Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit

By SnowWolf
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Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit

Avant-garde vape manufacturer Snowwolf is world-renowned for pushing the boundaries of the digital arts. Now, they’re driving innovations specifically in the compact pod-system arena. Their latest device, the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit combines everything a vape enthusiast needs, including an incredibly fast firing speed, revolutionary chipset, and ultra-efficient 980 mAh internal battery.

Invariably, what makes the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit immediately stand out from the rest of the competition is the mod’s stunning good looks. Of course, all vape companies say the same about their products, but in this case, the descriptor represents universal consensus. Featuring Snowwolf’s signature fit and finish, the Exilis Xpod is exquisitely understated, though accentuated by the embossed corporate 3D logo.

Another remarkable attribute that enhances the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System’s physical structure is its unbelievable compactness. Measuring only 1.78 inches (45.3 mm) by 0.69 inches (17.5 mm), the Xpod virtually melts into your hands – a useful quality when you suddenly need discretion! Moreover, this device is among the lightest available in the vaping retail market, tipping the scale at a scant 85 grams or three ounces.

And one last note on the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System’s physical characteristics: it’s all about the ergonomics. Typically, a limited surface area can make a device uncomfortable to hold for long periods. Fortunately, all the components utilized in the Snowwolf Exilis are intuitively placed. Moreover, the company’s engineers integrated a wide-bore mouthpiece that enhances flavor profiles as well as user comfort.

Underlining the extraordinary Snowwolf Exilis is a next-generation 980 mAh battery. Known throughout the vaping community for its capacity and efficiency, a fully-charged battery should leave you with several hours of continuous use. Better yet, when the time comes for re-juicing, this powerplant features micro-USB charging up to 5V/1A, a remarkable metric for such a small device.

Just as importantly, the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System utilizes a next-generation chipset that has turned the vaping world upside. Renowned for its exceptional performance, this Snowwolf chipset delivers an astonishing 0.006-second firing speed. To put this figure into context, the average eyeblink occurs at 0.1 seconds. Better yet, this rapid-fire rate occurs consistently throughout the Xpod’s wattage output and resistance band, which is 15W and a range between 1.2 ohms to 3.0 ohms, respectively.

Not only that, the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit features remarkable innovations within the atomizer and pod system. Regarding the latter component, the Exilis pod was developed by mainstream manufacturer Eastman, which used certified food-grade materials. Moreover, the pod features a 2.5 ml e-liquid capacity, representing outsized capacity for such a small device.

The included atomizer system for the Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit features a 1.8 ohm coil resistance. This naturally facilitates incredibly satisfying tight draws, particularly for those enthusiasts seeking to transition away from analog platforms. Finally, the Exilis Xpod is optimized for nicotine salts, further enhancing this kit’s value proposition.

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Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Snowwolf

Pod E-Juice Capacity: 2.5 ml

Battery Capacity: Integrated 980 mAh

Height: 1.78 Inches (45.3 mm)

Width: 0.69 Inches (17.5 mm)


Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Snowwolf Exilis Xpod mod

1 x Snowwolf Exilis pod

2 x Snowwolf Exilis 1.8Ohm coils(1 pre-installed)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

1 x Pass Card

1 x Lanyard

Snowwolf Exilis Xpod System Starter Kit Features:

Snowwolf’s first internal battery refillable-pod system

Stunningly gorgeous looks with embossed 3D logo

Ultra-efficient 980 mAh integrated battery

Awe-striking 0.006 second firing speed

Generously sized 2.5 ml e-juice capacity

Maximum output of 15W

Wide resistance range from 1.2 ohms to 3.0 ohms

Eastman-developed certified food grade pod

Optimized for nicotine salts

100% authentic Snowwolf

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Randall Schreiber

Super easy to order and great turnaround time.

Mandy Baumann
Overall excellent service!!

We love our snowwolf’s, Great system to use & would recommend this one for sure, hard to find a particular one with all of the different ones out there.

snowwolf excilis pod system

Best pod system imho...highly recommend

Hannah Lester
Exactly what I ordered.

This snowwolf has become my favorite system to use. The coils last, the flavor is good and the hits aren’t tiny but not overwhelming. Highly recommend, product came exactly as described.

Great little pod

after a few weeks of use i can say this is my favorite pod system hands down. the coils give excellent flavor and last several weeks with consistent everyday use, long battery life, low size profile, and the lanyard was a suprisingly practical addition. not to mention the sick wolf design. i can say it wouldn't be a good stealth vape, the light behind the button is bright enough to read a book by, and it chucks really decent clouds, probably as a result of the rebuildable coil design. all in all a perfect everyday vape, and i will definitely go to snowwolf in the future for any upgrades.


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