Xtra Disposable Vape Pen - 1,500 Puffs

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Xtra Disposable Vape Pen Pod Device

Xtra Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are the ideal substitute for combustible cigarettes. An exceptionally easy-to-use and uncomplicated device, you can start enjoying these delightful blends straight out of the box. With absolutely no settings to fiddle around with, and nothing to maintain, Xtra Disposables are an absolute breeze to use. To activate the Xtra Vape pen, simply draw on the mouthpiece in the same way that you would with an analog cigarette, and you will enjoy a perfect puff each and every time.  As soon as the device has depleted, you can simply throw it away and start with a fresh one.

In line with all of Xtra’s premium products, the e-juices contained within these outstanding electronic cigarettes have ben crafted to perfection. These first-rate disposable vaporizers contain pure nicotine salt e-liquids, enabling higher levels of nicotine while maintaining a smooth, satisfying, and flavorful hit. In order to ensure the finest vaping experience possible, the device’s atomizer coil and battery have been meticulously calibrated and designed to work with one another flawlessly. This guarantees an ideal hit every time you take a draw.

Xtra Disposable E-Cigs have been created and designed for effortless use, while simultaneously providing for a truly satisfying and authentic experience. This careful craftsmanship makes these tiny gems perfect for any individual seeking a terrific alternative to traditional cigarettes. With no coils to change, no tank to fill, and absolutely no settings to fine-tune, you can relish the taste of Xtra’s delightful blends with no experience or knowledge necessary.

Each Xtra Disposable Electronic Cigarette contains a satisfying 5% (50mg) of nicotine by volume and have been designed to be extremely long-lasting. In fact, these vape pens deliver a whopping 1,500 puffs, making them a tremendous value as well.

Xtra offers 18 different flavors of disposable e-cigs: Apple, Banana Strawberry, Blueberry, Candy, Cola, Fantasy Love, Fusion, Grape, Guava Mint, Honeydew, Lala Land, Mango Tango, Mint, Naked Pleasure, Orange, Oz, Strawberry, and XOXO.



Fruit flavor fans, get ready for love at first vape. Apple delivers the exquisite taste of crisp, orchard-fresh green apples, together delivering a delightful flavor that you will relish with every draw.


Banana Strawberry:

Banana Strawberry is a sweet and tantalizing fruit flavor that is as enchanting on the inhale as it is delectable upon exhale. Blending the taste of mountain-fresh strawberries and sweet, ripe bananas, this mouthwatering delight is wonderful as an all-day-vape.


Blueberry (Blue Raspberry):

Are you in the mood for a burst of fruity deliciousness? Then prepare your taste buds for a journey of a lifetime. Blueberry delivers the sweet taste of juicy, Blue Raspberry with every draw.



Candy is one of Xtra’s most popular offerings, and for good reason—it’s absolutely mouthwatering. This delight provides the sweet taste of classic assorted gummy bears, making it a true pleasure to vape all day long.



If you’re looking for a crisp and refreshing flavor, then Cola is the one for you. This masterpiece very accurately delivers the taste of classic cola, making each draw better than the last.


Fantasy Love (Pineapple Lemonade Ice):

When the weather is warm and you’re looking for the perfect drink to quench your thirst, nothing is quite like an ice-cold glass of homemade lemonade. Fantasy Love has been masterfully crafted to deliver the memorable taste of classic lemonade, blended with the perfect amount of sweet Hawaiian Pineapples. This delicious concoction is then met with a blast of cool menthol, for a rejuvenating finish like no other.


Fusion (Watermelon Ice):

Fusion is among the most sought-after flavors within the Xtra Disposable assortment, and for good reason—it’s absolutely intoxicating. Every draw of this marvelous blend saturates the taste buds with the sweet and refreshing taste of watermelons, which is enhanced with the ideal amount of cool menthol for an experience like no other.



One of the most delicious fruit blends within the Xtra Collection, Grape is nothing short of sensational. This masterpiece delivers the sweet and juicy taste of fresh grapes, straight from the vine. The result is an explosion of fruity deliciousness you will love.


Guava Mint:

If you are looking for something cool, refreshing, and truly satisfying, then Guava Mint is the one for you. The sweet and juicy taste of tropical guava is met with nn invigorating blast of fresh mint, making this blend truly enjoyable.



Are you partial to refreshing flavors that never tire the taste buds? Then Honeydew is the one for you. When you draw in a puff of this delight, you will be greeted with the juicy essence of sweet honeydew melon, providing for a genuinely enjoyable vaping experience.


Lala Land (Banana Ice):

If you’re looking for a sweet, smooth, and refreshing flavor that will never tire the taste buds, then Lala Land should be at the top of your list. Every hit of this gem delivers the sweet taste of ripe bananas, followed by a blast of cool menthol for the perfect finish.


Mango Tango:

If you fancy the truly gratifying taste of fresh fruit flavors, it doesn’t get much better than Mango Tango. Sweet and juicy tropical mangoes rush the taste buds with every puff, resulting in a burst of deliciousness you will never want to put down.



For those who enjoy crisp, clean, and refreshing blends, you absolutely must try Mint. This invigorating flavor delivers the rejuvenating taste of fresh mint, with very subtle sweet undertones for the perfect exhale.


Naked Pleasure (Pineapple):

The moment you first try Naked Pleasure, you will instantly appreciate why it is one of the most popular blends within the collection. Sweet Hawaiian pineapple flavor shines through with every draw of this gem, for a genuinely enjoyable experience you will never want to put down.



For those who are looking for the perfect fruit flavor, then Orange is one you must try. This refreshing flavor saturates the taste buds with the sweet and juicy taste of orchard-fresh oranges, making it an ideal candidate as an all-day-vape.


Oz (Pink Lemonade):

For vapers who relish refreshing blends, Oz should be at the top of the list. Classic homemade lemonade is carefully combined with crisp, juicy cranberries, for a multi-layered and invigorating pink lemonade profile that you will love with every draw.



What can possibly be better than the taste of mountain-fresh strawberries picked at the peak of ripeness? Strawberry brilliantly delivers this delicious flavor, making it a true pleasure to vape throughout the day.


XOXO (Peach Ice):

Prepare yourself for love at first vape with this intoxicating flavor. XOXO is a smooth, satisfying, and appetizing blend that you will enjoy more with every puff. On the inhale, you will relish the taste the essence of sweet Georgia peaches, while the exhale is enhanced with a kick of refreshing menthol for a flawless finish.

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Xtra Disposable Vape Pen Specifications:

E-Juice Quantity: 5ml

Nicotine Content: 5% (by Weight)

VG: 50%

PG: 50%

Operation: Automatic

Available Flavors: Apple, Banana Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Candy, Cola, Fantasy Love, Fusion, Grape, Guava Mint, Honeydew, Lala Land, Mango Tango, Mint, Naked Pleasure, Orange, Oz, Strawberry, XOXO

Length: 3.87 Inches (98mm)

Diameter: 0.625 Inches (16mm)


Xtra Disposable Vape Pens Includes:

1 x Xtra Disposable Vape Pen

Xtra Disposable Vape Pen Features:

Smooth and Satisfying Hit

Provides Ideal Throat Hit

50mg Nicotine Salt Concentrations Available

All-in-One Configuration

Automatic Operation

Operates Straight Out of the Box

No Skill or Knowledge Required

Deliver the Sensation of Traditional Cigarettes

Long-Lasting – Approximately 1,500 Puffs

18 Fantastic Flavors to Choose From

Large 5ml E-Juice Tank

Long-Lasting Battery

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thee best oif the best



Tina Sparks

love the flavor


absolutely wonderful

Chris R

My all time faves


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