Teleos E-Juice

Teleos E-Juice

Teleos E-Juice


IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to add all the bottles you want to your cart, and two of every three will be free once you enter the coupon code!

That means you get 360ml of delicious premium e-liquid for only $19.99!

You can mix and match between the brands, flavors, and nicotine strengths, and there is no limit to how many bottles you can buy!

As a gourmet e-juice crafter, Teleos is committed to one primary objective—quality. Manufactured and bottled in the United States, all of the ingredients that go into Teleos’ liquids are food-grade and/or pharmaceutical-grade.


Teleos offers an extensive line of mouthwatering flavors that have received an array of rave reviews across the globe. From professional reviewers to customer ratings, it is clear that the vaping community is extremely enthusiastic about the Teleos brand. Each and every flavor concept undergoes an extensive testing process, and is not released until it reaches uncompromised perfection.


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