Nitecore™ Sysmax Intellicharge i2 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger

By Nitecore

9 reviews
List Price: 19.99
Our Price: $15.99

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NiteCore™ Sysmax IntelliCharge i2 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger

Unlike MODs that are furnished with internal batteries, devices that accommodate external batteries have a couple important and distinct benefits. All rechargeable batteries will hold less and less of a charge through time, until it ultimately cannot hold a charge whatsoever. When this occurs with internal battery devices, you are forced to dispose of the unit as a whole. However, with external battery devices, you are able to simply replace the battery, which is a substantially less costly option. In addition, the ability to remove and replace your MOD’s battery allows you to carry fully-charged spares with you in the event that the one being used dies.

As important as the make and quality of the batteries you purchase are, the charger you select to re-power them is equally significant. Poor quality battery chargers can overcharge, causing the batteries to lose their ability to hold a charge or perform optimally. The NiteCore Sysmax IntelliCharge i2 Battery Charger is an exceptionally high-quality device that allows you to conveniently charge two batteries simultaneously. Moreover, it is capable of charging different batteries concurrently, making it an extremely versatile device.

The NiteCore IntelliCharge i2 Charger is equipped with an advanced microprocessor, which is able to identify the battery type that is inserted into each bay, and configure the settings accordingly. With this automated system, you can simply insert the respective battery without having to manually adjust the setting—an extremely convenient and user-friendly system.

Able to accommodate various battery chemistries, the NiteCore Sysmax IntelliCharge i2 Battery Charger will detect whether the inserted battery is Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), Nickel–Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) or Nickel–Cadmium (Ni-Cd), then automatically set the specific bay to the corresponding mode. The charger can select between three charging modes: Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV) and Trickle Charge (TC). This flexibility allows you to use the NiteCore IntelliCharge i2 Charger with a vast array of various batteries.

Adding to the ease of use is the IntelliCharge i2’s ability to consistently monitor the progress of the charge independently. Yellow and blue indicator lights will clearly and vividly display the progress of each inserted battery, allowing you to know when the respective battery is fully-charged and ready to use. The three-stage LED light system provides you with the ability to know when the battery is below 20%, at approximately 50%, and when it is fully charged.

As a unit, the Nitecore Sysmax Intellicharge i2 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger is an easy and affordable way to keep all of your batteries charged. With reverse polarity protection, advanced heat dissipation, and RoHS and CE certifications, the NiteCore IntelliCharge i2 is a great choice for anyone looking for an external battery charger.

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Nitecore Sysmax Intellicharge i2 Battery Charger Specifications:

Manufacturer: NiteCore

Input Voltage: DC 12V / AC 100V – 240V (50Hz / 60Hz)

Input Power: 10W

Output Voltage: 4.2V / 1.48V (+/-1%)

Output Current: 0.5A

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Compatibility: 18650, 22650, 26650, 17335, 17670, 17500, 18490, 14500, 16340

Nickel (Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd) Compatibility: AA, AAA, C

Length: 5.19 Inches (132mm)

Width: 2.75 Inches (70mm)

Depth: 1.37 Inches (35mm)

Weight: 3.69 Ounces (104g)


Nitecore Sysmax Intellicharge i2 Battery Charger Includes:

1 x Nitecore Sysmax Intellicharge i2 2-Channel Battery Charger

Nitecore Sysmax Intellicharge i2 Battery Charger Features:

Able to Charge Two Batteries Simultaneously

Three-Stage LED Indicator Lights Displays the Progress of Each Bay

Can Accommodate Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), Nickel–Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) or Nickel–Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Battery Chemistries

Detects Battery Type, and Automatically Sets the Bay to the Appropriate Mode

Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV) and Trickle Charge (TC) Modes

Made with High-Quality Materials

Reverse Polarity Protection

RoHS and CE Certified

Very User-Friendly and Easy to Operate

Very Affordable Price Point

WARNING - PLEASE READ: -Never use this battery charger for batteries other than the ones specified. Attempting to charge any battery other than what this charger is intended for can be extremely dangerous. -Make sure to ready the instruction manual carefully, and follow all instructions. Improper use of this product can be dangerous. The instruction manual will not only familiarize you with this charger, but will also give you very important safety information. -This charger should only be used indoors. -Do not expose this charger to water, high humidity, low or high ambient temperatures. -Do not disassemble or modify the charger. -Do not use or store this charger near open flames, direct sunlight, heating devices or other high-temperature environments. -Lithium ion batteries do not work like normal batteries. They are potentially much more DANGEROUS and can be volatile. -USING THE WRONG BATTERY OR EVEN IMPROPERLY USING THE RIGHT BATTERY IN THIS CHARGER CAN LEAD TO HARM TO YOUR BODY AND TO YOUR PROPERTY. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE CORRECT BATTERIES FOR THIS DEVICE.
Reviews for Nitecore™ Sysmax Intellicharge i2 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger
4.6 out of 5, based on 9 reviews
from Lehigh acres, FL on
Good for the money
from Ohio on
Good charger for the money and small enough to be portable if necessary. No issues so far pretty pleased and very happy with Vapor Authority - great peeps :)
from Here on
So far, so good. It's actually super inexpensive and honestly I only need one set of battles on standby. I have two bottom charge units that are heavy and I don't necessarily trust hanging them of the end of a counter especially when the heaviest part hangs off the edge. The other 3 charge from the front and are fast chargers so I just charge the batteries in the unit. Once I figured out there was an English portion on the directions I know both batteries are always installed positive side up. I use only 18650's so being able to set it to charge other batteries is useless to me. All I know is that when insert the batteries it works faster than I am going to burn through another set plus, I like the fact it completes a real full charge and I can leave them in the charger for a day or so, without damaging the battery life.
I have no idea how long this thing will last but it is super easy to use and I am happy with the purchase.
from ND on
Great charger. Works as advertised. Good price. Fast Shipping
from Nebraska on
I'm doing a follow up review on this product, now that I've had some time with it. This charger is a disposal, meant to be purchased every month like a pack of coils, I'm planning on buying my second one in a little more than a month today, and I'll tell you why... The battery's refuse to charge sometimes, you insert the batts and wait, they don't charge so you repeat the process, over and over and over until they charge, then you pray that next time the charger will work. it did work as described for 3 weeks however. The charger with shipping cost is around $20, like I said, about the price of some coils, I guess with a charger like this disposable one that's not a bad price? All in all only 1 star, I did get it fast.
from Nebraska on
It's easy to use right out of the box, does what it says, charges a battery in no time.
from Yuma, AZ on
This charger is good for the money. Its easy to use and has great safety features! I use it to rotate between my 18650 batteries and I always have a pair fully charged. I feel safe when using this charger but I still always take every safety precautions.
from Omaha on
Picked up this charger so that I could always have two fresh batteries. Had good reviews online and it's under 20 bucks. Does what it should, no frills. Shipping was quick!
from Stockton, MO on
Great charger for the money. Don't think I would choose it over an Efest, but I like it.