Smok Magneto II / Magneto 2 (Fully Adjustable) - Mechanical Mod

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Smok Magneto 2 / Magneto II (Fully Adjustable) - Telescopic Mechanical Mod

The SMOK Magneto II Mechanical MOD is a demonstration of just how innovative manufacturers and designers of electronic cigarette devices are getting. SMOK has really demonstrated its desire to remain highly competitive in the race to create the next best ecig device, with their release of the all-new Magneto II MOD. This version is shorter than the original version and includes an adjustable center pin to allow for use with all 510 clearomizers and atomizers.  Floating pins are located on both the negative and positive pins to ensure that all types of batteries (button top/flat top) will fit properly and make a strong connection. When using voltage drop testing, the magneto II has outperformed many other high end mods on the market.  Additionally, this new version of the Magneto comes in 5 stunning metallic colors for you to choose from. It also has the beautiful Magneto Insignia on the bottom of the device, derived from the popular superhero, Magneto’s mask. 

The new SMOK Magneto 2 offers the same qualities as other similar mechanical MODS; however, with one small, but immensely important distinction: a magnetic switch. Unlike conventional MODS, which use springs for the fire button, the Magneto II is equipped with polar magnets facing one another, thereby naturally repelling the button from the device. This may seem minor, but is actually quite important in the life of the MOD device itself. Over time, all springs will lose their bounce and resistance, making the functioning of the entire device nearly impossible. Magnets, on the other hand, will never lose their resistance. Therefore, your SMOK Magneto II will fire the same after a year as it did the first day.

Unlike the previous version of the Magneto, which could be accidentally fire while standing upright on the desk, the new Magneto II has just the right amount of polarization, virtually eliminating accidental firing. In addition, the Magneto II offers an easily lockable fire button. This is a crucial feature, as misfires occur often and can easily burn out atomizers, wicks, and even burn your leg if held in your pocket.

Another important improvement from the last version of the Magneto, is that the all-new Magneto II is designed with three large ventilation holes located directly above the switch, rather than the two medium size holes on opposite sides seen with the previous version. At a full half inch shorter when in 18650 mode, the new Magneto II is also more compact and easier to carry than its predecessor. Although the diameter has remained unchanged.

The all-new SMOK Magneto II is also size-adjustable. That is, the Magneto II comes with two battery casings, allowing you to use a smaller 18350 battery or the longer 18650 battery (sold separately). This “telescopic” size adjustment capability is very handy for those who want the ability to alter the height of their device based on where they are taking their device. It also includes brass contacts for excellent conductivity.

With all of these rich features, it’s no wonder why the Magneto II is one of the most popular Mechanical MODs on the market today. Whether you’re in the market for your very first mechanical MOD, or a veteran, you will absolutely love the new SMOK Magneto II! 

Note: Battery Sold Separately.

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SMOK Magneto II Specifications:

18350 Length: 3.38 inches (85.9 mm)

18650 Length: 4.38 inches (111.25 mm)

Diameter: .88 inches (22.36 mm)

Weight: 3.9 ounces

Threading: 510

Compatible Batteries: 18350, 18650 (Sold Separately)

Available Colors: Ice Black, Ice Red, Ice Blue, Gold and Stainless


SMOK Magneto II Includes:

1 x SMOK Magneto II MOD

SMOK Magneto II Features:

Solid Stainless Steel Construction


Fully Mechanical

Adjustable Center Pin to allow for use with many different Tanks and Clearomizers

Can Use 18350 and 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Lockable Bottom Button

510/eGo Connection

Fully Magnetic Switch

Brass contacts for excellent conductivity

3 Large Air Holes for Adequate Ventilation

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Genuine Smok™ Magneto II / Magneto 2 (Fully Adjustable) - Mechanical Mod

I'm actually writing this review on behalf of my husband. He seems to like this a lot. It's cheap and works well for him. He's an engineer, so he likes building things, so he makes his own atomizer things all the time and he attaches it to this.

Genuine Smok™ Magneto II / Magneto 2 (Fully Adjustable) - Mechanical Mod

I like this mod. The button was getting stuck a little, so I greased it up and now it's smooth and easy.

Genuine Smok™ Magneto II / Magneto 2 (Fully Adjustable) - Mechanical Mod

Great little mech mod especially for the price. Good service from va as always. thx a million!

Genuine Smok™ Magneto II / Magneto 2 (Fully Adjustable) - Mechanical Mod

I'm not at all a fan of this mod. Even though I use an 18650 battery, I get weak flavor and vapor. It's very awkward to operate as the firing button is located at the bottom of the device and it's "wobbly" when pressing to fire. I'd only use if all my others died.

Genuine Smok™ Magneto II / Magneto 2 (Fully Adjustable) - Mechanical Mod

I just received my MII within 3 days from time of order. I am very satisfied with this product as well as the great service from Vapor Authority.

I use an 18650 battery with a Kayfun Russian at 1.4 ohms. I have had every digital mod you can think of (at all price ranges),this is my first analog mod. This blew all of my digital mods out of the water.

The build quality is great for the price. The lock is great and everything feels solid. I have nothing bad to say.

For the money, you get more than what you pay for.


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