Eleaf iSmoka iCare MINI PCC All-in-One Kit

By Eleaf
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Eleaf iSmoka iCare MINI PCC All-in-One Kit

Highly respected and well-established throughout the vaping community, Eleaf iSmoka is brand that is synonymous with quality, trust, and innovation. With an incredible collection of award-winning and extremely popular products, such as the iStick line of MODs, under their umbrella, Eleaf vape kits are undeniably a premium household name within the industry. Furthering their dedication to delivering the best possible vaping experience for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vapers alike, it is with great pleasure to introduce their most compact device to date—the Eleaf iCare Mini PCC Kit.

It is undeniable that compact pod system vape kits are among the most popular today. On the heels of an outcry by vapers worldwide urging for an easy-to-use, compact, and well-performing setup, Eleaf’s team of expert engineers responded with an ultra-compact and user-friendly device that requires virtually no manipulation or fine-tuning to work optimally. With a stature similar in size to a cigarette lighter, the iCare Mini PCC can be easily carried in your pocket or purse, taking up very little space. Despite its small frame, however, this remarkable device is capable of delivering a surprisingly satisfying vaping experience, together with large clouds and spectacular taste.

In line with all of Eleaf’s premium products, the iCare Mini PCC is made with very high-quality materials. The entire unit is fabricated using a top-shelf aluminum-zinc metal alloy blend. This unique material is designed to deliver solidity, robustness, and high resistance to rust and corrosion, while remaining astonishingly light in weight. For further protection from the elements, Eleaf dual-coats this gem with weather-resistance paint as well. The iCare Mini PCC is topped with a resilient polyurethane plastic mouthpiece, allowing it to remain cool to the touch when taking a hit.

The Eleaf iCare Mini PCC is equipped with an integrated internal 320 mAh battery. Although exceptionally small in size, this capacity will last you for a few hours before needing a charge. To help ensure that you are not left on the go without an operational device, Eleaf ingeniously includes a potable 2,300 mAh battery charger with the kit, thereby allowing you to rapidly charge your iCare Mini with no need for cables or plugs.

Moreover, the Eleaf iCare Mini PCC is embedded with a battery level alert system, which will notify you as to the remaining battery life. When the internal battery has a remainder of 15% or more of a charge, the LED light will shine green. When it has reached a level of 6% to 15%, the LED light will change to yellow. When the battery has been depleted below 5%, the light will turn red, thereby indicating that a charge is required. This eliminates any guesswork when trying to determine when your iCare Mini is in need of a charge.

Given its unbelievably small form factor, the Eleaf iCare Mini PCC is capable of delivering a surprisingly powerful punch. Equipped with its 1.1 ohms atomizer coil, this tiny masterpiece produces thick vapor clouds, accompanied by rich, intense, and robust flavor as well. Housed within the body is the iCare Mini PCC’s glass e-juice reservoir. The determination to use glass rather than plastic was an intelligent choice on the part of Eleaf, as it is entirely resistance to the acidity found within e-juice. As a result, the iCare Mini PCC will provide for noticeably cleaner, purer, and truer taste from your favorite vape juices.

Adding to the innovative and convenient nature of the Eleaf iCare Mini PCC is its sensational top-fill e-juice system. Rather than being forced to fiddle with various part or components, as is necessary with many devices, the iCare Mini PCC can be effortlessly refilled from the top by removing the top cap and unscrewing the chimney. This makes refills easier and mess-free as well.

Aside from providing for a truly wonderful vaping experience, one of Eleaf’s primary objectives in designing and engineering the iCare Mini PCC was a device that is not only small, compact, and well-performing, but one that is extremely clear-cut, uncomplicated, and requires very little skill to use. With no screen, settings, or options to manipulate, this beauty is pre-configured to operate optimally straight of the box. In addition, Eleaf designed the iCare Mini PCC with automatic operation. That is, rather than being required to press a fire button each time you want to take a hit, simply drawing on the mouthpiece will automatically activate the iCare Mini, and force it respond accordingly.

If you are on the market for an exceptionally small, light, straightforward, and easy-to-use electronic cigarette device, the Eleaf iCare Mini PCC is definitely one to consider. Requiring virtually no skill to use, this small beauty is perfect for those who seek a pleasant vape without the need to constantly fuss with features and settings.

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Eleaf iCare Mini User Manual Download the Eleaf iCare Mini User Manual




Eleaf iCare Mini Atomizer Coils

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Eleaf iCare Mini PCC Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: Eleaf iSmoka

Body Material: Aluminum-Zinc

E-Juice Capacity: 1.3ml

Battery Capacity: 320 mAh

Backup Battery Capacity: 2,300 mAh

Resistance Range: 1.0 Ohms – 3.5 Ohms 

Maximum Output Wattage: 15W

Height: 3 Inches (76.2mm)

Width: 1 Inch (25.4mm)

Depth: 0.5 Inches (12.7mm)

Available Colors: Black, Gold, Cyan, Red, White


Eleaf iCare Mini PCC Kit Includes:

1 x Eleaf iCare Mini

1 x Eleaf PCC Backup Battery pack

1 x USB Charging Cable

2 x Eleaf IC Atomizer Coils (1.1 Ohms)

1 x User Manual

Eleaf iCare Mini PCC Kit Features:

Exceptionally Lightweight 

Incredibly Small and Compact

Very Easy-to-Use

Top-Fill E-Juice System

Three-Level Battery Level Indicator

Includes 2,300 mAh Wireless Battery Charger

Automatic Operation

Leak-Free Design

Ideal for Mouth-to-Lung Hits

Effortless to Transport and Carry

Large Vapor Production

Bold, Rich, and Intense Flavor Production

100% Authentic Eleaf

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iCare MINI PCC All-in-One Kit

It’s a good lilttle mod it’s what it’ says it’s for on the go stealth vaping on a night out etc. not going to be a cloud machine

Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iCare MINI PCC All-in-One Kit

I have the iCare VAPE-----I started with the one with charger base but dropped my vape day 2 (side glass breaks EASY). So I liked it so much I replaced it but just grabbed the regular one without the base. I found out they are not interchangeable with the base FYI.
Pros: I am new and this is so user friendly simple as pulling the top of , unscrewing 2 other things and filling with juice to a line CLEARLY marked.
PRO: Holds LONG charge
Pro: Charges FAST
Pro: coils CHEAP
Cons: Tips super easy!
Con: Breaks easy because fill side window view is glass
Overall I still give it a GREAT rating for a newbie. I love it have had it for 6+ months and for 40$ investment with juice and extra coils to have on hand. I am just now starting to think of an upgrade but it gave me some knowledge and usage time with a vape to become used to one before dishing out a ton of cash before I really knew if it was for me. Hope this helped.

Trudi Carmichael
Genuine Eleaf™ iSmoka iCare MINI PCC All-in-One Kit

I am just starting out vaping and this is a very streamlined and easy device to use! Great first experience getting into vaping. I'll be sure to order an upgrade from y'all when I'm ready to take my training wheels off lol :P


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