Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank (7ml version)

By Horizon Tech
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Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank *(7ml Bulb Glass Version)*

For years, a select few elite manufacturers dominated the sub-ohm tank category. This dynamic didn’t negatively impact vape enthusiasts due to the excellent innovations within the sector. However, as vaping became increasingly popular, an influx of new manufacturers entered the arena, such as Horizontech. Levering their expert knowledge on sub-ohm vaping, they recently introduced the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank.

Horizontech is among a special breed of companies that actually live up to the hype generated about them. This is simply evident when you consider the sheer aesthetics of the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank. Most sub-ohm tanks admittedly look the same, giving the entire industry a cookie-cutter reputation. The Falcon sub-ohm offering, though, is a much-needed kick in the hind end.

Gone are many of the unnecessarily gaudy elements that make up other sub-ohm designs. Instead, Horizontech incorporated clean sensibilities throughout the Falcon Tank’s framework. However, that doesn’t mean the Falcon is boring. On the contrary, Horizontech engineers maintained the perfect balance between artistry and subtlety.

For instance, check out the marriage between symmetry and asymmetry in the Falcon Tank’s atomizer coils. Also note the delicately angled resin, wide-bore drip tip at the top of the tank – this was ergonomically designed for both comfort and performance. Just on pure presence, the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank makes a strong and immediate impression!

Aside from its striking good looks, the Falcon by Horizontech is exceptionally functional and built to last. The Falcon Tank has a 25.2mm base diameter, with a 24mm glass diameter. With these specifications, the Falcon Tank should be compatible with a vast majority of mods available in the retail market.

Overall, the chassis is supported by superior, 304-grade stainless steel – the highest standard available in the vape tank market. Additionally, the e-liquid reservoir is reinforced with sturdy borosilicate glass, which can withstand whatever thermal pressures you throw at the Falcon.

On the end-user convenience front, the Horizon Falcon Tank integrates a threaded top-fill reloading structure. Eliminating a frustrating and time-consuming component of the vaping process, Horizontech’s top-fill design is incredibly easy and intuitive. Simply twist off the top, reload with your choice e-juice, and off you go!

Another incredible attribute that the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank carries is its 5ml maximum e-liquid capacity. This is significantly more capacity than many competitor models, and better yet for Horizontech, the Falcon is typically priced lower than its counterparts. All this results in the ability for the Falcon Tank to be taken on extended road trips or unexpected business meetings.

But at the heart of every Horizon Falcon Tank is the unrivaled Falcon Coil Technology. Using this groundbreaking, state-of-the-art manufacturing process, Horizontech was able to integrate micro-porous materials into the coil design, facilitating break-neck saturation speed and dramatically improved flavor profiles.

The Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank kit comes with two coils -- the 0.2-ohm F1 Falcon Coil and the 0.15-ohm M1 Mesh Falcon Coil. The F1 features a centralized core that is constructed out of 30% wood pulp and 70% cotton. The M1 utilizes a mesh design, but with a similar design profile to the F1. Both benefit from the Falcon Coil Technology, which means that you can't go wrong with either choice.

As a helpful piece of advice, Horizontech also offers two other unique atomizer coils that are not included in the Falcon Tank kit. These are labeled F2 and F3, and each offers a different sensation than the included F1 and M1 coils. For the F2, Horizontech integrated natural flax fiber for the wicking material, while the F3 features the flax fiber with flax paper wick.

The entire package is further enhanced thanks to Horizontech's triple-slotted bottom airflow design. Unlike inferior sub-ohm tanks, the Horizon Falcon Tank ensures maximum-capacity airflow is delivered to the atomizer coils. The triple-slotted design also benefits the end-user by cooling the vapor significantly before it enters your lungs. This process also dramatically enhances the overall texture of your draws.

The best review for the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank can ultimately only come from trying it out for yourself! As soon as you take one hit from the Falcon, you'll quickly realize that you're vaping something completely out of the ordinary.

This isn't just marketing hype. Very few, if any, sub-ohm vape tanks feature the unique combination of the wood pulp and cotton materials. For the vaper, he or she experiences a more earthy, natural character in their draws.

Furthermore, tones and nuances that you never tasted before in your choice e-juices come to life in an unmistakable, vibrant manner. That dynamism is further realized when you take your first deep draw -- the richly cool vapors expand in your lungs smoothly and "organically," without any of the harshness you experience from lesser, budget tanks.

However, those enthusiasts who are on a budget no longer have to sacrifice quality for a reasonable entry point. Horizontech is a company built from the ground up by vape enthusiasts. They know firsthand the frustrations of finding a quality sub-ohm tank that won't strangle your wallet. Fortunately for the entire community, they solved their own problems with the introduction of the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank.

Without any hesitation, Horizontech represents the next generation in sub-ohm vaping technology. Thanks to their dedicated craftsmanship, as well as the spirit of competition, the vaunted but young company delivered a knockout with the Horizon Falcon Tank. Featuring bold but subtle design cues, and groundbreaking technical innovations, the Falcon is truly one of a kind. Best of all, it's readily available to any vaper, regardless of budget size.

The newly designed King version features a rotary top-fill design and updated coil options. Order the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank at Vapor Authority today!

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Horizon Arctic Atomizer Coils

 Purchase Replacement Coils for the Horizon Falcon Tank






5 ml / 7ml






0.15 Ohms, 0.2 Ohms


Horizon Falcon Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Horizontech

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

E-Juice Capacity: 5ml / 7ml

Base Diameter: 0.99 Inches (25.2mm)

Glass Diameter: 0.94 Inches (24mm)


Horizon Falcon Tank Includes:

1 x HorizonTech Falcon Tank

1 x F1 Falcon Coil (0.2 Ohms)

1 x M1 Mesh Falcon Coil (0.15 Ohms)

1 x Spare Glass Tube (7ml)

1 x Set of O-Rings

1 x User Manual

Horizon Falcon Tank Features:

Bold and fresh design from Horizontech

Sturdy and robust stainless steel construction

Uniquely angled wide-bore resin drip tip

Revolutionary Falcon Coil Technology

Includes two groundbreaking atomizer coils

Advanced sub-ohm tank delivers rich nuances

7ml e-juice reservoir capacity

Triple-slotted bottom airflow design

Great value for any vaper's budget

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Anita Picklesimer
Love it

It vape so smooth

Good with the bad

So I bought this on sale because i own and regularly use the horizon falcon 2 and accidentally bought two packs of coils for the falcon 1 months ago and they were going to waste. When i saw this product on sale i jumped on it immediatly because its the same price to buy the falcon 1 as it was for me to buy new coils for my falcon 2. Upon first unboxing and installing i was absolutely in love. In fact i love the flavor and build so much i thought i liked it better than the 2 and in some ways i still do. The trouble came when i went to install a new coil. So when i started taking it apart the bottom airflow piece was screwed on to the glass so tightly that it was impossible to get off without tools. I scratched the hell out of it trying to get it loose finally the only way i was able to get it off after thoroughly damaging it cosmetically was to stick a small piece of metal through the vent and pry it open and finally it came loose. When i installed the new coil i put it on my mod and the mod wasnt picking up the new coil. So i had to take it back off and remove the liquid to find out that i didnt tighten the coil enough out of fear of over tighting it so i wasted about 1/3 a bottle of fluid just installing that first coil on top of damaging my beautiful new tank. I love this product for the product it is but this inconvenience irritated me beyond belief.

Terrance McHargue
First Falcon Tank

I love it. The screw cap Brilliant. So many gaskets get screwed on my old Smok King Beast. Leaked like a siv

Amazing Coils

Truly the best part of this tank is the coils . They last a really really long time! Tank finish and machining is on par with something to that of GeekVape or UWELL. The flavor is on point . The recommended wattage stated on the coil is perfect. I'll be looking forward to trying the dual and triple mesh oils for this tank to see if I can enhance the flavor further. There is no break in time on the coils just drop your juice in and go . I did not even prime my coils the first time I put juice in it . As fast as I could get juice in the tank I vaped it. Flavor and vapor production were perfect .

Stacy koontz
Awesome store

Trustworthy, polite, and fast delivery! 👍


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