Pact Act Vape Mail Changes


Vapor Authority is committed to serving the vaping community and want to assure you all that we will continue to operate and serve our customers while adhering to compliance with all State and Federal laws. 

*We are currently able to ship to a number of states and will be continually expanding our reach to cover close to 90% of the country in the coming weeks!  

If, however, you find that we are temporarily unable to reach your state, please be sure to visit our sign-up page by clicking the link below.  This will ensure you are notified just as soon as we are able ship to you again.  Please be advised, we are continually adding states on a daily basis. 



THE PACT ACT - What Does This Mean?

The PACT Act went into effect on March 27th, 2021. This, among other things, has imposed a plethora of new regulations that has greatly impacted vape sales.  We would like to offer some clarity on how this may affect the vape shipments moving forward.



FedEx, and UPS have confirmed that they will no longer ship any tobacco product, including all vape products. In addition, all states will require an adult signature for delivery.  The end result is that shipping prices have increased substantially for all retailers and each package must be signed for by a recipient over the age of 21 upon delivery.   

We have found alternate carriers for most states, but there are several states that online retailers will not be able to ship to initially. We will be diligently working to establish as many routes as possible, but we will temporarily be limited in the states we will be able to offer service to. 



All companies selling vape products are required to collect and submit excise taxes in the states where such taxes have been imposed by legislation. This will be in addition to any sales tax that may be required. This will increase the final cost of all vape purchases, whether online or in-person.


We value each, and every one of our loyal customers and sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this together.