Kanger Aerotank MINI Glassomizer

By Kanger
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Kanger Aerotank MINI Glassomizer

Introducing the long-anticipated Kanger Aerotank Mini Glassomizer! Stemming from the explosive popularity of the original Aerotank, Kanger has released the Aerotank’s baby brother—the Kanger Aerotank Mini. However, unlike the release of the Mini ProTank 2, which was simply a smaller version of the ProTank 2, the Aerotank Mini has some design and performance improvements as well.

Kanger fabricated the Aerotank Mini with the same food-grade stainless steel construction as the others in the collection. Although more costly, this high-grade of steel is extremely resilient and durable, while exceptionally beautiful and immaculate as well. The stainless steel finish gives the Aerotank Mini as a whole a very cutting-edge appearance, which looks fantastic on any battery. Brilliantly, Kangertech also included a stainless steel replacement tank that looks absolutely sensational. Positioned between the stainless steel drip tip and base, the metal tank gives the Aerotank Mini a stunning look like no other tank.

The Kangertech Aerotank Mini’s pre-installed e-juice tank is made with quality Pyrex glass. This is far superior to plastic tanks, as plastic is highly subject to weathering from e-liquid’s acidity levels. The plastic that is being stripped from the inside of the tank not only tarnishes the appearance of it, but alters the taste as well. Glass, on the other hand, is unaffected by the acidity and is therefore impervious to its negative effects. The end result is a substantially cleaner, purer, tastier, and overall higher quality vapor.

Although extremely attractive aesthetically and made with the finest materials, the Aerotank’s claim to fame is their incredible airflow control valves. Kanger has redesigned the valve for more accuracy and ease of use. This spectacular component enables you to customize the volume of air that is drawn into the tank while being used. You can limit the air intake to get tighter hits, or increase it for airier drags; whatever best suits your needs.

Another wonderful feature of the Aerotank Mini is Kanger’s renowned Bottom-Dual-Coil (BDC) atomizer heads. Kanger specifically designed these coils to help eliminate flooding and gurgling sometimes experienced with other BDC heads. The coils are also engineered to provide for a more consistent user experience, producing quality vapor throughout the day. Due to the placement of the wicks, the Kanger Bottom-Dual-Coil Atomizer Heads provide for a dependably flavorful hit with large vapor clouds.

Kanger designed the Aerotank Mini so that each individual part can be detached from the other. The ability to completely disassemble the tank makes it very easy to clean and maintain it, as you can access all the small crevices. The removable mouthpiece also permits you to use any 510 drip tip you like. Select from various materials and colors to give your Aerotank Mini a customized look and feel. Kanger also offers replacement glass tubes of various colors that can be used to replace the existing one. This is not only a cool feature because it allows you to further customize the appearance of your Aerotank Mini, but is also very useful in the event that the existing glass tube breaks and needs to be replaced.

Exquisitely designed to fit seamlessly on smaller batteries, the Kangertech Aerotank Mini is a truly stunning tank. With incredible vapor production and vividly rich flavor, the Aerotank Mini is well-rounded and a great value. Whether this is your very first tank or an addition to your collection, the all-new Kanger Aerotank Glassomizer is a must-have new device that is sure to please!

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Kangertech Aerotank Mini Atomizer Coils

Purchase replacement coils for the Aerotank MINI






1.3 ml






1.5 Ohms, 1.8 Ohms


Kanger™ Aerotank MINI Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

E-Juice Capacity: 1.3 ml

Threading: eGo

Coil Type: Replaceable Bottom Dual-Coil (1.5 ohms)

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass, Stainless Steel

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Available Resistance: 1.5 Ohms, 1.8 Ohms

Recommended Voltage (1.8 Ohms): 3.6V - 4.8V

Recommended Voltage (1.5 Ohms): 3.1V - 4.0V

Height: 2.12 Inches (53.8 mm) (Without Drip Tip)

Diameter: 0.56 Inches (14.2 mm)


Kanger™ Aerotank MINI Package Includes:

1 x 510 Drip tip

1 x Stainless Tube

1 x Glass Tube

2 x Dual coil 1.5ohm

Kanger™ Aerotank MINI Features:

New V.2 Adjustable Airflow Control

Bottom Dual-Coil System

New Replaceable Bottom Dual-Coil (BDC) Atomizer Heads

Interchangeable Pyrex Glass Tank / Stainless-Steel Tank

Removable 510 Drip Tip

Made With High-Quality Stainless Steel

Can Be Fully Disassembled

100% Glue-Free Design

Extremely Flavorful Hits

Thick and Rich Vapor Production

Replaceable Pyrex Glass Tube

Gorgeous Contemporary Design

Fits Seamlessly With eGo-Size Batteries

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John C Dedert
Could have a little more capacity...

...but other than that, I'm very pleased. The draw is excellent AND adjustable. The glass tank adds no extraneous flavor to the juice or the vape. Seems pretty robust, unlike cheaper, plastic tanks that fell apart in my pocket spilling expensive juice all over my pants.

Wasn't crazy about the tiny tip, but it's adequate and replaceable.

Dallas Evans

old school just like me. Works like a charm.

Emil R
Genuine Kanger™ Aerotank MINI Glassomizer

I was hesitant straying from the Mini Tank Pro 3, but when it was out of stock, I got this item instead. Reading all the reviews, I thought the air flow control was a gimmick. After vaping with it, I have to say: IT IS NOT A GIMMICK!
The build is still solid like the MTP3. The Air Flow control has a low profile, so it doesn't really add too much to the length of the overall tank. However, it is quite difficult to alter the flow as it's a bit stiff to rotate and takes some co-ordination.
This negative might be a good thing considering the fact that I would really only alter the air flow based on the e-liquid in use. For exmaple, with some e-liquid you might like the flavor, but be too strong for a static tank and vice versa.
I would heartily purchase it again and recommend this tank to anyone interested! It's good for a first timer because of selecting the air flow. I am not a noob, but pretty close to it and it would have helped to taper the harshness of certain e-liquids when I was starting out.
Note: It comes with two heads! :) One is in the tank and the other is on the side. Bad point is that the secondary head is not hermetically sealed, so don't carry it about with you; use them straight away. I usually keep an extra at work and in my pouch, but they're in foil+plastic.
Note: it comes with a cylinder I can't fathom to use and is not listed in the documentation. The images in the manual are on par with what I expected upon delivery and readily easy to interpret if you want to take it apart or use out of the box.
PS: After writing this review, I've changed my Rating to a five. Rare for me in any context (books, movies, etc.)

Genuine Kanger™ Aerotank MINI Glassomizer

IMHO, this is, by far, the best of the Kanger Mini glassomizers. Notice how it's literally three times the price of the Kanger Protank Mini 3? That's because it's a far better tank. Incredible airflow. There's another Kanger glassomizer similar in appearance to the Kanger Aerotank Mini- the Genitech Mini- but it's nowhere near as good. I suppose that's why it was $10 at my local vape store. In fact, the Kanger Mini Protank 3 is much better than the Kanger Genitech mini. Don't get me wrong; all Kanger mini glassomizer are good quality. But this one, the original Kanger Aerotank Mini, trumps the rest. Def worth the money.

Genuine Kanger™ Aerotank MINI Glassomizer

Great surprise. I was not a kanger fan...this aerotank has made me one. Great big hits and flavor.

It is small. The same size as a small ego battery so i drain it several times a day.

I am buying more.


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