The SMOKtech 510 Pyrex DCT Tank: A Tank Like No Other
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The SMOKtech 510 Pyrex DCT Tank: A Tank Like No Other

by Jenny Spring


SMOKtech Pyrex DCT Tank

As the days and weeks move forward in this rapidly expanding electronic cigarette and vaping industry, we are beginning to see a handful of companies taking the lead, and SMOKtech is certainly one of them. SMOKtech, which is actually Shenzen SMOK Technology Co., Ltd, has really kicked it into high gear with their seemingly endless array of new products. The release of their new 510 Pyrex DCT Tank has truly placed SMOKtech in a class their own. SMOKtech, which was founded in 2009, is the company that invented and patented the Dual Coil Tank (DCT) system. Their goal was to combine the performance of a cartomizer with the convenience of a tank, thereby creating a product with the benefits of both a cartomizer and a tank, but without their respective downfalls.


After several successful DCT products were released, SMOKtech was determined to create the finest tank in existence by combining their best features into one remarkable masterpiece. SMOKtech met and exceeded their goals with the advent of their prized 510 Pyrex DCT Tank. Not only does this new tank capitalize on the combination of cartomizers and tanks, but also integrates the concept of glassomizers as well. However, even with the use of glass, SMOKtech has discovered a way to harness the benefits and eliminate the downsides.

SMOKtech DCT Tank

In search of developing the finest tank on the market, SMOKtech initially focused on the vape itself—identifying the best his possible from an electronic cigarette. Most vapers would agree that a brand new cartomizer, filled with your favorite e-liquid, gives you the best and most flavorful hits. However, cartomizers run out of liquid very rapidly because they have low liquid capacity. Tanks, on the other hand, hold much larger quantities of liquid, and therefore don’t need to be filled nearly as often. The problem is that tanks often flood, leak, gurgle, and don’t really perform as well as cartomizers. SMOKtech, then, took the two and combined them into their patented DCT system. Essentially, the 5ml tank slowly seeps liquid into the cartomizer, giving you a much longer period between filling times. For the new Pyrex DCT Tank, SMOKtech wanted to use Pyrex glass, similar to the Kanger ProTank line, due to the fact that glass is completely resistant to the acidity found in many e-liquids. However, glass breaks, and glass tanks are generally much more expensive than their plastic counterparts. SMOKtech solved this problem by encasing the pyrex glass tank with aluminum metal, offering a very high degree of protection for the glass. The durable aluminum sheathing not only protects the glass, but is also extremely sleek and stylish as well, adding to the aesthetics as well.


In addition, SMOKtech went to great lengths to ensure an absolutely leak-proof design. To accomplish this, they first produced special grooves at the bottom of the tank that locks with the cartomizer, preventing spinning and leaking. Additionally, the caps of the new 510 Pyrex DCT Tank are fused to the tank, giving it a leak-proof seal.
It is certainly not easy to create products that work well, solve the problems of past products, remain competitively priced, and look beautiful as well. It takes a certain set of mastery in design and engineering to make such an idea a reality, and SMOKtech has certainly demonstrated that it possesses those skills with the release of the incredible new 510 Pyrex DCT Tank.

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