Genuine Vaporesso™ Revenger 220W TC Starter Kit (w/ NRG Tank)

By Vaporesso

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Genuine Vaporesso™ Revenger 220W TC Starter Kit (w/ NRG Tank)

Just when you think vaporizers could not possibly progress or advance any further, a new device is introduced that absolutely revolutionizes the industry. For years, Vaporesso has been on the cutting-edge of vaping technology, releasing an impressive array of groundbreaking and extremely popular kits that have taken the community by storm. They have certainly done it again with this truly remarkable new setup—the Vaporesso Revenger Kit. This phenomenal device features a state-of-the-art MOD and a sensationally well-performing tank, together delivering one of the very best vaping experiences possible today. You will enjoy staggering amounts of rich and flavorful vapor, while appreciating the absolutely gorgeous aesthetic design of this masterpiece.


Vaporesso Revenger MOD:

The power and brains behind the Vaporesso Revenger Kit is the remarkable Revenger MOD. Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling, this impressive device is sleek, stylish, and absolutely beautiful aesthetically. Its fine curves and meticulously-crafted intricacies scream class and sophistication, and is sure to be the envy of all the vapers around you. Available in various color combinations, the radiant aluminum-zinc body is artfully complimented by the oversized black OLED screen on the face of the MOD. The Vaporesso Revenger is the very first vaporizer to feature In-Mould Labeling (IML), which offers greater durability, superior graphic quality, and increased visual appeal, while concurrently remaining environmentally friendly.

Aesthetically, the Vaporesso Revenger is a visual masterpiece. It's crisp lines and cutting-edge shape radiates style and progression, while also remaining exceptionally elegant and stylish. The oversized OLED screen perfectly compliments each of the beautiful color combinations, dramatically enhancing the overall appeal. Sleek and lightweight, the Vaporesso Revenger is certain to be the envy of vapers around you.

The Vaporesso Revenger MOD is equipped with the highly advanced OMNI Board 2.0 chipset, which is capable of a fantastic amount of progressive features. One of the central capacities afforded by the device is its variable wattage functionality. Utilizing the operation buttons located on the face of the MOD, you can adjust and set the output wattage from a minimum of 5W to a maximum of a notable 220W. This vast range of available power enables you to pair your Vaporesso Revenger with any resistance atomizer coil you wish. In fact, this gem is capable of accommodating atomizer resistances as low as 0.05 ohms and up to 5.0 ohms, making is exceptionally versatile. Moreover, this spectrum of power at your fingertips is also extremely handy in helping to eliminate flooding and gurgling when alternating between e-juices with varying levels of vegetable glycerin (VG).

In addition to its variable wattage capability, the Vaporesso Revenger MOD is also equipped with temperature control, sensing, and limiting functionality as well. When paired with an atomizer head containing a nickel, stainless steel, or titanium coil, this powerful MOD affords you the ability to regulate the temperature of the atomizer coil itself. In doing so, you will be able to control the temperature of the produced vapor, allowing for warmer or cooler hits, according to your needs and preferences. Additionally, the Vaporesso Revenger MOD’s temperature control capacity is also very beneficial as it virtually eliminates the chance of dry or burnt hits.

The face of the Vaporesso Revenger MOD features a top-of-the-line OLED screen, which very clearly and vividly displays a wide range of information. By pressing any of the device’s buttons to activate the screen, you can monitor the remaining battery life of each battery, the remaining charge time, the output wattage, the temperature setting, the voltage setting, the resistance of the atomizer coil, the operating current, the duration of your puff, and the mode the Revenger MOD is in (Smart VW, CCW, CCT, TCR, VT, RCT, and Bypass). As an added nifty feature, the screen also displays a digital clock. The incredible array of critical data at your fingertips makes using and operating your Vaporesso Revenger MOD an absolute breeze.

The Vaporesso Revenger MOD is powered by two external high-amp 18650 batteries (sold separately). The ability to remove and replace the device’s batteries at will is absolutely great, as it provides certain important benefits that cannot be enjoyed with integrated internal battery MODs. Due to the fact that all rechargeable batteries will be incapable of holding a charge after a certain number of cycles, when this occurs with the Revenger, you can easily and affordably replace solely the batteries, rather than being forced to purchase and entirely new MOD. Moreover, this capability also enables you to carry charged spares with you in case the ones within the device are depleted while you’re out and about.

When it is time for the batteries to recharge, Vaporesso made this extremely swift and effortless with the rapid 2.5A Quick Charge System. You can also monitor the remaining charge time directly on the OLED screen, thereby taking away the guess work as to the status of the charge. Additionally, the Vaporesso Revenger MOD features a brilliant Equalizing Charge System, which ensures that the individual batteries are charged at the same rate. That is, when one battery is depleted more than another, the smart chipset will charge that battery until it reaches the level of the other, then will charge the two simultaneously. This is a very progressive and unique system that will help ensure that your Revenger will operate optimally at all times.


Vaporesso NRG Tank:

Included in the Vaporesso Revenger Kit is the revolutionary new NRG Tank. Coupled with the Revenger MOD, this sensational tank delivers staggering amounts of rich and robust vapor. Artfully designed to seamlessly match the aesthetic motif of the Revenger MOD, the NRG Tank is as visually appealing as it is well-performing. Made with the highest quality materials, you will immediately appreciate the craftsmanship and durability that this impressive tank affords.

The body, frame, and internal components of the Vaporesso NRG Tank are made with strong, solid, and durable 304-grade stainless steel. An exclusive combination of chromium, nickel, and manganese, this austenite metal will deliver resilience and strength, making it capable of enduring the rigors of heavy daily use. The tank is capped with a premium-grade Delrin wide-boar drip tip, which not only assists in vapor production, but also remains cool to the touch at high levels of heat. This ensures that the mouthpiece will be comfortable to vape, and will not overheat to hurt your lips. Perhaps the most innovative characteristic of the Vaporesso NRG Tank’s mouthpiece is the unique mesh insert that is housed within it. This component helps prevent spitback from the e-juice, which is commonly experienced with many other tanks.

The Vaporesso NRG Tank is furnished with a premium-grade Pyrex (borosilicate) glass tank to house the e-juice. Unlike plastic, which is highly susceptible to deterioration due to the acidic composition of e-liquid, the NRG Tank’s 5 ml glass reservoir is entirely impervious to the acidity. This, in turn, will help deliver a substantially cleaner, truer, and more flavorful hit, while simultaneously ensuring that your tank remains visually untarnished.

Vaporesso did a truly marvelous job in designing the filling method of the NRG Tank. Unlike many tanks on the market, which require you to detach it from the battery and unscrew the base each time more e-juice is needed, the NRG can be effortlessly filled directly from the top. However, as opposed to the majority of other top-fill tank designs, the Vaporesso NRG Tank does not necessitate removal of the top cap in order to expose the juice ports. Rather, the entire top cap conveniently slides open and shut, making refills exceptionally easy and swift. Moreover, this filling system also helps eliminate the mess associated with refills as well.

Vaporesso created a series of incredible GT atomizer coils to operate with the NRG Tank, each delivering a truly marvelous vaping experience. You can select between the Dual-Coil GT 2 (0.4 Ohms), the Sextuple-Coil GT 6 (0.2 Ohms), the Octuple-Coil GT 8 (0.15 Ohms), and the Dual-Coil GT CCell (0.3 Ohms), which is furnished with a ceramic wick. Irrespective of the specific variation you select, all are fitted with 100% pure Japanese organic (with the exception of the GT CCell), which provides for exceptionally clean and pure taste that will bring your e-juices to life.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge, incredibly-performing, and stylish setup, it doesn’t get much better than the Vaporesso Revenger Kit. With the groundbreaking Revenger MOD, paired with the sensational NRG Tank, this kit offers a truly unsurpassed vaping experience that is capable of pleasing even the choosiest of vapers.

Note: Battery Sold Separately

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Vaporesso Revenger User Manual Download the Vaporesso Revenger Kit User Manual




Vaporesso NRG Atomizer Coils

To Purchase Replacement Coils for the NRG Tank, Click HERE


Vape MOD Batteries

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Intermediate, Advanced


50% or Higher VG


External (Sold Separately)


Vaporesso Revenger MOD Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vaporesso

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 5W – 220W

Voltage Range: 0V – 8.5V

Resistance Range: 0.05 Ohms – 5.0 Ohms

Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F (100°C – 315°C)

Output Modes: Smart VW, CCW, CCT, TCR, VT, RCT, Bypass

Battery Compatibility: Two High-Amp External 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Height: 3.5 Inches (89 mm)

Width: 1.77 Inches (45 mm)

Depth: 1.1 Inches (28 mm)


Vaporesso NRG Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vaporesso

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 5 ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex (Borosilicate) Glass

Hit Type: Direct-to-Lung

Best E-Juice: 70% or Higher VG

Available Resistance: 0.15 Ohms, 0.2 Ohms, 0.3 Ohms, 0.4 Ohms

Recommended Wattage (GT 2): 55W – 65W

Recommended Wattage (GT 6): 70W – 90W

Recommended Wattage (GT 8): 60W – 80W

Recommended Wattage (GT CCell): 25W – 40W

Height: 2.2 Inches (56 mm)

Diameter: 1.04 Inches (26.5 mm)


Vaporesso Revenger Kit Includes:

1 x Vaporesso Revenger MOD

1 x Vaporesso NRG Tank

1 x NRG GT 4 Atomizer Coil (0.15 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)

1 x NRG GT 8 Atomizer Coil (0.15 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Vaporesso Revenger MOD Features:

Adjustable Wattage

Temperature Control, Sensing, and Limiting

Smart VW, CCW, CCT, TCR, VT, RCT, and Bypass Modes

Powered by External Batteries (Sold Separately)

High-Quality OLED Screen

Built-In Ohms Meter

Dual-Battery Level Indicator

Displays Remaining Charge Time

Rapid 2.5A Quick Charge System

Equalizing Charge System

Revolutionary In-Mould Labeling (IML)

Multiple Safety Features

Cutting-Edge OMNI 2.0 Chip

Delivers up to 220W of Power

Can Accommodate All Atomizer Coil Resistances

Sleek, Stylish, and Beautiful Aesthetic Design

Made with High-Quality Materials

100% Authentic Vaporesso


Vaporesso NRG Tank Features:

Revolutionary Top-Fill E-Juice System

Pyrex (Borosilicate) Glass Reservoir

Wide-Bore Delrin Drip Tip

Anti-Spitback Mesh

Large 5 ml E-Juice Capacity

304-Grade Stainless Steel Construction

Multiple Atomizer Coils to Choose From

Tank can be Entirely Disassembled

Produces Staggering Amounts of Vapor

Offers Clean, Rich, and Intense Flavor

100% Authentic Vaporesso

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