The Exponential Growth Of Electronic Cigarette Technology
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The Exponential Growth Of Electronic Cigarette Technology

by Jenny Spring


In the world today, we’ve all gotten accustomed to technology growing and improving at an exponential pace. To keep up, manufacturers of virtually all electronic and mechanical products constantly release upgrades and new versions of them. For example, Apple releases their latest iPhone, only to be followed by the “S” version of the same phone.  A few months later, the new version is released, making the last obsolete. Of course, the beauty of this is that the new versions are usually packed with improvements and advancements, making upgrading virtually irresistible.

Authentic Electronic Cigarette Brands

Although relatively new, electronic cigarettes seem to be following the same course as other electronic items. When ecigs first began gaining popularity, users had very little selection to choose from, and what was available was mediocre at best. Gradually, companies such as Kanger, Aspire, Vision, Innokin, Joyetech, and SMOKtech, among several others, began investing in research and development. Soon thereafter, new and improved products began appearing on the shelves and websites of electronic cigarette resellers.

Massive Growth of the Electronic Cigarette Industry

These new products were so well-received by the Vaping community, that the manufacturers quickly realized that this was not simply a trend, but something that is here to stay. The potential for immense profits fueled an explosive growth in further investment in R & D, paving the way for what has now become one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
New products are being released at such a rapid rate, that resellers and users alike are having a difficult time keeping up. Whereas a product such as the Apple iPhone may see upgrades every 6 or 7 months, electronic cigarette manufacturers seem to be whipping out new and improved versions of their products every 6 or 7 weeks.  A prime example of this is Kanger’s ProTank line of Glassomizers. What began as an experiment, replacing plastic tanks with Pyrex glass ones, developed into Kanger’s number one selling product. It took over a year for Kanger to release the Mini ProTank, yet within a matter of three months they have released the MiniProTank 2, the ProTank 2, the Mini ProTank 2 Version 2, and now the ProTank 3.

As frustrating as this may be to users and resellers of these products, the manufacturers have no choice but to continue on this path during this period of time. It is not possible for them to hold onto their existing products for longer periods of time, as competitors are continuously attempting to take control of this industry while it is still in its infant stage. However, it is important to note that this current pace of innovation cannot and will not last much longer. It is not because the industry will shrink, but rather because this is the natural course for new products and innovations. In the beginning, very little has been explored and tested, so there is a lot of room for growth. However, as time goes on, we will see new products and technologies released at a more moderate pace, as we do with most electronic products, such as phones, televisions, and small appliances.

Whatever the future holds for electronic cigarettes, it is currently a very exciting and fast-growing industry. The important thing for Vapers to do is make sure to purchase from reputable companies who take the time to test products internally prior to making them available on their sites or in their stores. Vapor Authority takes the lead in this respect, as they put all new products through rigorous testing and retesting before releasing them on their website. Moreover, if a subpar product somehow passes the testing phase and makes it on their website, their standard protocol is to remove it from the website immediately. This is extremely crucial, as only a small number of products are genuinely high in quality, and worth purchasing.


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