Aspire Pegasus 70W Box MOD

By Aspire
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Aspire Pegasus 70W Box MOD

The Aspire Pegasus Box MOD is one of the most beautifully sleek devices to be released by Aspire. This spectacular advanced personal vaporizer (APV) offers everything you are looking for in a box MOD. It is powerful, beautiful, and lightweight, making it perfect all the way around. The Pegasus is also extremely versatile, as it is not only a variable wattage device, by also provides temperature control capabilities as well. With the use of Nickel or Titanium atomizer coils, you have the ability to regulate the temperature of the coil itself.

The core of the Aspire Pegasus Box MOD is constructed with high-grade stainless steel, which provides for an exceptionally durable and solid device. Aspire paid particular attention to ergonomics when they designed the Pegasus, making it remarkably easy to hold and use throughout the day. Its sleek design and stunning lines exudes class and sophistication, while simultaneously tendering a powerful and feature-rich vaping experience.

One of the many fantastic qualities of the Aspire Pegasus MOD is its ability to adjust the output wattage. You can set the wattage to as low as 1W to as high as 70W, thereby allowing you to use various atomizer coil resistances with great ease. In fact, the Pegasus can accommodate atomizer resistances as low as 0.2 ohms and as high as 5.0 ohms, making it ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vapers alike.

Aspire also brilliantly engineered the Pegasus Box MOD to afford temperature sensing and limiting capabilities. With the use of Nickel or Titanium atomizer coils, this spectacular feature allows you to set, adjust, and monitor the temperature of the atomizer coil. The result is a clean and smooth vapor with outstanding flavor and vapor production. The temperature control also eliminates overly warm hits, as you can set the temperature of the vapor to your personal specifications.

The face of the Aspire Pegasus is stylishly equipped with an elegant black cover, which is enhanced by the chic fire button and beautiful OLED screen. The screen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also details an assortment of helpful information as well. When the OLED screen is activated, you can clearly and easily see the battery level, the output wattage, the output voltage, the temperature of the coil (when in temperature mode), and the resistance of the atomizer coil being used. The ability to view the atomizer resistance is not only convenient, but also eliminates the need to purchase a separate ohms meter. The Aspire Pegasus’ OLED screen also displays a puff counter, which counts the amount of time the fire button has been pressed. Finally, the screen indicates when one of the many protection measures are activated, thereby allowing you to resolve the specific issue that triggered the specific safety measure.

Aspire intelligently designed the Pegasus Box MOD to take a single external 18650 battery (sold separately), as opposed to an internal one. This was a terrific choice by Aspire, as you can always carry a fully charged spare battery in your pocket, bag, or purse so that you are never left without an operating vaporizer to use. Additionally, rather than being forced to purchase a separate charger to charge the battery, Aspire designed the Pegasus to charge the battery with the included USB charging cable. As long as you are near an outlet or a computer, you will be able to effortlessly charge your battery. You can also purchase a USB car charger, which will allow you to charge your Pegasus in the car. This is extremely handy, particularly when on long drives and road trips.

The Aspire Pegasus Box MOD is not only a beautiful, powerful, and feature-rich device, but it is also armed with a host of protections as well. It is furnished with Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, High Temperature Protection, High-Resistance/No Atomizer Alert, Over-Discharge Protection, 12-Second Cutoff Protection, and Low Battery Warning. With so many included safety features in place, you can vape with the peace of mind, knowing you are well protected from potential hazards.

Externally and internally, the Aspire Pegasus Box MOD represents style, elegance, functionality, and power in a lightweight and durable package. If you are in the market for a new device, the Pegasus is definitely one to consider.

Note: Battery Sold Separately

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Aspire Pegasus User Manual  Download the Aspire Pegasus User Manual




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External (Sold Separately)




Adjustable Wattage






Aspire Pegasus Specifications:

Manufactured by: Aspire

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 1W – 70W

Resistance Range: 0.2 Ohms – 5.0 Ohms

Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F (100°C – 315°C)

Material: High-Grade Stainless Steel

Battery Type: External

Battery Compatibility: IMR 18650 (Sold Separately)

Available Colors: Brushed Brass, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Slate

Height: 3.58 Inches (91 mm)

Width: 1.77 Inches (45 mm)


Aspire Pegasus Includes:

1 x Aspire Pegasus Box MOD

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Aspire Pegasus Features:

Powerful and Lightweight

Stainless Steel Construction

Temperature Control Capability (With Nickel Coils)

Variable Wattage/Voltage

Adjustable Temperature

High-Quality OLED Screen

External 18650 Battery

Internal Charging Capability

High Temperature Protection

Short Circuit Protection

12-Second Cutoff Protection

Reverse Polarity protection

Over-Discharge Protection


No Atomizer Alert

Low Battery Warning

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Genuine Aspire™ Pegasus 70W Box MOD

This is the second Pegasus that I bought, my other finally died after3 years of being a used. I'm finding them harder to find because it's an older product. I can afford to buy any mod I want, and in fact I did try one of the never mods and hated everything about it so I bot this one again. I have absolutely no complaints.

Genuine Aspire™ Pegasus 70W Box MOD

The first one I bought had a bad OLED screen (I sent this back) the second I bought, the atomizer screwed on crooked, VA took great care of me but I would not order this MOD again.

stan palmer
Genuine Aspire™ Pegasus 70W Box MOD

this is my second mod and for sure the better one. the look is awesome and the power is great. 70w is more than i will ever need. nice fire button and the shape is comfortable in my hand. very happy.


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