Kanger TOGO Mini Ultra-Portable Starter Kit (All-in-One)

By Kanger
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Kanger TOGO Mini Ultra-Portable Starter Kit (All-in-One)

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vaper, chances are that you have heard of the Kangertech brand name. With an impressive array of patents, technological innovations, and wildly popular devices under their umbrella, the Kanger name is synonymous with quality and performance. One of their most notable qualities is their ability to manufacture devices that aim to please their massive range of customers’ needs and desires. Aspired to satisfy the requirements of those seeking a user-friendly, straightforward, and hassle-free vaping experience, Kanger has released an absolutely sensational new setup—the TOGO Mini Starter Kit.

For an extended period of time, industry leaders shifted their focus and emphasis on advanced technologies geared towards skillful and practiced vapers seeking the highest performance attainable. This left a gap with respect to new devices intended for beginners and those seeking a well-performing device that did not require substantial knowledge to operate. With their ears to the ground, Kangertech designed the TOGO Mini Kit for this niche group, thereby providing for a wonderful vaping experience in a small, compact, and uncomplicated package.

In line with all of Kanger’s products, the TOGO Mini is entirely made with premium-quality materials. To ensure durability, resilience, and high resistance to rust and corrosion, this small beauty is fabricated with aluminum-zinc metal alloy. This is the perfect material for the TOGO Mini, as it is capable of providing these great qualities while remaining astonishingly light in weight.

Housed and protected within the body of the Kangertech TOGO Mini is the 3.8ml Pyrex (borosilicate) glass e-juice reservoir. The use of glass as opposed to plastic was a calculated choice by Kanger’s engineers, as it provides for a more pleasurable vape. Unlike plastic, which is highly susceptible to the acidity contained within e-juice, glass is entirely impervious to the acidic environment. The absence of erosion does not only prevent physical of tarnishing of the tank, but the lack of deteriorating plastic making contact with the liquid also provides for a markedly purer, cleaner, and truer flavor from your e-juices.

Adding to the user-friendly and problem-free configuration of the Kanger TOGO Mini is its wholly leak-free structure. With a top-positioned atomizer coil, Kanger managed to design the e-juice reservoir in a cup-like formation, thereby eliminating the possibility of leaking from the base, as is often experience with many other devices on the market. The atomizer’s upper-placement further allows for effortless and mess-free coil changes without the need to unscrew the tank or the base.

Further contributing to a leak-proof user experience, while simultaneously providing for welcomed customization, is the top-situated adjustable airflow control valve. This wonderful component affords you the ability to accurately fine-tune the amount of air that is drawn into the TOGO Mini when taking a hit. By rotating the surrounding wheel clockwise or counter-clockwise, you can increase the air intake for airier or tighter drags according to your personal preferences. The adaptable air intake is also very useful in helping to eliminate flooding or gurgling when alternating between e-juices with differing levels of vegetable glycerin (VG).

Another spectacular feature provided by the Kanger TOGO Mini is its incredible top-fill e-juice system. Whereas many devices on the market require you to detach and unscrew various components each time more liquid is needed, the TOGO Mini can be filled straight from the top by simply unscrewing the cap to expose the fill holes. This is not only delightfully convenient, but also virtually eliminates the mess associated with regular refills.

The Kanger TOGO Mini is powered by a hefty 1,600 mAh integrated internal battery. This capacity is capable of lasting through the course of the day for most vapers prior to needing a charge. In order to take away the guesswork as to the status of the remaining battery life, Kangertech brilliantly incorporated a five-stage LED battery level indicator. Based on the approximate percentage of remaining battery life, the LED light will gradually color-progress to red, thereby alerting you that a charge is required. When the battery has been depleted, you can effortlessly and conveniently charge your TOGO Mini in a wall adapter, computer, car adapter, or any charging device fitted with a USB port.

If you are seeking an exceptionally easy-to-use, straightforward, compact, and light vaping device that is capable of delivering great vapor and flavor production, the Kanger TOGO Mini Kit is the perfect choice for you.

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Kangertech Togo Atomizer Coils

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Kanger TOGO Mini Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Body Material: Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Blend

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass (Borosilicate)

Battery Capacity: 1,600 mAh

E-Juice Capacity: 3.8ml

Available Colors: Black, Red, Orange

Height: 3.01 Inches (76.5mm)

Width: 1.73 Inches (44mm)

Depth: 0.88 inches (22.5mm)


Kanger TOGO Mini Kit Includes:

1 x Kanger TOGO Mini All-in-One Device

1 x Kanger NiChrome CLOCC Atomizer Coil (1.0 Ohms)

1 x Kanger CLOCC Atomizer Coil (0.5 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Kanger TOGO Mini Kit Features:

Light, Compact, and Easy to Transport

Top-Positioned Adjustable Airflow Control Valve

Cup-Like E-Juice Reservoir for a Leak-Free Experience

Protected Pyrex Glass Tank

Top-Fill E-Juice System

Simple Single-Button Design

All-in-One Configuration

Hefty Integrated 1,600 mAh Internal Battery

Five-Stage LED Battery Level Indicator

Made with Durable and High-Quality Material

Ergonomically Designed

Perfect for Beginners

Delivers Thick Vapor Clouds

Provides Rich and Flavorful Taste

100% Authentic Kangertech

How to Turn On/Off the Kanger TOGO Battery:

To turn on the battery, simply click the fire button 5 times rapidly. Please note that you must click the button rapidly in order for it to turn on. To turn the battery off, click the fire button 5 times again.


How to Fill the Kanger TOGO Tank:

1. Unscrew the top cap and lift it out. This will expose the e-juice reservoir.

2. Pour in the e-juice.

3. Screw the top cap back on.


How to Change the Kanger TOGO Atomizer Coil:

1. Unscrew the top cap and lift it out.

2. Unscrew the atomizer coil, which is located beneath the mouthpiece and chimney.

3. Screw on a new atomizer coil.

4. Screw on the top cap.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Johnathan B
Cool little device

Needed to upgrade from a 6 year old device. Took a day or two to get used to it but once i had it dialed in I've been enjoying it. Great weight, fits in the palm of your hand. Doesn't burn through juice fast.

Jean Wildes
My new vape 4 life

I love this little Kanger Togo Mini I never have to rejoice it for the whole day. Awesome buy no leaks

Didn't work out of the box

No lights. Won't charge. Defective? I don't know. First vape. Excited to try it. Nothing. No joy. Not very happy.

Glenn Carbone
Quick ship thanks. I had one s while ago and since they don't make it anymore I am glad you had them

Great product neverleaks. Enough vape. Vape liquor lasts through 3 charges. Uses very little juice

Right product, amazing delivery

I love the TOGO, I always keep 2 on hand!


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