Kanger K-TOGO Starter Kit - AKD Series (All-in-One)

By Kanger
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Kanger KTOGO AKD Series Starter Kit (All-in-One)

For nearly a decade, Kangertech has been an indispensable and very integral part of the vaping revolution. They are attributed to having pioneered a truly mind-blowing array of technologies that have shaped the face of the industry. With a host of wildly popular tanks, MODs, and kits bearing their name, Kangertech is one of the most trusted and well-respected brands today. One of their most widespread recent releases is the TOGO Kit. Engineered for exceptional ease-of-use, this device has received an impressive range of glowing reviews from around the world, particularly by beginners and those seeking a straightforward, mouth-to-lung setup. They have now released the second addition to this legendary series—the Kangertech K-TOGO Kit.

In line with the original TOGO, and indeed with all of Kangertech’s premium products, the K-TOGO is fabricated with the very best available materials. The body, frame, and chassis of this marvelous device are constructed with top-shelf aluminum-zinc metal alloy. An exclusive combination of steel, copper, and magnesium, this material is remarkably durable and solid, ensuring that your K-TOGO will remain resilient and long-lasting. Moreover, the alloy blend is phenomenally rust and corrosion-resistance, allowing it to withstand exposure to the elements.

The Kangertech K-TOGO Kit is an all-in-one device, configured so that the tank is securely housed within the body. This not only provides for a sleeker and more seamless visual appeal, but also allows for a sizably larger e-juice capacity. In fact, the Kangertech K-TOGO Kit boasts a whopping 6ml of liquid capacity, thereby affording you the ability to vape for extended periods of time between refills. The internal tank arrangement is also beneficial, as it helps eliminate leaking, as is experienced with many other vaping devices. The body of the Kangertech K-TOGO Kit features a window on its face, permitting you to monitor the remaining e-juice within the tank, thereby eliminating any guesswork.

One of the most innovative, convenient, and forward-looking characteristics of the Kangertech K-TOGO Kit is its sensational cartridge system. Unlike the vast majority of devices on the market, which require you to change your atomizer coil, clean out the tank, and install a new coil each time you would like to change the e-juice flavor, Kangertech designed the K-TOGO with a revolutionary cartridge system. Individual cartridges can be designated for each e-juice and effortlessly interchanged at will, without ever being forced to clean it or change the atomizer coil. This is an absolutely ingenious system, and one that affords you the ability to efficiently enjoy your various e-juices throughout the day.

The Kangertech K-TOGO Kit is equipped with a high-capacity 2,000 mAh integrated internal battery. This setup eradicates the need to purchase a separate external battery and charger to operate the device. Rather, to charge the K-TOGO, simply connect it to any outlet, computer, power bank, or other electronic device with a USB port that is capable of providing a charge. You can also purchase an inexpensive USB car adapter, thereby affording you the ability to charge the K-TOGO in the car. This is particularly useful while on long drives and road trips.

Operating the Kangertech K-TOGO Kit is an absolute breeze. With no settings or variables to manipulate, this masterpiece requires virtually no skill or knowledge to use. Simply charge the battery, fill in e-juice, and enjoy. The single-button operation makes the K-TOGO perfect for beginners who don’t wish to bother with numerous settings. Kangertech has fine-tuned all of the settings, thereby ensuring the perfect vaping experience each and every time, without forcing you to constantly monitor it.

Kangertech did a fantastic job at designing the K-TOGO Kit. Sleek, elegant, and compact, this handsome device is surprisingly small and lightweight, allowing you to easy store and transport it. Its petite form factor is also very nice, as it helps keep the unit discreet and inconspicuous, thereby preventing too much attention being drawn to you while using the K-TOGO. Available in multiple striking color combinations, you are sure to find the variation that best suits your style and preferences.

If you are looking for an extremely easy-to-use, small, and well-performing vaping device that requires virtually no skill to operate, the Kangertech K-TOGO Kit is the perfect choice for you. With its groundbreaking interchangeable e-juice cartridge system, the masterpiece is truly in a league of its own.

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Kangertech K-TOGO User Manual Download the Kangertech K-TOGO User Manual







6 ml






0.5 Ohms


Kangertech K-TOGO Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

E-Juice Capacity: 6ml

Battery Capacity: 2,000 mAh

Atomizer Resistance: 0.5 Ohms

Output Voltage: 3.2V – 4.2V

Height: 3.26 Inches (83mm)

Width: 1.96 Inches (50mm)

Depth: 0.73 Inches (18.6mm)


Kangertech K-TOGO Kit Includes:

1 x Kangertech K-TOGO

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Refillable Cartridges (Pre-Installed)

1 x Replacement Refillable Cartridge

1 x Atomizer Coil

1 x User Manual

Kangertech K-TOGO Kit Features:

Takes Virtually No Skill or Knowledge to Operate

Single-Button Operation

Interchangeable E-Juice Cartridge System

Perfect for Beginner Vapers

Provides Flawless Mouth-to-Lung Hits

Delivers Exceptionally Rich and Flavorful Hits

Large Integrated Internal Battery

Small, Compact, and Lightweight

Large 6ml E-Juice Capacity

Made with Premium-Grade Materials

100% Authentic Kangertech

How to Turn On/Off the Kanger TOGO Battery:

To turn on the battery, simply click the fire button 5 times rapidly. Please note that you must click the button rapidly in order for it to turn on. To turn the battery off, click the fire button 5 times again.


How to Fill the Kanger TOGO Tank:

1. Unscrew the top cap and lift it out. This will expose the e-juice reservoir.

2. Pour in the e-juice.

3. Screw the top cap back on.


How to Change the Kanger TOGO Atomizer Coil:

1. Unscrew the top cap and lift it out.

2. Unscrew the atomizer coil, which is located beneath the mouthpiece and chimney.

3. Screw on a new atomizer coil.

4. Screw on the top cap.

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