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The All-New Kanger Mini ProTank 3 Glassomizer


The All-New Kanger Mini ProTank 3 Glassomizer

Less than two years ago, Kangertech altered the course of the electronic cigarette industry when they introduced the world’s first “Glassomizer.” Glassomizers function in essentially the same way as clearomizers, but the tank is made of Pyrex glass as opposed to plastic. Kanger called their creation the “ProTank Glassomizer.” The ProTank was an incredible hit, with astronomical sales figures. Soon after, Kanger brilliantly introduced the ProTank’s baby brother—the Mini ProTank. This proved to be a greater success than even the original ProTank, as the mini version fit seamlessly on all ego-sized batteries, which were and still are the most popular battery size on the market.

Kanger Mini Protank 3

Just a couple short months after the Kanger Mini ProTank was introduced, Kanger improved the design and released the Mini ProTank 2 Glassomizer. This new device was the same size and basic design as the original Mini ProTank, with one major difference: the Mini ProTank 2 could be fully disassembled. This again was a revolutionary feature that made the cleaning of the device extremely easy. About a month after the release of the Mini ProTank 2, Kanger again modified their small masterpiece, and introduced the final version of the Mini ProTank—the Mini ProTank 2 v.2. The only change was that the drip tip could be removed, as opposed to the static drip tip of the Mini ProTank 2.

Kanger stuck with the Mini ProTank 2 v.2 for quite a while, at least quite a while for Kangertech. The hit glassomizer has been a best seller for several months, with absolutely no slowdown whatsoever. During this run, Kanger was busy in the lab creating and releasing back-to-back new tanks, such as the ProTank 3, the UniTank, the AeroTank, the T3D, the Evod 2, and the Evod Glass. With the exception of the UniTank, the other devices feature Bottom Dual-Coil (BDC) atomizers. It was, therefore, no surprise when Kanger recently announced the new Mini ProTank 3 Glassomizer, which uses the same dual-coil heads as Kanger’s other BDC devices.

Kangertech Mini Protank 3

The all-new Kanger Mini ProTank 3 looks a lot more like a Mini Aerotank than a Mini ProTank. The lines are a lot sharper, and the drip tip is nearly identical in style as the Aerotank. The sleek new design of the Mini ProTank 3 is very beautiful, and looks incredibly sharp on an Evod VV Twist battery. The stylish aesthetics wonderfully compliments the outstanding performance of this small beast. The dual-coil design produces an incredible vapor cloud for such a small tank. The dense vapor is loaded with rich flavor from the e-liquid, making every hit a truly pleasant experience in every way.

As with all of Kanger’s new Bottom Dual-Coil tanks, it is important to remember that these devices are meant to be used with a variable voltage battery, such as the Kanger Evod VV Twist battery, the Joyetech eGo-C Twist battery, or the Innokin iTaste VV battery. The reason for this is because constant voltage batteries, such as eGo-C batteries and Evod batteries, don’t provide adequate voltage for the two coils.

Whether this is your first time purchasing a ProTank product or an addition to your massive collection, the Kanger Mini ProTank 3 in an absolute must-have!  Be careful where you buy your Kanger Mini ProTank 3 from--there are a lot of knockoffs floating around out there.  Make sure you purchase yours from a reputable store.  You can purchase the genuine Kanger Mini ProTank 3 at the lowest price of the Internet by clicking here.

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