An In-Depth Look At The All-new Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer
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An In-Depth Look At The All-new Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer

by Jenny Spring

 Aspire hit the electronic cigarette market running with back-to-back incredible and innovative new products. The new company caught the vaping community by surprise, as very few had heard of the brand until recently. However, the reviews of their products speak for themselves, as anyone who has experienced Aspire products can noticed a difference. 

The Aspire Nautilus BDC Glassomizer is the latest release by the company, and it is certainly an impressive device. From the packaging, to its aesthetics, to its functionality, the all-new Nautilus truly stands apart.

Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer

Exploring The Aspire Nautilus BDC Glassomizer:

There are several elements that make the Aspire Nautilus a remarkable device. One of the standout features is its revolutionary airflow control capability. The Nautilus is equipped with a quad-hole adjustable airflow system. This makes taking hits from the Nautilus a noticeably different experience, as each individual user can customize the amount of air drawn with each hit.

Another great feature of the Nautilus, and all Aspire tanks for that matter, are their Bottom-Dual-Coil (BDC) atomizer heads. This BDC design is great for a couple of reasons. First, bottom-coil systems don’t rely on wicks to feed the liquid to coils, as do top-coil wick systems. Once the liquid level goes below the reach of the wick, the atomizer will no longer be fed liquid to vaporize. BDCs, on the other hand, allow you to vape till the last drop without much performance or taste difference. Secondly, the dual-coil design provides for an immense vapor cloud and offers a very robust flavor from the e-liquid. The two coils essentially equates to twice the vapor production, as there are now two heating elements vaporizing the e-liquid.

The Aspire Nautilus is also a Glassomizer as opposed to a clearomizer. The sole difference between the two is that the tank portion of the device is made of Pyrex glass rather than plastic. Although a seemingly minor difference, the glass tank is significant in a couple of ways. The first benefit is that Glassomizers are resistant to the wear caused by e-liquids. Depending on the type of liquid being used, most contain some level of acidity. The fruit flavors, particularly the citrus-based ones, tend to contain the highest acidity levels. Over time, these liquids slowly erode the interior of the plastic tanks of clearomizers. Depending on the manufacturer and the particular type of plastic used, the speed at which this erosion occurs will vary from device to device.

Aspire Nautilus Clearomizer

Glassomizers, however, are completely immune to the acidity of e-liquids. The second important benefit of Glassomizers is that they are known to provide a more flavorful and “truer” e-liquid flavor. Some argue that this is due to the eroding plastic of the clearomizer seeping into the liquid while it is being vaped. Others claim that this is because glassomizers more adequately protect the e-liquid from temperature and light fluctuations than clearomizers, as glass is a superior insulator than plastic. However, due to a lack of proper testing, the definitive reason for the discrepancy in taste is currently unknown.


Another fantastic feature of the Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer is that the entire device can be completely disassembled. This makes cleaning it a breeze. Rather than being forced to use q-tips to get into all the little nooks and crevices of static devices, having the ability to separate each individual part is very convenient. The removable drip tip also allows for further customization the device. You can swap the stock metal drip tip for virtually any 510 drip tip. This is not only nice from an aesthetic point of view, but a functional one as well. Many don’t like the feel of metal drip tips in their mouth, so being able to use plastic drip tips can make all the difference in the world in the overall enjoyment of the Nautilus.

With outstanding thick and flavorful vapor clouds, and a plethora of remarkable functions and features, the all-new Aspire Nautilus is definitely a must have Glassomizer. It is important to be aware of the many knockoffs floating around out there, so make sure to purchase yours from a reputable store or site. For the lowest price of a Genuine Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer, click HERE.


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    i don’t know where aspire came from, but i’m glad i found it! awesome products!

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