Paula B

Port St Lucie, Florida

Paula B - Port St Lucie, Florida

"WOW...Vapor Authority is the absolute best!  I can honestly say I have never in my 53 years experienced such outstanding customer service.  Yes, the hardware products are top of the line and they have an excellent juice selection, but the customer service is really what keeps me coming back and sets them apart. Thank you so very much to everyone at Vapor Authority!  I will definitely continue ordering and recommending you to anyone I can to bring you new customers!  Great job!!!"

Ashley Pichardo

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Ashley Pichardo - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Vapor Authority not only helped me, but my parents too. The 3 of us made a pact on New Years 2015 to quit together. We first started with those nasty disposables from the gas station, but then we moved onto the good stuff. We came across Vapor Authority after bad experiences with other stores. We could tell right away that this place was different. Any communications with them have been nothing short of stellar and we feel taken care of. They have always gone way above and beyond for us, and we honestly couldn't say enough about this company!"

Douglas Seibert

Las Vegas, NV

Douglas Seibert - Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks so much for having a great store and all the security that you went thru for this shopping experience.  As a director for Commerce and Point of Sale at Neiman Marcus I can assure you that what you have done from the side of shopping experience and security is top notch and definitely something that creates a peace of mind on your experience you are delivering to your customers.   This sort of thing defines a store from a company and you have delivered a company that shows professionalism, integrity and dedication to your craft and your customers.   This is what success is built on as you would already know but I just wanted to let you know that I will take pride every time I shop with you.  Continue doing this and I'm sure that your success will be vast. We need more companies like yours and that mindset of taking care of their customers.  5 stars and I will be for sure sending all my friends to buy gear here!"

Steven Ortiz

El Cenzino, TX

Steven Ortiz - El Cenzino, TX

"Came across the site looking for good quality products and for sure didn't regret what I came across, the site has it all for beginner and advanced vapers out there. Since I've placed my first order  I haven't gone shopping to other sites - they are my one stop shop.  Great customer service as always! Providing tracking information upon purchase and even personally following up to ensure you get your order in a timely manner making sure you're well taken care of to meet your vaping needs. Easy interface on the web site to find everything you need from coils, juice and atomizer tanks for beginners to RDTA's,organic cotton and pre built coils for advanced vapers. Will definitely continue buying from Vapor Authority!"

Rachael Steffen

Ottawa, KS

Rachael Steffen - Ottawa, KS
"I just want to say thanks for the awesome service I always receive when ordering from Vapor Authority!! I love the cost and the NO hassle ordering process. My order always seems to be delivered on time if not earlier and sometimes that's a great thing for me, especially when I realize I didn't have as many left as I thought. Thanks again for being such an easy company to work with and order from, literally takes me 2 minutes to place my order, that includes logging into my account and checking out!!"

Matt R

Encino, CA

Matt R - Encino, CA

"I first started shopping with Vapor Authority a little over a year ago. I was immediately impressed with their amazing customer service. With the exception of one time that I was in dire need of some juice, I will ONLY shop with them. I have gotten to know some of the staff there, and everyone is extremely friendly and they actually care.  They are all knowledgeable and helpful, prices and ship times are great, and they usually always have the latest vapes in stock.  What more can I ask for?  Class act all the way around."

Issac Toffer

Los Angeles, CA

Issac Toffer - Los Angeles, CA

"I had reached a point that I would be out of breath running up just one flight of stairs… pretty bad for a 32 year old. I decided that I had to quit smoking. After jumping around from company to company I found you guys and haven't looked back. I've dealt with so many of you guys over the years (Joe, Mike, Todd, Raul, Cameron, Marci, etc.) and your whole team is just awesome. A lot of companies claim that "their customers come first" but really all they care about is to make as much money as they can. I will never forget my 3rd order (maybe it was the 4th), and I wanted to get a whole new setup. I called in to get a little help picking something, and I was leaning towards a pretty expensive mod, and Joe actually talked me out of it. He said that a cheaper one would be better for my needs. I mean, honestly, who does that? I'll tell you who--Vapor Authority. You guys have always been completely honest and up-front with me, and I always feel as though you truly have my best intentions at heart. Thank you for being one of the very few remaining companies that actually cares about their customers. You have a lifetime customer with me, and I have always sent everyone I know to you guys."

Shiva G

Henderson, NV

Shiva G - Henderson, NV

"I tried everything to quit smoking, but nothing would take. My sister quit with ecigs and referred me to Vapor Authority. They took so much time to walk me through every little step in the beginning. I must have driven them crazy with my 100 calls and emails. But they were always so patient with me and made sure I was taken care of. It's been 7 months and 12 days since I last had a cigarette, and I owe it all to Vapor Authority. I will shop with no one else, and have sent everyone I know who wants to quit their way. Five stars all the way around."

Rob Orbell

Ann Arbor, MI

Rob Orbell - Ann Arbor, MI

"Vapor Authority is the only vape site I trust. I used to buy from this small local shop, but then I found out that I was getting knockoffs. Then I bought from this one website, and they had the worst customer service in the world. Thank God I found Vapor Authority. I've been a customer for over a year now, and I'm not going anywhere. Pretty much everyone there knows me at this point, and they're all extremely nice and helpful. Even my mom shops with them now, although I have to place all of her orders because she's not that great with the internet."

Jeff Danzig

Wakefield, MA

Jeff Danzig - Wakefield, MA

"I am amazed at how many companies have sprung up in this Electronic Cigarette business. I have personally went to a couple local stores, searched and tried purchases from other online venues, but never with the success I've had with your business. There are differences in companies, how they perform their business, market their products and handle their customers and some have no idea of how to balance that. Inundated with emails or no response from someone on an email request for days. It would appear that VaporAuthority has found that balance. 100% Satisfied customer here."

Derek Micheals

Jeannette, PA

Derek Micheals - Jeannette, PA

“Let me start by saying how much I love you guys. I've used other sites for products before, but from here on out vapor authority is my go to. I've ordered tanks, mods, juice and coils without a problem yet. It really is a piece of mind to know when I hit that complete order button, i'm not sweating waiting for the package. I work in manufacturing, so quality control is a very big  issue with me. Saying that, i respect every order is triple checked, packaged correctly to prevent damage, and gets delivered in a very timely  manner. 3 days on a free shipping order! You have my  business and I will direct anyone I know who is looking for  vape products to your site. I love your site and keep it up.”

Carol Barrows

Yorktown Heights, NY

Carol Barrows - Yorktown Heights, NY

"Thanksgiving is that time of year I look back and want to thank the people who have been truly special. Thank you for all your help and patience. You have a great way about you when dealing with people and that makes you very special. You played a huge part in my being able to successfully quit smoking.  That's huge for me considering that I've never even met anyone from Vapor Authority in person. I just trust you and can't place an order without running it by you first.  Your staff is absolutely awesome. I want to thank you and everyone at Vapor Authority so much for that and wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving."

Tony Haessley

Milwaukee, WI

Tony Haessley - Milwaukee, WI

“I am extremely impressed with the care put into my order. I can tell by the multiple signatures, the highlighting on the order slip, and the way everything was packaged that you have a very good quality control system going. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Everything was perfect! And... I must say, your prices are definitely better than my local stores. Prepare for another loyal customer! Thank you! And please tell whomever, that the care they put into the product I received did not go unnoticed!”

Roberto G

Springfield, MO

Roberto G - Springfield, MO

"After getting the absolute worst treatment over and over again from other sites, I decided that enough was enough and I was determined to find somewhere that actually treated me like a human being. I went on the ECF and did a little research, and found a lot of good comments about Vapor Authority. So I decided to give them a shot. I placed a small order at first, and my box was delivered 2 days later! Impressed!  And when I opened the box, everything was wrapped so nice and there were peanuts to protect the glass, and on sitting on top of everything was this little black envelope. Nice touch. But the first time I realized what an awesome company this was when I had to call them with a hardware problem. I really wasn't expecting the level of help and support they gave me. Right there I was sold and haven't wasted my time anywhere else."

Natalie E

Beverly Hills, CA

Natalie E - Beverly Hills, CA

"I shop online for pretty much everything I can except food. The only downside is that communication with online companies is really an obstacle--you almost always have to communicate through email, which takes forever. It's really hard to find a company that actually has people you can call and talk to. Over the years, Vapor Authority has become much more than just a company to me--they have become friends. I have referred all of my friends and family to them, and everyone agrees that they are simply amazing. I can't say enough about the staff and how I am treated by them. Thank you all sincerely for everything!"

Giacomo Fabiano

Keene, NH

Giacomo Fabiano - Keene, NH

“Vapor Authority has the best customer service and really treats each customer with care. Their products have the best prices and they have such a wide variety of options. I've shopped her many times and each time was a seamless pleasing experience!!! After purchasing my first product, I was contacted directly by Joe regarding age verification. The vapor authority team was very polite and well communicative and never shy of replying quickly to emails. They are so easy to contact without any hesitation! I love the Vapor authority team, they are all very kind, I'll always be shopping here.”

Phyllis Yocum

Williamsport, PA

Phyllis Yocum - Williamsport, PA
"I live in rural PA and my local e-cig store closed a few months ago.  Searching for an online source, I happened upon this site and found it easy to use and decided to give it a try.  I ordered boring stuff like coils and tanks and batteries and juice spread out over five or six orders.  I have been so pleased.  Everything is in stock, shipped very quickly and the prices are better than my local guys!  The shipping cost is reasonable too, and considering the distance from San Diego to PA, the delivery is made within a few days, amazing! I tried other e-cig online shops, and this one is the best so far.  I am a committed customer for sure."

Danette Wilson

Hemet, CA

Danette Wilson - Hemet, CA
"Vapor Authority is the best company I have "EVER" dealt with!! I can order and know I'm getting quality merchandise, authentic - no knock off products, also their prices are the lowest and vape supplies always get to me very quickly.  Customer service whether it be by email or phone, is beyond excellent. I Email with questions & they respond same day. We've shopped with them for 2yrs now and my mom and I are both beyond happy with them. We are always taken care of with respect. I can't say enough about Vapor Authority, Thank you!I"

Wendy Mayo

Woodstock, GA

Wendy Mayo - Woodstock, GA

"You are awesome, do you know that?!?! I love you guys! I will never order a mod or tank anywhere else, your customer service is awesome!  The prices are great, much cheaper than any local brick and mortar.  Every mod and tank I have ordered have been authentic and the shipping is incredibly reasonable and fast.  Truly could not be happier with the overall shopping experience and service. This is definitely my go-to place for all of my vaping needs!  Keep doing what you're doing!!"


Janet Plant

Conroe, Texas

Janet Plant - Conroe, Texas

“I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome!  I've been ordering for many years from Vapor Authority, I've always been very satisfied with the service, speed of shipping and great prices. Your staff always goes above and beyond to make me feel appreciated.  Always an email or phone call away to answer any and all questions I may have. I refer my friends and family to their web site every chance I get. Truly some of the best customer service I have dealt with. So again GREAT job guys on superb customer service! Truly A+!”

Memo Sujeka

San Diego, CA

"So my friend Paul was the first to discover Vapor Authority. He told our whole group about you guys, and little by little we all tried you guys out. Fast forward to today, and there’s 7 of us who are loyal customers. We’re all big fans and spread the word about you guys all the time. We’ve all seen nothing but the best from Vapor Authority. So this message is from us all: Paul, Tivo, Mark, Roman, Rob, Andy, and me."

Tiffany C

Richmond, VA

"I want to thank Vapor Authority, especially Joe and Cameron, for all of your help. I’m a crazy old lady and don’t know the first thing about gadgets. I’ve had the same TV and DVD player for 8 years and I still need my husband’s help to turn it on. I have called Vapor Authority for help so many times, I would have stopped answering if I were you. But you guys always remained patient with me and helped me along. Really a bunch of sweethearts over there, and I promise to keep sending them your way. Happy New Year, and thank you again!"

Stan Brewer


"You can judge a company by the people they have working there and the policies they have in place. I can say from experience talking to a few of the good people at Vapor Authority that they are a solid company. Kind, caring, and genuine. I always feel great after talking with someone there. The website is clean and easy to use. I have no problem finding what I need, and there is always a ton of info about everything on the site, so most of my questions are answered without having to send an email or call."

Leah G

Missoula, MT

"My mom was a smoker for over 30 years, and me for like 9 years or something like that. She was having some serious health issues and I kept bugging her to quit. Anyway long story short, we made a deal that we would both quit at the same time. So we started checking online for company that sold these things and we found Vapor Authority. Well, we got on the site and saw a million different things and had zero idea where the heck to even begin. So, we gave them a ring and asked then some questions. They got to understand what we were looking for and they made some great suggestions. Well then we get our stuff and we are totally clueless how to use the damn things, so we called them again. They sat there and explained every little detail about how to use them and set them up and all that. Like they actually stayed on the phone and said unscrew this and push that button. Really amazing the way that they took care of us. That’s why I wanted to write this and let ya’ll know how much ya’ll helped us."

Morgan Kettner

Shreveport, LA

"There aren’t any local shops within any reasonable range, so I buy all my ecig stuff online. I can say without blinking that Vapor Authority is the best of the best. I was told I cannot mention any other companies specifically, but let me say that they pail in comparison to Vapor Authority. I’ve had nothing but problems and frustration with these other sites. I have never been upset at Vapor Authority one single time. In fact, I have always been pleased with what I bought and how I was treated. Thanks a bunch."

Brenda Jones

Boston, MA

"This is an honest review and I am a real customer for years. I first shopped with Vapor Authority back in 2014. I remember that I bought a Kanger Protank 2 and some Halo juices. Since then, I have upgraded my setup 3 times and now have a Vapor Shark 200 and a TFV8. You guys have shown me nothing but courtesy and sincerity. You have handled any issues for me, and have shown me that I mean more to you than a sale. I was referred to you by a friend, and I have also referred you to others. Thank you, you are wonderful."

Toby Harrison

Topeka, KS

"Vaaapooor Authorityyyy!!!! You guys are like friends more than where I get my vape gear from. Lol I’ve talked to you guys more than my friends over the years. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the people out there by name and it feels good to call in and know that I will be taken care of. Thanks for all the support, help, and laughs. Cheers!"

Tyler Stinson

St Louis, MO

"I come to Vapor Authority because I trust you all. I know that I will get a very low price and I know that I will not get a clone or knockoff. I also know that when I place an order I will get it quickly and not have to wait forever for it. I’m very happy with you guys and you have earned my business."

Sean Diggs

Orlando, FL

Sean Diggs - Orlando, FL

"Vapor Authority is a nice change from the whole being treated as a number thing. It seems like no matter where you shop, no one gives a crap about you anymore. I remember when companies really cared about their customers, and today that’s all lost. It like to see good businesses thriving, like Vapor Authority. Look, it’s obvious when a company cares and when they don’t. Simple as that. Vapor Authority has always made me feel like I am valued, and that is worth everything to me. I swear even in the times that I find something for a little cheaper somewhere else, I don't even think about buying from them. Vapor Authority is always competitively priced anyway, and I’m more than willing to spend a dollar or two more to know that I will be taken care of if I need some help. To know that I can trust the company with my information. To know that I won’t have to wait a week or more to get my package. These things matter to me, and this is why I have remained a Vapor Authority customer for so long. Your formula works fellas—keep it up."

Hank Angelo

Rochester, NY

Hank Angelo - Rochester, NY

"After buying my setup and juices from a shop close to my place, I realized I was overpaying big time. I’m not talking about a couple bucks or something, but I was literally paying double for the exact same things. So, I did a little research and found Vapor Authority. I had to admit I was a bit skeptical at first because I don’t shop online all that much, so I ordered a couple small bottles of juice at first. Then I slowly placed larger and larger orders, and for the past 8 months or so I only shop with Vapor Authority. They have very competitive prices and the customer service is top-notch."

Sabrina W

Kailua, HI

"Thank you Vapor Authority so very much. I really never thought I could do it, but I quit smoking and a lot of it had to do with you. You guys have been like a support system as well as the supplier of my ecigs. I am genuinely happy with the items I have purchased and the service I have received. I have referred and would forever recommend Vapor Authority."

Karina Garza

San Antonio, TX

"This is honestly the only testimonial I have ever written—I’ve done a review or two, but never a testimonial. However, I thought it was worth doing for Vapor Authority because they deserve it. They were looking for real testimonials from real customers which I respect even more. They have been so great to me, which is saying a lot because I’m a real pain in the ass. No matter what I needed or how many times I called and complained, they always had a fair and reasonable solution to satisfy me—their customer. My business partner also shops with them, and he says the same exact thing. Some companies, whether it's a vaping company or otherwise, are too shortsighted. Vapor Authority builds relationships, and their strategy works because we keep coming back. Sorry for the hundred calls, and thank you for answering them."

James Bishop

San Diego, CA

"I’m probably one of the least technology savvy people on the face of the earth. It drives my kids crazy. What can I do, I’m nearly 60 years old and I just don’t know much about electronics and what not. So you can understand my apprehension when my son got me a vaporizer for that I quit cigarettes. As soon as I opened the box, I was turned off right away—the damn thing had a screen on it! Well, we called Vapor Authority on speaker and they took nearly an hour to walk us through every little thing. They never rushed us, and answered all of our stupid little questions. I’ve called them more times that I will admit along the way, and it’s always been the same experience regardless of who answers the phone. Vapor Authority is a really wonderful company."

Raj P

Toms River, NJ

"I pretty much only shop online. I buy a lot from Amazon and other sites. So, I have a pretty good understanding about what it means to buy from a good site verses a bad one. I’ve had some great experiences and some bad ones, but I have never had a bad experience with Vapor Authority. That is in all honesty. I mean, I’ve had products fail, tanks that leaked, and so forth. That happens with anything. The question is, how does the company handle it when something does go wrong? Well, I’m here to tell you that Vapor Authority takes care of their customers. I can say with absolute honestly that it really doesn't get much better. Great company!"

Marty Bacon

Des Moines, IA

"As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to find that balance between doing what’s right for your company and what’s best for your customer. The two usually conflict, which is a really tough position to be in. I can say after 2 1/2 years of shopping with Vapor Authority, that 100% of the time, you have put me first at the expense of the company. I’m truly impressed with your service and will continue buying my supplies from you."

Daniela G

Newport Beach, CA

"I actually came to Vapor Authority from another site that I shopped at for a couple years. After a while I just got tired of getting treated poorly. I could never talk to anyone, and my emails took at least a day or two to get answered. When my mod stopped working ONE WEEK after I bought it, I was told to “call the manufacturer.” Wonderful. I got sick of it so I decided to try Vapor Authority after researching on the forums. I so wish I had found you guys from the beginning. What a huge difference. There’s really no comparison. I have already told all of my friends about Vapor Authority, and we’re all super happy. You guys are the best!"

Diane & Mark Corta


"My husband and I are both customers of Vapor Authority, and we both made a decision to send in this testimonial. We actually found you through a Google search that took me to your vast learn page. Most of the questions I had were answered just on that page. Any others have been answered when I call in, which I’m sorry has been so many times. Your prices are as great as your service, and we are both very grateful to you. The little kit you set us up with works great and we’re both happy. Keep up the good work!"

Oliver Pierce

Binghampton, NY

"I’m writing this to let everyone at Vapor Authority know how much I appreciate you and everything you have done over the past several months. After my heart bypass, my doctor told me basically quit smoking or die—what a choice. Of course the first thing I tried was that horrible gum, which didn’t do squat for me. Then I tried the Chantix pills, and oh my God what a bad choice that was. I thought I was going crazy. So, I bought a little gas station electronic cigarette and some of the liquid for it too. Comparing it to what I have now, it was a piece of junk, but guess what, it worked. A customer at my body shop actually told me about Kanger tank and his battery and everything. So, I did a search and came across Vapor Authority. I was impressed with you from the start. I was guided to the best package for me, and the difference was astronomical. Since then I have made every purchase through you except this one time. I wanted an Istick 50W, but you guys were out of the blue color, so I decided I would buy it from another site (I won’t mention which). Boy oh boy what a mistake that was. I decided right then and there that I will just stick with Vapor Authority. I know what I’m getting with you guys and I know it’s definitely genuine. If I have an issue I know that I can call someone and get help. I honestly appreciate the type of company you are and the great people you have working there."


Grand Junction, CO

"Just compare Vapor Authority’s product descriptions, and you can tell right away how different they are. I mean there’s actually some content there. You know everything you need to about the product, which is especially important when you’re buying something online that you can’t hold and feel. When I have a question, I can actually call and talk to someone—what a concept, heh? Vapor Authority is a professional and well run organization, and that’s pretty obvious from everything they do."

Nelsy G

Knoxville, TN

Nelsy G - Knoxville, TN

"The Amazon of vaping! One of the things I like most about Vapor Authority is the consistency and the reliability. I place my order and a couple days later it’s here. Always packaged great, always with that classy little black envelope, and always in good shape. Any time there has been an issue it was handled right away, and I always feel valued, which is definitely rare these days. I’m very appreciative of your hard work and efforts, and I will remain a loyal customer."

Stella Parkins

Las Vegas, NV

"I got ripped off so many times at local vape shops and other online stores. Either the thing was not real or it was broken. There were so many times that I was talked into something only to find out that the next week a newer version came out. The only company I’ve shopped at that has always been truthful with me has been Vapor Authority. Add to that really low prices and crazy fast shipping and you have a winner. I pretty much only shop with Vapor Authority now and I’m always pleased with you."

Bryan Ashton

Appleton, WI

"Me, my parents, and my aunt are all VA customers. We all smoked before and quit with vaping. VA does have awesome deals and such fast shipping for sure, but one thing that really stood out to me is how they are so honest they always are. There’s been many times where one of us calls because we’re looking to buy something, and they actually suggest something that’s cheaper but better for what we need. This is unheard of. In the almost two years I’ve been a customer, I’ve talked to Joe, Mike, and Cameron, and you guys are all awesome. Thanks for everything guys."

Aiden Ahbrams

Bangor, ME

"You guys always have the latest and greatest at the lowest prices. I don’t even bother shopping around anymore. I can go on forever about how many times and in how many ways you have been there for me and my fiancé. From picking the right liquid to helping me with my leaking tank, the Vapor Authority team has always come through."

Damian K

Pleasant Hill, CA

"It’s honestly very rare these days to experience real customer service, especially with an online shop. If you do manage to get ahold of someone, they’re either in India or the Philippines. It’s so rare and very refreshing to call a company and have someone actually answer and help you. I’ve needed help several times, and have always gotten through to someone right away, and when I have emailed, I always get a reply in a timely fashion. It’s very clear that Vapor Authority genuinely cares about their customers, and it shows at every step of the way."

Molly Petersen

Houston, TX

"I have been a Vapor Authority customer for nearly 3 years now. I have never once been disappointed with your service or professionalism. I have a leaky tank once, and I was blown away at how much you guys cared and helped me to make sure that I was happy. I get my packages so quickly and every time I have a question you all are there to help. I have nothing but good things to say about you and will continue sending everyone I know to your company. A million thanks from Houston."

Freddy Silva

Los Angeles, CA

"Solid Company! I’ve been a vaper for almost 4 years and have shopped with them all. You guys have the best prices and best customer service by far. My boys and I all buy our gear only from you guys and you have never let any of us down. Customer for life"

Stefan Jenter

Jacksonville, Florida

"Thank you Vapor Authority from the bottom of my heart. My wife and I both quit smoking with your help and we are both eternally grateful for all your assistance along the way. We have recommended your site to countless friends and family members, and they have all thanked us for the referral. You guys really are the best!"

Dave Austin

Bowie, MD

Dave Austin - Bowie, MD
"Let me just tell the story about the first time I shopped with Vapor Authority. I was on vacation in Miami and I accidentally went into the pool at our hotel with my vape. The thing was totally dead. I was devastated because I was on vacation for 8 more days and I didn't have anything to vape. I went to a couple local shops and they either didn’t have what I wanted, or the prices were outrageous. I called Vapor Authority and explained the situation to them. They got my order processed and out of the door within an hour, literally. I bought a disposable from the convenience store to hold me over, and two days later my package had arrived. Since then, I buy the majority of my vaping supplies from Vapor Authority, and they have always gone well above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of. Old school customer service. Thanks so much for everything!"

Jennifer Watkins

Phoenix, AZ

"I was a smoker for 28 years. I tried everything from the patch to acupuncture and nothing helped. My sister introduced me to ecigs about 6months ago and they worked unbelievably well. After using those disposables ones from the store, I found Vapor Authority. They took the time to walk me through the thousands of products so that I could find the best one for me. I’m very happy with the service I have received and will continue shopping with you guys. Thank you!"

Marcus Lincoln

Atlanta, GA

"My cousin turned me onto Vapor Authority about a year or so ago. I’m a pretty heavy vaper, so I have placed God knows how many order with you. Not a single time have I been unhappy with you guys. You always get my box out to me fast and it’s always packed nice and tight. All the way around you guys are good with me."

Hunter S

Dothan, AL

"Vapor Authority gets an A+++ in my book. What can you really ask for from a business? Honesty – check. Good prices – check. Nice selection – check. Fast hipping – check. How about good customer service? Double check. Aces guys, aces!"