Innokin LIFT STA - Siphon Tank Adapter

By Innokin
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Innokin LIFT STA - Siphon Tank Adapter

Always on the cutting edge of vaping technology, Innokin has earned a reputation for being a true vaping enthusiast’s manufacturer. Unlike so many of its competitors, Innokin doesn’t innovate for innovation’s sake; rather, they carefully craft their devices and accessories to meet current and future trends and demands. Furthermore, their products are accessible to every vaper, regardless of budget.

Their latest product, the Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter, is a major step forward in not only vaping advancements, but also in end-user practicality. First of all, the Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter is the world’s first siphon tank. This technology utilizes a one-way valve system that converts your rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) into a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA).

Innokin’s insanely powerful innovation allows vape enthusiasts to enhance their RDA in a manner that was previously impossible. Essentially, RDAs represent the most basic rebuildable-atomizer platform, making them ideal for beginners to the art of personalized builds. The RDA’s advantage is that it allows enthusiasts to quickly build their own coils to their desired resistance levels. However, the key drawback is that RDAs require dedicated squonk mods, which facilitate bottom-feeding to the e-juice tank.

Most rebuildable connoisseurs become acclimated to the squeezing action necessary to activate the squonk. Nevertheless, many end-users find the process cumbersome or annoying. Previously, the desire to utilize an automated e-juice reloading process required buying a whole new setup. But with the Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter, any RDA build can be instantly and effortlessly converted to a convenient RDTA platform.

Here's how the process works: attach the Innokin LIFT to your mod, fill it up with your choice e-liquid, and then screw on the RDA up top. It's really that easy. The Siphon Tank Adapter is compatible with 22mm to 25mm RDAs, which fit the vast majority of rebuildables in this category.

Using the Innokin LIFT is just as easy as installing it on your mod, if not easier. While you vape with the Siphon Tank Adapter attached to your mod, an internalized pressure system feeds your e-juice through a bottom-feeding (BF) 510 pin. This unique setup ensures that your coils are well-saturated throughout the vaping session, and that your cotton is evenly wicked.

To facilitate this process seamlessly, Innokin engineers integrated two rubber seals atop the Siphon Tank Adapter. When attached to the atomizer, the rubber seals facilitate the necessary capillary action that is the signature hallmark of the Innokin LIFT. Ultimately, the end result is effortless vaping enjoyment to a scale and magnitude never before achieved.

Another standout feature of the LIFT by Innokin is its adjustable airflow-control ring. With this distinctive system, the end-user can modulate the control ring to 1mm, 2mm, or 15mm. Fine-tuning the airflow allows the vape enthusiast to adjust the tightness of the draws to personal preference. It also provides the rebuildable connoisseur with an additional pathway to create experiences unattainable in "out-of-the-box" vaporizers.

Obviously, the Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter caters to dedicated vaping veterans -- these individuals have been there, done that. In order to take the next step in their vaping journey, an RDA/RDTA platform makes logical sense.

But with the Innokin LIFT's 4ml capacity, it's also appropriate for busy, on-the-go vapers, or the demographic to whom most standard vaporizers are marketed. Moreover, because the LIFT renders the purchase of a dedicated squonk device unnecessary, Innokin potentially offers a more economical alternative to buying a factory-ready mod.

As is expected with any Innokin device, the LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter is fabricated with the highest quality materials. Featuring premium-grade stainless steel construction, along with durable Pyrex glass, the LIFT glistens with unmistakable value. In addition, Innokin engineers integrated gold-plated 510 connections, ensuring the most reliable electrical conduction possible.

In a word, there are vape manufacturers, and then there is Innokin. Leveraging years of engineering excellence, the LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter represents the next step in personalized vaping hardware. If you're in the market for a world-class rebuildable atomizer, look no further than the LIFT by Innokin.

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Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter Specifications:

Manufactured by: Innokin

E-Juice Capacity: 4.0ml

Threading: 510

Body Material: Stainless Steel


Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter Includes:

1 x Innokin LIFT STA

1 x Spare O-Ring

1 x User Manual

Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter Features:

World's first siphon tank

Easily converts your RDA into an RDTA

Compatible with 22mm to 25mm-sized BF RDAs

Outstanding 4.0ml e-juice capacity

Robust Pyrex glass tank

Premium-grade stainless steel construction

Adjustable airflow control ring

Incredible value for the money

Customer Reviews

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Genuine Innokin™ LIFT STA - Siphon Tank Adapter

I read or heard over u-tube that it was the next and highest level of vaping, believe me, it is. Gave it five stars.


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