Electronic Cigarettes: Banned and Embraced
Posted on Dec 05, 2013. 0 comments

Electronic Cigarettes: Banned and Embraced

by Jenny Spring


Seemingly every day, a new news article is written and released regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes, while enlisting the bans and restrictions placed on them by governments, government organizations, colleges, and private businesses alike. For example, in late November 2014, New York announced a bill that seeks to include electronic cigarettes in their general tobacco ban in public areas.

Electronic Cigarettes Banned

However, due to the fact that there is absolutely no evidence of harm caused by the use of electronic cigarettes, they are treated very differently from one place to another—whether public or private. Recently, the city of London permitted an electronic cigarette store and lounge, which opened this week in Terminal 4 of London’s infamous Heathrow airport—one of the busiest airports in the world.

The new Vape Lounge, which is run by a London-based electronic cigarette called Gamucci, is hoping to capture business from the nearly 10 million passengers who go through the Heathrow airport every year. The smartly decided to open their vape lounge in the airport to help smokers who are restricted from smoking cigarettes in the airport or on the airplane, both of which allow the use of electronic cigarettes.

During a time of unnecessary and overbearing electronic cigarette bans and regulations, it is refreshing to see municipalities embracing what is genuinely a wonderful new product that has the potential to help smokers kick the habit. The Vaping Community is very hopeful that this move will help pave the way for more places to accept and support electronic cigarettes as a whole. 

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