Vape Industry Price Increases Coming


vape industry price increases coming


We want to inform our customers of what is coming in the weeks and months ahead regarding the vaping industry:



USPS, FedEx, and UPS have confirmed that they will no longer ship any tobacco product, including all vape products. FedEx will stop in March, UPS will stop early April, and USPS will stop sometime in March or April as well. In addition, all states will require an adult signature for delivery.  The end result is that shipping prices will be increasing substantially.  


We have found alternate carriers for select states, but there are several states that online retailers will not be able to ship to initially. We will be diligently working to establish as many routes as possible, but in the near term, we will be very limited to the states we will be able to offer service to. 



In the coming months, all vape companies will be required to collect excise taxes in addition to sales taxes for all sales. This will drastically increase the final cost of all vape purchases, whether online or in-person.



You have most likely noticed that many vape products have been discontinued over the past couple of months. This is related to the Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) requirement for all vape products by the FDA. Manufacturers will continue discontinuing products in the coming months, which will greatly reduce what will be available for purchase.


We highly recommend stocking up on your favorite hardware and juice while you can!