Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit

By Geek Vape
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Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit

Forging a fresh pathway from a legacy of vaping innovations, the Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit delivers an array of groundbreaking features, all in a convenient, sub-compact package. But don’t let its size fool you. Utilizing its patent-pending dual-coil technology, the Geek Vape Bident Pod delivers some of the richest flavor profiles ever conceived, along with massive vapor production.

As with any other new product launch, the Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit pushes the envelope forward in terms of stunning aesthetics. Despite a handicap of working with a smaller surface area, Geek Vape’s product designers have maximized this platform’s full potential. Featuring undulating lines and eyepopping colors and contrasts, the Bident Pod represents a legitimate piece of artwork.

Of course, it’s not just the outside layers that make the Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit so special. Underneath the mouthpiece/pod lies the core essence of the Bident system: a dual-atomizer coil configuration. Integrating a patent-pending design, this is one of the most innovative of Geek Vape atomizer coils.

Unlike so many pod systems that feature a single-coil structure, the Bident Pod by Geek Vape essentially levers twice the performance. Under this dual-coil pod system, the Bident churns out higher-temperature vapes, more intense flavors, substantial cloud density, and the unmistakable robustness of the throat hit.

And that’s not all. The dual coil pod system of the Geek Vape Bident Pod System leverages compatibility with two difference specs: a N80 0.8-ohm Coil (featuring a powerband from 14W to 18W) and a N80 1.2-ohm Coil, running 9W to 12W.

As you may have determined, the N80 0.8-Ohm is perfect for higher-power, lower-resistance direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. Under this mode, the Bident delivers smooth vapors that facilitate a cleaner pathway to your lungs. Also, the intense dual-coil action produces some of the richest flavor profiles and acute undertones available in the vaporizer format.

With the N80 1.2-ohm atomizer coils installed, the Bident by Geek Vape adopts a completely different character. Embodying a lower power, higher resistance pathway, the Bident catalyzes intense flavors that effortlessly mimic the strong throat hits that traditional enthusiasts crave. And with the lower power output, the Bident is also appropriate for tobacco-flavored e-juices, including nicotine-salt e-liquids.

But as any longtime vaper knows, dual-coil systems have dual drawbacks: they typically drain more battery life and they suck up more e-juice than single-coil vaporizers. Of course, Geek Vape ain’t stupid, and they provide a perfect solution to these problems.

First, Geek Vape installed a revolutionary new 950 mAh integrated battery into the Bident. Operating in conjunction with the latest Micro AS Chipset, this 950 mAh battery sets fresh benchmarks in efficiency. Furthermore, when this powerplant inevitably drains, it only takes 45 minutes to fully charge the device.

With the second issue of e-juice drainage, Geek Vape engineers hollowed out the interior of the N80 pods to their maximum capabilities without imposing undue stress on the chassis or otherwise compromising structural integrity. The result is a massive 3.5-ml e-liquid capacity pod system that features 75% greater capacity than your typical pod mod.

Better yet, e-liquid reloading is a cinch. Simply pop out the pod, remove the reservoir protective cap, drip in your choice flavors, and reinstall the components to their original place. Within minutes, you’re ready to vape. And with it, Geek Vape proves that you really can have it all.

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Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Geek Vape

Pod E-Juice Capacity: 3.5ml

Battery Capacity: Integrated 950 mAh

Hit Type: Direct-to-Lung (DTL), Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)


Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Geek Vape Bident Pod System

1 x Bident Pod-B1 N80 0.8-Ohm 14W – 18W (pre-installed)

1 x Bident Pod-B2 N80 1.2-Ohm 9W – 12W (included)

1 x USB Cable

1 x Promotion Card/Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

Geek Vape Bident Pod System Starter Kit Features:

Immaculate compact pod system from Geek Vape

Stunning aesthetics and chassis design work

Only 45 minutes to fully charge 950 mAh battery

Large-sized 3.5ml e-liquid capacity

Patent-pending dual-coil technology

Engineered for massive vapor production

Advanced chipset for intense flavor profiles

Supports both MTL and DTL vaping

100% authentic Geek Vape

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jordan Myers

Great way to get your nicotine fix
The only issue I have with it though is the mute taste other than that it is amazing

diane bernier

Awesome small stealth vape.... it beats all the rest. Nice chunky clouds! Great taste as well. Im buying the whole collection!

Teresa Adkins
Have 2, use these all day.

I have 2 so I can vape 2 flavors all day. Great flavor with the 0.8 ohm pod. Replacement pods are a bit pricey though. I go through them in less than 2 weeks, I've tried many pod systems, none compare. Never leaks, and charge lasts most days, all day. Charges quickly also.

Bryant Patricks
Our new favorite

Got my wife the rainbow and myself the gunmetal and gold.

We got our order 3 days after placing it, and these are easily our new favorite devices. Need to pick up some more pods, as my wife and I seem to be playing musical vapes when it comes to who is using what flavor.


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