Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case

By Efest
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Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case

Efest, which is well-known for several remarkable products, is a trusted brand name within the vaping community. Most notable for their extensive collection of high-quality rechargeable batteries, Efest designs, engineers, and manufactures an array of products made specifically to satisfy the wants and needs of vapers.

The Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case is a wonderful way to safely and conveniently carry up to three MOD batteries simultaneously. Made with premium-quality materials, the case features a hard outer shell, which helps protect your batteries from damage or weathering. The rugged and durable zipper is designed to allow for extensive use, thereby providing for great longevity.

In addition to batteries, the Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case also allows you to carry your e-juice bottles and tanks as well. In fact, this spectacular device can hold up to three 15ml e-juice bottles, or two 22mm tanks with great ease. This versatility is extremely handy and convenient, particularly for those with multiple tanks, batteries, and e-juices.

The interior of the Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case is furnished with an elastic band that is affixed to the case’s body. This strap ensures that the contents within the case remain in place and don’t move excessively move around while in transit.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, compact battery case for your MOD batteries, tanks, and e-liquid bottles, the Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case is a great choice.

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Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case Specifications:

Manufactured by: Efest

Capacity: Up to Three Batteries, Three 15ml E-Juice Bottles, or Two 22mm Tanks

Internal Height: 4 Inches (101.6mm)

Internal Width: 3 Inches (76.2mm)

Internal Depth: 1 Inch (25.4mm)

External Height: 4.5 Inches (114.3mm)

External Width: 3.5 Inches (88.9mm)

External Depth: 1.5 Inches (38.1mm)

Available Colors: Black


Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case Includes:

1 x Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case

1 x Carabiner

Efest Battery Holder Zipper Case Features:

Made with High-Quality Materials

Can Hold Three Batteries Simultaneously

Elastic Strap Holds Contents in Place

Durable and Solid Construction

Tough Outer Shell Offers Added Protection

100% Authentic Efest

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Love this battery hard case and fits two batteries perfect

Bought one for everybody

This thing works great and is not some ugly plastic holder that is hard and awkward. It holds 6 18 series batteries or 4 of the larger vape batteries (22 series) and my daughter and I slip it in our purses and the guys can slip it in their pants when working. Definitely protects the batteries. This is a steal and best value I’ve seen yet.

Efest™ Battery Holder Zipper Case

Great so far,extremely fast shipping!

Efest™ Battery Holder Zipper Case

Great carrying case for spare batteries.

Efest™ Battery Holder Zipper Case

The Efest Travel Case is a very necessary addition either for travel or just general transport of charged batteries. Holds 3 individual batteries or 1 plastic case of 2 batteries. Safe and Peace of Mind.


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