Vision Steps Up The Game With Their New Spinner II Variable Voltage Twist Battery
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Vision Steps Up The Game With Their New Spinner II Variable Voltage Twist Battery

by Jenny Spring


We’ve all been accustomed to the staple variable voltage twist batteries, such as the Joyetech eGo-C Twist and the Kanger Evod VV Twist. They generally are available in 650mAh and 1,000mAh sizes. You may be able to find a 900mAh version, although they are relatively hard to come by.

Vision Spinner 2 Electronic Cigarette Battery

As great as both of those batteries are, one prominent problem that heavy vapers tend to face is that even the 1,000 mAh versions don’t seem to quite last the entire day. So, the options generally are to either carry around a spare battery or rely on a passthrough so you can vape while charging.

That was until now. Vision has recently released a revolutionary new variable voltage twist battery—the Vision Spinner 2. This remarkable new battery boasts an impressive 1,650 mAh battery life, allowing even the heaviest of vapers to go the entire day without the battery dying out. Even more notable is the fact that Vision was able to pack this powerful punch within a battery that is shorter than a standard 1,000 mAh twist battery, albeit slightly larger in diameter.

However, the long battery life is not the only standout feature of the Vision Spinner 2. Vision addressed other shortcomings of standard twist batteries as well. The twist knobs of other variable voltage batteries, for example, tend to be rather small and narrow in size, making it a bit difficult to adjust. Vision answered this by adding a larger knob with a textured grip, making voltage adjustment relatively effortless.

Another wonderful feature of the Vision Spinner 2 is its brilliant battery life indicator. The fire button has a “V” embedded in it that lights up when pressed down. When the battery has 60% or more charge, the light is white. When the battery is between 30% - 60%, the “V” will light up in a blue color. When the battery has less than 30% life remaining, the light will be an amber color. This allows you to know exactly how much life your battery has left, so you can plan your charge accordingly.

Vision Spinner II Ecig Battery

The all-new Vision Spinner 2 battery comes with all the standard safety protections, such as Short Circuit Protection, Cutoff Timer, Over-Discharge Protection, and the 5-click on/off features. It is also equipped with the standard 510 and eGo threading, so you can use Spinner 2 with virtually any popular clearomizer or glassomizer.

Overall, the Vision Spinner 2 Variable Voltage Twist Battery is a very welcomed addition to the vaping community, and has been met with immense enthusiasm. This product is sure to excite competition between other popular brands, such as Kanger, Innokin, and Joyetech. We’re all very excited to see what they have in store for us next.

Be very cautious about where you purchase your Vision Spinner 2 battery from, as there are a lot of knockoffs floating around out there. You can purchase your genuine Vision Spinner 2 at the lowest price by clicking HERE.

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