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What is E-Juice Flavor Bending

What is Flavor Blending, and Why Do Some Vapers Enjoy It?

Have you ever bought an e-liquid that sounded good on paper, but when you actually went to vape it, its flavor profile was disappointing?  Maybe it was too sweet, or maybe it was too one-dimensional, or perhaps its taste was just generally bland or weak.  This, unfortunately, happens to the most experienced of us, because the reality is that not all e-juices are created equally.

However, there’s a growing trend in the vaping community called “flavor blending”.  Now, flavor blending is not DIY vaping.  DIY vaping is defined as the art of making e-liquids from scratch, which requires time, money, caution, and ample amounts of storage space.  While DIY vaping involves mixing e-juices using a variety of base ingredients, flavor blending is simply the creation of combining multiple pre-made vape juices to create a new flavor profile.  And it’s a practice that vapers should really consider getting into, for reasons that we’ll be discussing in this article.

Flavor Blending: What it Is and Why it Exists

Flavor blending is the act of mixing together two or more existing vape juices that you have purchased.  Flavor blending can occur simply by pouring two vape juices into the same tank, but more traditionally, it’s done by mixing multiple flavors into an empty bottle, resulting in having a batch of e-juice with your signature flavor profile.  Quite popular among those who want to have creative control over their flavor experience while they vape. Commonly, enthusiasts will blend flavors within the same or similar categories. For example, mixing various fruit-flavored e-juices together, or a combination of fruity and candy vape juices.

Major Benefits of Flavor Blending

Now, let’s get into the benefits of flavor blending. 

#1: More Control Over Flavor

Obviously, this practice allows you to have more control over how your e-liquid tastes.  This is the main appeal of doing it.  Let’s say you want a peanut butter and jelly flavor but can’t find one on the market that hits the spot.  So, you find one peanut butter-flavored e-liquid, and one berry-flavored e-liquid, and create a 50/50 blend.  Then, voila – finally able to get that flavor profile that you have been craving.

#2: Creative Outlet

Additionally, flavor blending can act as a creative pursuit that helps you get some creative energy out of your system.  Some people take the act of flavor blending far, buying loads of e-liquids solely for the purpose of mixing them together in various ways.

What Should Vapers Know About Flavor Blending?

Here, we will break down the key things to keep in mind before starting a flavor blending vaping hobby.

#1: It’s Best to Start with Small Batches

When you’re first starting out, we do recommend that you opt for small batches of blends.  This way, if one doesn’t come out the way that you had hoped it would, you haven’t wasted tons of e-juices.  Small batches ensure that if you make an error, you haven’t wasted a lot of e-liquid.

#2: Only Try Two Flavors at First

In the beginning, try to only mix two flavors together.  If you’re not yet a flavor expert, you may end up throwing so many different flavor profiles together that you end up with something that’s muddy, or gives you vaper’s tongue, which is the result of an overwhelming flavor experience that causes your taste buds to temporarily weaken their response to flavor stimuli.

#3: Be Mindful of Clashing Flavor Notes

Yes, flavor blending is about getting creative, but you still need to make an effort to not mix together flavors that are known to clash.  For instance, sour apple and chocolate may not make a great combo.  Try to stick to complementary flavors that mimic actual food items to ensure that you end up with a great taste that you’ll want to vape again and again.

#4: Be Mindful of Sweetness

Most vape juices are sweet, but there is such a thing as too sweet.  Be careful not to mix together two extremely sweet flavors, or you may end up with a flavor experience that has such a strong sugary taste, it’s overwhelming to the taste buds.

#5: Empty Bottles are Your Friend

When starting a flavor blending endeavor, invest in empty bottles, like the kind you’d get if you were going to make e-liquid from scratch.  This allows you to create multiple batches of various blends that can be stored for a later time and distributed into smaller bottles that you can take with you throughout the day.

#6: Quality Matters

It should go without saying that your flavor blend will only be good as the quality of each vape juice you’re incorporating into your recipe.  Flavor blending should never be about masking a low-quality vape juice with a higher-quality one.  Premium e-liquids are always the way to go.

#7: So Does the Ratio

Finally, note that the ratio you go with makes a big difference.  In other words, how much of each flavor you incorporate into your blend can make a dramatic change to the overall flavor profile.  So, explore with different ratios, starting with a 50/50 mix, until you find your sweet spot.

Flavor Blending is an Extremely Simple Process that Can Yield Exceptional Results

Especially once you really get the hang of it.  We encourage you to give it a try, whether you’re a flavor snob or simply someone looking for a new creative outlet.  You may be surprised by the flavors that you manage to create, which can satisfy your taste buds in ways you didn’t think were possible when vaping.

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