Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Mod & Starter Kit

By Rincoe
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Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Mod & Starter Kit

One of the most visually striking innovations among modern starter kits, the Rincoe Manto S 228 TC Starter Kit sets a new benchmark in both aesthetics and performance. Featuring a distinctive splatter design throughout its chassis, the Rinco Manto S 228W immediately catches the eye. But its underlying chipset is the real star, producing a wide range of temperature control, wattage and resistance options.

Beyond the mod’s tremendous attributes, the Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Starter Kit offers tremendous value, especially to the budget-minded enthusiast. Rincoe starter kits are highly regarded among vape aficionados due to their complete-package mindset, and the Manto doesn’t disappoint. Featuring the powerhouse Metis Mix Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank, vapers can expect hours of consistently smooth and satisfying draws.

Finally, the Rincoe Manto offers a variety of end-user protections. Thus, even if you’re a novice to the digital arts, the Manto’s intuitive structure should have you vaping in no time!

Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Box Mod

As mentioned up top, the Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Box Mod is simply one of the most visually-striking devices in the market today. Utilizing a color-splattering design, the Manto levers an intergalactic look that draws significant attention, even from jaded enthusiasts that have seen it all.

Better yet, the Rincoe Manto is compact and discreet when it wants to be. Measuring only 3.15 inches at the tallest and 1.69 inches at the widest, the Manto has near-perfect dimensions: it’s big enough to be comfortable for most vapers, yet it’s reasonably small to tuck away at a moment’s notice.

Another physical component that boosts the Rinco Manto S 228W TC’s profile is its oversized firing button. Ergonomically designed to mold into your hand, this box mod responds with a satisfying click every time you pull the trigger. Moreover, the Manto utilizes two adjustment buttons for easier fine-tuning and modularity of sessions.

Underlining the Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Box Mod are dual high-amp 18650 batteries (sold separately). With the Manto engineered to gain the most out of its dual powerplant, you’ll find the device is incredibly efficient. You can expect multiple sessions on a single charge. When the battery life is drained, an integrated micro-USB portal offers a convenient pathway to replenishment.

Plus, the Manto mod includes a magnetic battery door for convenient takedown and reinstallation. It’s a simple but useful touch that helps separate this box mod from the rest of the competition.

However, the Rincoe Manto wouldn’t garner the praise and accolades it already has if it weren’t for its underlying technology. Utilizing a world-class proprietary chipset, the Manto features an astounding maximum output of 228W. Combine that with an ultra-low 0.05 ohm resistance (and a max of 3.5 ohms) and you have a device geared for the most exacting vape enthusiast.

Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

A key reason why the vaper community have quickly latched onto the Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Starter Kit is the extremely favorable dollar-for-value ratio. The component that gives it this rating is the kit’s included Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank.

An exquisitely designed vape tank, the aesthetics perfectly complement the Manto mod. Moreover, Rincoe engineers blueprinted the Metis Mix Mesh to withstand a variety of vaping pressures. Naturally, the vaunted manufacturer incorporated only the most premium-grade materials available in constructing this exceptional sub-ohm tank.

Building off the engineering prowess, product designers then updated the airflow channels throughout the tank and mod systems. The end result is the kaleidoscope-like delivery of the Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh combined with the Manto mod. From soothing draws to richly saturated hits, this starter kit does everything it’s asked of it.

Finally, the Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank features a 6.0 ml bubble-glass e-liquid capacity, which is more than enough to last several sessions on a single fill. When it comes time to reloading your flavors, Rincoe integrated a knurled and threated top-fill system. Simple unscrew the top cap, drop in your choice e-juices, re-install, and you’re back in the game.

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Innokin Slipstream Atomizer Coils

Purchase Atomizer Coils for the Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Tank


Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Rincoe Manto S 228 TC Box Mod

1 x Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

4 x Replacement O-rings

1 x MicroUSB Charging Cable

1 x Certificate Card

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

Rincoe Manto S 228W TC MOD ONLY Includes:

1 x Rincoe Manto S 228 TC Box Mod

1 x MicroUSB Charging Cable

1 x Certificate Card

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Box Mod Specifications:

Manufactured By: Rincoe

Material: Zinc Alloy

Threading: 510

Battery: Dual 18650 (sold separately)

Maximum Wattage Output: 228W

Temperature Range: 200°-600°F (100°-300°C)

Height: 3.15 Inches (80 mm)

Width: 1.69 Inches (43 mm)

Depth: 1.63 Inches (41.5 mm)

Rincoe Metis Mix Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: Rincoe

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 6.0 ml

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Diameter: 1.18 Inches (30 mm)


Rincoe Manto S 228W TC Starter Kit Features:

Incredible new compact starter kit from Rincoe

Stunningly attractive design of the Manto S mod

Super lightweight and discreet dimensions

Proprietary chipset enables tremendous performance

Maximum output of 228W produces dramatic clouds

Minimum 0.05 ohm resistance and max of 3.5 ohms

Generously sized 6.0 ml e-liquid capacity

Compatible with multiple mesh coil atomizers

100% authentic Rincoe


How to Turn On/Off the Innokin Kroma-A MOD:

To turn on the battery, simply click the fire button 5 times rapidly. Please note that you must click the button rapidly in order to turn the battery on. To turn the battery off, click the fire button 5 times again.


How to Fill the Innokin Zenith Tank:

1. Rotate the top ring counter-clockwise. This will expose the e-juice reservoir.

2. Pour in the e-juice.

3. Rotate the ring clockwise to close the port.


How to Change the Innokin Zenith Atomizer Coil:

1. First, rotate the tank so that the mouthpiece is aimed at the floor.

2. Next, detach the base of the tank (the battery end) from the tank by unscrewing it in a counter-clockwise direction.

3. Next, remove the old atomizer coil by pulling it out of the tank body (you do not need to twist or rotate old coil—simply pull out).

4. Prime the new atomizer coil by adding a few drops of e-juice on the dry cotton.

5. Then, attach the new atomizer coil to the base by pushing it in securely.

6. Finally, attach the base back onto the tank by screwing it on in a clockwise direction.

7. You can now attach the tank onto your battery for use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
autumn smith
best ever

I have had a ton of vapes & this one is my all time fave. Sturdy light and fits in the palm of my hand perfectly

Tommy Eversole

One of my favorite mods, plenty of power and the tank has excellent taste and vape production


This MOD is seriously dope YOOO. The clouds are so milky and flavorful. The higher wattage capability is cool. Who can go wrong with a Mesh coil????

Really good

Battery life could be managed a bit better, but that is a small nitpick. I still get virtually the same ammnt of life as all my other MODs.

It is lightweight, so it wont weigh you down. Tank is great too. Good juice management and flavor/vapor are spot on


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