Plastic Bottle w/ Needle Top

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Plastic E-Juice Bottle With Needle Top

The majority of e-liquid or e-juice brands have dropper bottles that do not have tips long or narrow enough to make filling tanks or cartomizers easy. It is often difficult to get the liquid into the area that you need in order to fill your cartomizer, clearomizer, or glassomizer. These Plastic Bottles with Needle Tips alleviates this problem by making it effortless to fill any tank or cartomizer, regardless of the size of the opening. The needle at the end of the bottle can easily fit into even the smallest area of your cartomizer or tank. You simply squeeze the bottle, and the e-liquid or e-juice is then released out of the needle end of the container. The 18 gauge needle is large enough to easily squeeze out all liquids, regardless of their VG or PG base.

Additionally, when larger bottles of e-liquid or e-juice are purchased, it is very difficult to lug it around in your pocket or purse. These bottles can be easily filled, and with a 30ml capacity, it is easily capable of holding enough liquid to last the day.

These empty Plastic Needle-Top Bottles are a must have for every vaper!

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E-Juice Bottle With Needle Tip Specifications:

Material: Polyurethane Plastic

Tip Style: Needle

Tip Material: Stainless Steel

E-Juice Capacity: 15ml, 30ml


E-Juice Bottle With Needle Tip Includes:

1 x Plastic Needle-Tip E-Juice Bottle (15ml or 30ml)

E-Juice Bottle With Needle Tip Features:

Easy to Dispense by Squeezing

Leak-Free Cap Included

Needle Tip for Easy Access in Small Spaces

Damage-Free Durable Plastic Material

Stainless Steel Needle Tip

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Brenda Jarman
Needles too small

The bottles are a very good size to carry, however, the needle is way too small for me to use as it takes forever to fill my eCig. It would have been useful to offer larger size needles and/or to at least know what size is on these bottles. The order received in good shape and timely.

Kim K.
Needle tip

They arrived loose in the mailing package several were damaged 5 out of 11. Disappointing to say the least. They are nice & soft ease of use I'm sure.

James Phillips
Great alternative to regular juice bottle

I vape on my smok scar 18 box mod and use the tfv9 tank. it has a relatively small fill hole and regular vape bottles have a large fill tip which is not ideal for filling my tanks. i tried this bottle and i have to say, the tip is narrow enough and long enough to fill my tanks really easily. my tanks hold anywhere from 4-8ml and the bottle holds way more than that, so a full bottle will fill me up a few times which is nice. my only complaint is that the little silicone cover that goes over the fill tip is attached via a ring that goes over the neck of the bottle. that ring is really loose and likes to come off all the time when i am refilling the bottle. what i do to avoid that is just take it off with the tip so it doesn't get in the way. other than that, it is a great product and i would really recommend it to everyone out there regardless of what you're filling up. 10/10

Fast Shipping

Best little dropper ever.

Louis DiRosa
Glad to find them!

No vaping shop had these so I’m glad Vapor Authority carries them. Good product - easy to use and better than the vaping containers the juice comes in.


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