juices in the market. Incorporating a refreshing burst of succulent pomegranate combined with a nuanced dash of carefully matured papaya, the exotic tones will spike the senses, giving you the energy to tackle whatever comes your way.

  The Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2020



No matter how good a song is, it can always be better with the right mix. This is the reason why record companies invest millions in perfecting the right acoustical spectrum. In the same spirit, Bantam accentuates all the traditional flavors that you love in e-liquid form. Utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, Bantam artisanal engineers carefully blueprint and formulate their delectable concoctions, ensuring an unrivaled culinary experience.



Fruit flavored e-juices are the most popular with enthusiasts because of their familiar tones. However, getting it right is also an incredibly difficult task due to this universal familiarity. That’s no problem for Apple Pear Press by Bantam. Featuring the accuracy of freshly crisp apple textures along with the scrumptious spectrum of soothing pears, Apple Pear Press has catapulted among the ranks of the best fruit e-juices of 2020.

    Best Fruit Vape Juices of 2020


Yogi Farms

True to its namesake brand, Yogi Farms emphasizes natural culinary spectrums with a homegrown feel. Made right here in the USA using only the most premium-grade ingredients, Yogi Farms has captured enthusiasts’ attention with unparalleled drive and passion. To no one’s surprise, their e-liquids are highly desired throughout the world, thanks to the company’s inimitable accuracy and fruit-inspired replication.



Ringing the phone off the hook is requests for White Grape by Yogi Farms. As such, we’ve got to keep a healthy supply on hand at our warehouse, but it’s a great problem to have. Imbued with finely aged grapes from lush American vineyards, White Grape is an exquisite blend. Featuring a 70/30 vegetable glycerin dominate mixture, this e-liquid has the ideal balance between natural sweetness and intake smoothness.

Best Fruit Vape Juices 2020



One of the relative new bloods of the vaping scene, LYF has forged a remarkable reputation among sector connoisseurs for its scientific approach to churning out the best fruit e-juices of 2020. Before any work is done, the LYF artisanal team spend countless hours blueprinting and perfecting flavors and textural balance. Later, the processing occurs within industry-certified clean rooms, ensuring a level of quality that rivals the best in the business.



An authentic blend that arouses the palate, Alpine Melon by LYF has consistently commanded attention ever since its introduction. Featuring a rich blend of assorted melons, this mouthwatering concoction is a perfect platform to cool down from a hot summer day. Additionally, its exceptionally well-balanced texture allows you to enjoy smooth intakes, making it an appropriate e-liquid for vapers of all experience levels and abilities.

Best Fruit E-Liquids 2020


Coastal Clouds

An eclectic e-juice manufacturer, Coastal Clouds – as the name implies – started life in the sunny west coast, specifically Irvine, California. A rich and diverse city, the founding team at Coastal Clouds benefitted tremendously from their region’s dynamic culinary fusions. The end result is one of the most authentic product portfolios in the vaping market, one that has captivated fans across the globe.



Last but certainly not least on our list of best fruit e-juices of 2020 is Apple Peach Strawberry by Coastal Clouds. A decadent blast of classic fruit favorites, Apple Peach Strawberry starts off with a rich baseline of freshly plucked apples layered with a generous serving of refreshing peaches. Finally, a splash of wild strawberries caps off this astonishingly desirable concoction.



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