FreeMax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (3 pack)

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FreeMax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (3 pack)

Although the industry has only been around for a few years, sub-ohm vaping has transformed the way we view the enthusiast arts. At the same time, early adopters and manufacturers established a seemingly insurmountable advantage. While this dynamic has so far been an overall positive in pushing the industry to higher levels of innovation, many vape enthusiasts have been left with the same old offerings.

That situation has changed dramatically with the Freemax FireLuke series of sub-ohm tanks and devices. Despite being a relative newcomer, Freemax has entered sub-ohm vaping with a massive bang, delivering incredible flavor profiles and just as importantly, profoundly rich clouds that defy the laws of physics. To make such outstanding performances possible, Freemax developed the FireLock atomizer coils.

Engineered from the first time the pencil hit the blueprints to deliver uncompromising vapor quality, the Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils is the heart behind the revolutionary FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank. Professional analysts down to the casual end-user all rave about the FireLuke; however, none of the accolades would be possible without the FireLock’s impressive ability to emit intensely satisfying draws while maintaining considerably reliability and consistency.

The Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils are offered under five types or categories: 0.15 ohm Sextuple coils, 0.15 ohm Duodenary coils, 0.15 Kanthal DVC coils, 0.25 Kanthal DVC coils, and an RTA section. Each atomizer head package comes with three individual coils.

Right from the beginning, you can immediately tell that Freemax is a company designed by vape enthusiasts for the benefit of the entire community. Not coercing anybody to select a specific atomizer material, Freemax opens the door to personal expression with their FireLuke FireLock line-up.

And no matter what option you elect, all FireLock Replacement Coils have the same superior manufacturing standard. Utilizing premium 304-grade stainless steel housing construction, FireLock atomizers were built for handling both acute thermal pressures as well as “long distance” vaping. Furthermore, Freemax maximized the power and flavor potential of each FireLock coil, irrespective of atomizer-head material.

And this is no hyperbole – read any vaping journal or watch leading vape “vloggers” review Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils. Post after post, video after video, analysts are full of high praise for the FireLock, which consistently produces phenomenal clouds and extraordinary flavor profiles under a variety of environmental conditions.

What makes Freemax standout from competing vape manufacturers is their product portfolio diversity. For instance, many enthusiasts opt for the 0.15-ohm Sextuple coils, which is renowned for their physics-defying plumes. In addition, the marriage between its proprietary sextuple coil setup and the organic cotton wicking material results in delectably remarkable draws.

The 0.15-Ohm Sextuple FireLock Replacement Coils are rated for 60W to 140W. This not only provides the robust power that today’s cloud chasers demand, the sextuple iteration provides a “delicacy” to the tones and delivery of the draws, making it a favorite among casual enthusiasts. The sextuple is a well-rounded atomizer head for virtually any style or purpose.

For those that want a more purpose-driven atomizer head, Freemax offers the groundbreaking 0.15-Ohm Duodenary Coils. These FireLock Replacement Coils are power rated between 80W to an eye-watering 180W. For intractably explosive cloud production, the innovative Duodenary atomizer head is unparalleled.

Vape enthusiasts that can handle the heat should push the Duodenary into triple-digit territory. Doing so results in shocking vapor production that would even surprise the most hardened of vaping veterans. However, at a minimum power rating of 80W, flavor lovers may prefer the softer coverage of the sextuple replacement coils.

A favorite attribute of Freemax is the company’s constant analysis of vaping trends. This stellar attention to detail led to the development of the 0.15-ohm and 0.25-ohm Kanthal DVC coil. As you know, Kanthal is an extremely popular material especially because it’s so easy to work with. Additionally, Kanthal atomizer heads features excellent ramp-up time, allowing enthusiasts to waste little time with their art.

For Kanthal users that desire massive cloud production, Freemax offers the FireLuke FireLock 0.15-ohm Kanthal DVC Coil, power rated between 60W to 120W. Leveraging the comparatively thin structure of the Kanthal material, the 0.15-ohm iteration is an ideal setup for cloud chasers, allowing the power to be efficiently delivered to the e-juice concoction, and ultimately, to the end-user’s lungs.

Furthermore, the maximum power output at 120W is more than capable of delivering huge rips, considering the thin Kanthal atomizer structure. But simultaneously, the 0.15-ohm version provides an ideal balance between draw quality and performance; in other words, this is an effective platform for enjoying a cool, soothing vape should you so choose, making a coil change unnecessary.

However, if you want a truly comfortable vape with the ease of use and adaptability of Kanthal, go with the 0.25-ohm DVC coil. Leveraging a power rating between 50W at the low to 100W at the max, this particular FireLuke FireLock DVC atomizer head produces incredibly appetizing and smooth vapors. Also, this configuration works very well around the 60W to 80W range, providing the perfect balance between even-handed draws and large plumes.

Even at the absolute lowest setting, the FireLock DVC 0.25-ohm runs cleanly and consistently, unlike the advertised performance of lesser atomizer coils. Moreover, at minimum power, the vape enthusiast can concentrate on extracting all the subtleties inherent in their choice e-liquids; indeed, many vape experts have noticed new tonalities in their tried-and-true e-juice blends, which is a testament to the FireLock’s unparalleled range.

Finally, Freemax offers a replacement set for its crowd-pleasing and technically innovative rebuildable tank atomizer, or RTA. With the RTA platform, FireLuke customers can open up the door to the full spectrum of creative expression. No longer bound by the arbitrary limitations of a particular manufacturer, vape connoisseurs are only stymied by their imagination.

No stranger to any field in the vast vaping world, Freemax RTAs deliver rip-roaring performance that is both robust in magnitude and reliably consistent. You can trust your setup to these FireLock RTA replacement coils, whether it’s for a competition or a casual outing to impress your friends.

Finally, it would be remiss not to mention the incredible dollar for value proposition that all the Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils represent. Admittedly, a major impediment to traditional enthusiasts fully transitioning to the digital platform is the cost of replacement parts, particularly the atomizer coils.

This budgetary issue becomes even more problematic if a “traditionalist” transitions to sub-ohm, direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles as opposed to mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. Inherently, DTL users end up logging more “hard miles” on their atomizers – scientifically speaking, less resistance means more power running through the coils or atomizer heads.

Obviously, some things are beyond the control of any manufacturer. However, what separates the Freemax FireLuke Firelock Replacement Coils is that they are specially built to handle the pressures involved in sub-ohm vaping. While they will need to be replaced, you’ll notice that replacement frequency is considerably fewer than many of its rival offerings.

Additionally, FireLock Replacement Coils are very reasonably priced. Even for professional vapers who go through coils like socks, the costs to stay in the game are still comparatively inexpensive. By logical deduction, for the casual user, the FireLocks are perfectly priced!

Combining the raw power of the most advanced atomizer setups with the intangible qualities of a flavorful system, Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils have very few rivals in the industry. As a result, both their devices and associated components are highly demanded. It’s a great idea to stock up now at, and avoid the frustration of going without!


Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils Specifications:

Manufactured By: Freemax

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton, Kanthal

Available Resistance: 0.15 Ohms, 0.25 Ohms

Recommended Wattage: (0.15-Ohms Sextuple Coil: 80W – 120W), (0.15-Ohms Duodenary Coil: 80 – 180W), (0.15-Ohms Kanthal DVC Coil: 60W – 120W), (0.25-Ohms Kanthal DVC Coil: 50W – 100W)

For Use With: Freemax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank


Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils Includes:

3 x Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils

Freemax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils Features:

Clean, classic design complements your tank setup

Exceptional quality and premium-grade construction materials

Offers a wide-range of coil options out to a 180W power rating

Unbelievable draw quality and vapor profile

Long-lasting, consistent performance will not leave you hanging

Perfect for both the expert vaper and casual enthusiast

Incredible value for the money

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
low flavor

I'm using a smok T-storm.
These coils are beautiful, 6 chamber and super craftsmanship. They produce super vapor but The reason I gave the review 4 stars is there's very low flavor When compared to the same 4 chamber coils of the same brand from 60 to 120 W

Genuine FreeMax™ FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (3 pack)

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