SX Mini Q Class 200W TC Mod by Yihi

By Yihi
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 Yihi SX Mini Q Class 200W TC mod

Yihi ECigar, which is very well known for their remarkably advanced and cutting-edge chips, has recently released the next generation SX Mini Q Class Box MOD. This phenomenal device is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and careful attention to detail. It is both aesthetically pleasing, powerful, and intelligent, which together equates to a superior vaping experience.

The Yihi SX Mini Q Class Box MOD has been redesigned to be slightly taller than the M Class, and has more rounded corners. This new contemporary design has made the SX Mini Q Class not only substantially more attractive, but much more ergonomic and comfortable to hold in your hand as well. This new generation of the legendary Yihi SX line is dual-coated in a dazzling semi-gloss finish, further adding to its lustrous and elegant appearance.

In an effort to make the new SX Mini Q Class more modular and capable of greater aesthetic customization, Yihi engineered it so that the outer shell can be removed and replaced. Secured by magnets, both the covers can be effortlessly removed and replaced with covers of another color. This affords you the ability to tailor the device’s appearance toy our specific liking. You can also mix and match between the various covers for a unique appearance all your own.

Although it is a stunning device externally, what truly sets the Yihi SX Mini Q Class Box MOD apart is its extremely advanced SX450J chip. This phenomenal processor has temperature control, sensing, and limiting capabilities, allowing for use with Nickel (NI-200), stainless steel, and titanium-wired coils. The ability to utilize temperature control functionality is fantastic, as it not only increases flavor robustness, but also helps eliminate the chance of burnt hits as well.

The Yihi SX Mini Q Class is also a variable wattage device, allowing you to accurately adjust the output power up to a staggering 200W. This immensely vast range of available power permits you to pair your SX Mini with virtually any atomizer coil and tank you wish, making this powerful device exceptionally versatile. This capability is also very beneficial when switching between various e-juices and atomizer coil wires, paving the way for a perfect vape irrespective of the tank, coil, or e-juice being used with it.

The Yihi SX Mini Q Class is powered by two external 18650 batteries (sold separately). With ready access to the removable batteries, you can always carry fully-charged spares with you in the event the ones in use die before you are able to recharge them. Moreover, once the batteries have exceeded their lifespan and are incapable of holding a charge at all, you can simply replace the batteries rather than being forced to purchase an entirely new device. This is an extremely less costly option.

The Yihi SX Mini Q Class MOD is brilliantly equipped with a brass spring-loaded 510 connector, virtually ensuring a secure connection between the device and the tank being used with it. Every individual component of the Yihi SX Mini Q Class is carefully crafted using the highest-quality materials. The fire button, the thread connector, and even the internal and external screws are all made with high-grade 304 stainless steel. This makes this device extremely solid and durable.

The Yihi SX Mini Q Class is furnished with a state-of-the-art OLED screen, which clearly brings an array of useful information to your fingertips. By activating the screen, you can monitor the remaining battery life, the temperature setting, the wattage output, the voltage output, the resistance of the atomizer coil, as well as any errors that may surface while the SX Mini Q Class is in use. The screen and operation buttons can also be utilized to scroll through and adjust the large range of available settings as well. As an added nifty feature, this revolutionary MOD permits you to customize the logo that displays on the screen.

Adding to the revolutionary nature of the Yihi SX Mini Q Class is its gravity sensor system. This incredible feature allows you to effortlessly adjust the device’s various settings by simply tilting it to the left or to the right. Moreover, the SX Mini Q Class’ rotary display features Auto-Flip Capability so that if you flip your device one way or the other, the screen will automatically flip in the corresponding direction.

The incredibly intelligent Yihi SX Mini Q Class MOD is also furnished with its incredible Anti-Dry Burning Technology. When the cotton material of the atomizer is dry and devoid of any liquid, the device will not fire. When this occurs, the screen will display “Dry Coil. No liquid.” This feature virtually eliminates the possibility of dry hits, which is a problem experienced by vapers using many devices.

The Yihi SX Mini Q Class can be set to six different modes: Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, Soft, Eco Mod, and SXi-Q S1-S5. These various power modes allow you to customize your vaping experience by allowing you to fine-tune the power output of the device based on the atomizer being used as well as your personal preferences.

The unparalleled Yihi SX Mini Q Class Box MOD is not only solid, beautiful, and extremely technologically advanced, but is also furnished with a plethora of safety features, providing for enhanced safety and security. It is equipped with Reverse Polarity Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Low Battery Voltage Protection, Overheating Protection, and Lock/Unlock Capability.

In every way, shape, and form, the Yihi SX Mini Q Class Box MOD represents the pinnacle of vaping technology. Accurate, powerful, technologically advanced, versatile, and extremely solid, this magnificent device is truly a step forward in the direction of vaping. Pick yours up today!

Note: Batteries Sold Separately

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Yihi SX Mini Q-Class User Manual Download the Yihi SX Mini Q-Class User Manual




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Yihi SX Mini Q Class Specifications:

Manufactured by: Yihi

Casing Material: Zinc Alloy / Stainless Steel

Center Pin Material: Brass

Fittings and Fire Button Material: Stainless Steel

Joule Output: 10J – 50J

Temperature Output: 212°F - 572°F (100°C - 300°C)

Voltage Output: 1V – 9.5V

Maximum Wattage: 200W

Battery: 2 x 18650 Battery – Must Be 30A or Higher (NOT INCLUDED)

Resistance Capability (Joule Mode): 0.05 Ohms – 1.0 Ohms

Resistance Capability (Power Mode): 0.05 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Height: 4.12 Inches (104.65 mm)

Width: 2.87 Inches (72.9 mm)

Depth: 0.87 Inches (22.1 mm)


Yihi SX Mini Q Class Kit Includes:

1 x Yihi SX Mini Q Class Box MOD

1 x USB-to-Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Yihi SX Mini Q Class Features:

Temperature Control, Sensing and Limiting

Can Be Used with Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium Coils (When in Joule Mode)

Six Different Modes to Choose From

Uses Advanced SX450J Chip

Micro-USB Charging Port

Customizable Logo and Menu Name

Intelligent Taste Control System

Proprietary Anti-Burn Technology

Beautiful Ergonomic Design

Gravity Sensor System

Powered by Two External 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Auto-Flip Rotary Display

Stainless Steel Fire Button and Fittings

Zinc Allow Casing

Up to 200W of Power Output

Variable Wattage

Replaceable Covers for Customized Look

Wire Area Fire Button

On-Board Balance Charging Capability

Uses The Advanced SX450J Chip

Buck-Boost / Boost DC-DC Converter

Reverse Polarity Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

Low Resistance Protection

Low Battery Voltage Protection

Overheating Protection

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Genuine SX Mini™ Q Class 200W TC Mod by Yihi

Great TC mode with ss316L spiral!!!!!!!! is work perfet 100%

John C
Genuine SX Mini™ Q Class 200W TC Mod by Yihi

Would be 5 stars for two issues - 1. Battery drain with larger 100W + tanks is quite quick. 2. Aforementioned big Sense style 26 mm tanks don't really have a good fit or look on that small SS 510 connection pad. Beyond that, no other board does what this one can do. Customizing my vape for a slow build up or instantaneous preheat is awesome. Looks like a sports car. Only mod I can see ever needing. Still prefer the last gen M, as i rarely vape above 60-70 watts. Still, a winner in most every measurable aspect.

Lance Davis
Genuine SX Mini™ Q Class 200W TC Mod by Yihi

WHY AREN'T THERE MORE REVIEWS FOR THIS!? This deserves like 100 5-star reviews! This MOD really puts the class in Q Class haha. Easy to use and this thing is a BEAUTY!


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